For Honor: Best Way To Get Steel

For Honor Best Way To Get Steel
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How To Get Steel Fast in For Honor

In For Honor steel is one of the two types of currency used besides salvage.

Steel is a bit more different than salvage because it allows you to not only upgrade and refine your gear but it also allows you to buy cosmetic outfits, effects, emotes, new executions, and scavenger crates.

Scavenger crates are essentially loot boxes with high tier loot guaranteed in each one. Outfits and effects can be bought to make your hero look amazing and give them an extra bit of personal flair. Executions and emotes add variety to how you taunt and kill your enemies, some executions are utterly brutal. 

However, steel is a precious resource in this game. It is specifically designed so that at one point or another you’ll want to drop twenty or so extra dollars of your cold hard cash on a new cosmetic. Or, if you have a high-level hero, you’ll want to buy some steel to completely refine all of that high-level gear they have on. 

So, for those of us that don’t have a Viking ship full of loot to spend on this game, I’ve compiled a list of ways to earn steel outside of just buying one of the steel packs from the in-game store. 

#1 Orders

A Warden is knighted by the Lawbringer known as Holden Cross

    Orders are probably the fastest way to get steel in the game. There are two types of orders in the game: daily orders and contract orders. Daily orders reset every day at midnight and give you the most steel for the least amount of time while contract orders reset every two days and have longer objectives and don’t give you as much steel. The tradeoff here is that contract orders will give you far more experience points than daily orders. 

    How Much Steel You Can Get

  • Steel gains for contract orders range anywhere from 50 steel to 200 steel
  • Daily orders will always be in an amount of 300 steel and 800 steel. So every day you can get 1100 steel from just playing a few matches

      How To Get Steel Using Orders

  • For this method, you simply need to follow the objectives the orders give you. This can be anything from killing five enemies to completing ten duel matches

#2 Arcade Mode

An example of arcade mode modifiers featuring a Warden kicking a Lawbringer

    Arcade Mode was added with the Marching Fire expansion and is only playable for those with the expansion pass. Arcade Mode allows players to go on a set of randomly generated quests with multiple levels of varying difficulty, the highest being the legendary quests. Players can also earn exclusive outfits, ornaments, and effects by playing the weekly quest. Players can also invite friends who do not own the expansion pass to play with them for free. 

How Much Steel You Can Get

  • The amount of steel ultimately depends on how long it takes you to complete a quest. Therefore, doing the legendary difficulty quests will net you the most steel. From personal experience, it seems the cap is about 150 steel. 

How To Get Steel From Arcade

  • Simply play through any quest of your liking, complete it, and you will be rewarded at the end
  • You can also complete your orders using Arcade Mode to earn even more steel on top of quest rewards

#3 Story Mode

The three vanguard heroes ready for battle as Apollyon looms in the background

The story mode in For Honor is one of the easier and more fun ways to earn steel. If you’ve never played the story mode and instead went right for the multiplayer, I’d highly suggest a playthrough on the realistic difficulty as you gain extra cosmetic rewards to use in multiplayer. The story mode allows you to play as a warrior from each of the three factions while following the warlord Apollyon as she seeks to send all three factions into an all-out, never-ending war. 

How Much Steel Can You Get

  • 4000 steel is available to collect from the story mode

How To Get The Steel

  • The steel in story mode is earned by beating the game and finding collectibles known as “breakables.”  These are large pots that can be broken with basic attacks scattered and hidden throughout each of the levels in story mode

#4 Training Modes

A Raider stands proud after completing one of the Apprentice Trials

The training modes are the first mode you are introduced to upon starting For Honor and they provide not only a wealth of knowledge on the game and basic tactics they also have incentives for performing well. They offer a set of levels and challenges that grade you at the end. Depending on your grade you will receive cosmetic rewards.

How Much Steel Can You Get

  • Between advanced and basic training you can earn 3500 steel

How To Get The Steel

  • Completing basic training gets you 2000 steel, advanced training earns you 1500 steel

#5 Playing The Game

A Knight's castle under siege by a Viking raid party

    Simply put, steel is handed out at the end of every match. The amount of steel is based on how long the match took as well as your personal performance. The duel and brawl game modes tend to award the least amount of steel because they don’t take very long while the 4v4 modes grant the most steel. Specifically, breach and dominion are known as the fastest way to grind for steel outside of orders and Arcade Mode. 

How Much Steel You Can Get

  • Duels and brawls grant you the least amount of steel. You will be lucky to receive 50 steel from one of these matches
  • 4v4 modes grant you the most steel. If you are dominating a long breach match you will likely earn about 150 steel by the end. 

How To Get The Steel

  • Simply play and finish a match of any of the game modes and in the end, you will receive your rewards. 

    Well, there you have it. These are the most effective ways to get steel in For Honor. So go out there and get grinding! That illustrious outfit won’t purchase itself! 


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