21 New Awesome Games Like XCOM 2 (Games Better Than Xcom In Their Own Way)

Games Like Xcom
Fight for the humans’ survival in a futuristic alien apocalypse.

The X-COM franchise is one of the most popular turn-based strategy games It has that addicting gameplay and deep lore with a very loyal fanbase.

But the long wait for the next installment can be too hard to bear for some. We bring you some hidden gems that might just quench your thirst for this kind of game.

21. Phantom Doctrine

Plan your actions to outsmart your enemies.

Ever fantasized about being a secret agent working for the CIA? Well, this one will be just right for you. Phantom Doctrine focuses the gameplay on stealth and has a very classy style that makes you feel like agent 007, you get to infiltrate complex buildings sidestepping guards and cameras to make your way to your unsuspecting target. Gather information on the enemy to ruin their plans.

Features of Phantom Doctrine:

  • Many options to plan your missions, item management, experience system, skills and more, make each session different.
  • Command a small team of agents with different abilities, choose wisely to send the best fit for each mission.
  • Explore complex layouts, discover secret weapons, alternate routes, ambush your target when they least expect it.

Official Website:




20. Phoenix Point

Aim and attack the alien's weak points to get an advantage during a fight.

There’s a lot of hype around this game since it’s creator was involved in the development in the original X-COM. You are mankind’s last hope to survive an alien invasion that’s destroying life as we know it, but not all hope is lost with your elite team of soldiers ready to beat some aliens. I bet many fans are eager to see what ideas it will bring to the table.

Features of Phoenix Point:

  • Manage a small team of soldiers and fight huge and horrible aliens, save the earth and pose for the cameras.
  • Try new features like aiming to specific parts of the body to incapacitate the aliens, a new layer of strategy.
  • Explore a dark futuristic world in the middle of an alien invasion, there will be some alien guts and maybe even a scare or two.

Official Website:




19. Spaceland

Fight aliens with a team of unique characters

An indie title made for those who prefer a quick game packed with action. Spaceland doesn’t want you to hide and wait but to face your enemies head-on. If you are in the mood of crushing some alien skulls without much waiting, this is a good choice for you.

Features of Spaceland:

  • The bright cartoonish art style, accompanied by a cool soundtrack, nobody said that killing aliens had to be so gory all the time.
  • Form a team of 7 characters with different skills, discover the best combinations to beat up aliens more effectively.
  • Quick battles that last around 10-15 minutes.

Official Website:




18. UnderRail

Defeat your enemies in harsh and violent ways.

This indie title stands out from the crowd with its 2D retro art style. Set on an apocalyptic future where the world has turned to chaos, you have to survive and compete against other factions for the few resources that are left. The few humans that remain on Earth have gone crazy, so have fun fighting evil cultists.

Features of UnderRail:

  • Work together with your tribe to fend off from other groups that will try to take away your resources.
  • Discover many types of weapons, there’s an interesting range of explosives for those who like mayhem.
  • The retro art style, with visuals that will remind you of the golden age of gaming.

Official Website:




17. BattleTech

Attack from afar with lasers or missiles to catch enemies off guard.

This ambitious title has one plan and that’s getting you to ride a big mean robot to crush everything on your way, equipped with lasers, missiles, rockets and more. There’s an interesting story on the main campaign for you to discover as well.

Features of BattleTech:

  • Command a team of professional soldiers controlling powerful mechanic suits.
  • Experience the story in a world of political conflict between nations, prevent a catastrophe before it’s too late.
  • Play against your friends on PvP mode, a nice addition if you want a challenge of wits.

Official Website:




16. Shadowrun Returns

Discover the pros and cons of each race.

Set up in a cyberpunk world where technology has started to blend with the living beings a little too far, humans started mutating into elves, dwarves, orcs, and trolls. The governments are struggling to maintain order and it’s up to you find a way to survive amongst social and political conflicts.

Features of Shadowrun Returns:

  • Blend between magical fantasy, and cyberpunk, the best of both worlds. 
  • Add a new layer of depth to combat using magical attacks.
  • Choose between different races with unique abilities and attributes.

Official Steam Website:




15. Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Explore the wasteland and all its dangers.

Here comes one of my favorite franchises out there, Fallout 2 is set in a world where the nuclear war crisis did happen and the world was turned into a radioactive wasteland, the animals mutated into horrible monsters, and society became as hostile and nasty as you get. A few people went into nuclear shelters hoping to have a safe place to live, but scientists took the opportunity to make some very twisted experiments with their new subjects.

Features of Fallout 2:

  • Deep and intricate lore for you to discover, see what would have happened if history had gone a different path.
  • Play with the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skill system, created exclusively for this franchise.
  • Survive in an inhospitable wasteland full of mutated creatures.

Official Steam Website:


14. Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Survive and rebuild society in a world brought to chaos.

You are forced to face the dangers of the world outside your dome, explore the remains of abandoned cities searching for resources and fighting other survivors. This game is updated regularly, so you can expect even more content and detail very soon.

Features of Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG:

  • An immersive atmosphere, feel the loneliness of the wasteland. Dangers are lurking around every corner
  • Explore the surface world full of hostile creatures, robots, and factions that you can interact with, get allies to help you survive and fight against others.
  • Gather resources and craft armor and weapons, maintain your equipment in good conditions to be more effective in battles.

Official Website:




13. Wasteland 3

Survive a hostile world full of dangerous creatures, humans, and machines.

This entry inspired the renowned franchise of Fallout. Society has been on the verge of extinction and now it’s coming back, nastier than ever. This game will throw you into a cold wasteland and face you with the worst aspect of humanity while you try to make a living.

Features of Wasteland 3:

  • Fight against crazed gangs of brutes, only the strongest can survive the harsh environments and even harsher tribes.
  • Explore a big world full of stories of those that once lived in it.
  • Gather resources to stay alive in the harsh nuclear winter, nature won’t be your ally in this game.

Official Website:


12. Dreadlands

Meet new and charming characters with an interesting art style.

This game creates a new style of turn-based RPG MMO. You have your base and your tribe, then you go outside and fight with other players. Explore rich maps and interact with other players, you can be a merchant or maybe the trigger happy guy that creates chaos all over the place.

Features of Dreadlands:

  • Explore a post-apocalyptic world and fight with dangerous creatures, gather resources to improve your base and your survival.
  • Stumble into other players on your travels, you can interact and work together to take down bigger enemies.
  • Enjoy the gorgeous visuals of this unique world.

Official Website:


11. End State

Hunt down your target as a professional elite force team.

Feel the thrill of the fight on this Early Access title, manage a mercenary company with one job: dismantle a terrorist organization. You can be stealthy or walk-in guns blazing, however, you prefer as long as those terrorist meet their doom.

Features of End State:

  • Realistic physics, the bullets will pierce through walls depending on the material they're made of, use it to your advantage in battles.
  • Destructible environments for those who enjoy going over the top with the mayhem.
  • Create your elite forces team with a wide set of weapons and armors, plus, make them look classy with the character customization system.

Official Website:




10. Forged of Blood

Enjoy the art style and storytelling.

So far this top has been set in apocalyptic universes but this one brings things back to a medieval art style, a D&D RPG that will send you out on epic adventures in the search for treasure and glory.

Features of Forged and Blood:

  • Explore medieval settings, command a squad of knights into battle, manage their equipment and armor to ensure victory.
  • Live a D&D experience, react to all the scenarios the world throws at you and improve your skills along the way.
  • Fight with swords, bows, and spells, exploit the effects of your magic attacks to shift the battle to your advantage.

Official Website:


9. Overland

Make your own story exploring the world and meeting new people.

You travel a post-apocalyptic world on your car, looking for resources to stay alive and fuel to keep moving. Face many hard choices between helping out other survivors or ensure your survival by taking their supplies, it’s up to you.

Features of Overland:

  • Simple interface for a touch-screen device, play wherever you are while still enjoying the mechanics of a turn-based RPG.
  • Travel along different environments using cars to move faster and safer
  • Explore abandoned cities and interact with other survivors, get them to join you on your travel.

Official Website:




8. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Survive the travel to Eden with your companions, work together and survive.

From the designer team of Hitman and PayDay, this game puts you in a world where humans are not in charge anymore, you have to explore forests crawling with mutants that can and will hurt you, so be smart and don’t make too much noise, choose your battles and keep your friends close.

Features of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden:

  • Stunning visuals, beautiful sceneries of nature, forests trees, snow, and decayed buildings
  • Travel along with charismatic characters that will help you out gathering resources and fight against the mutants.
  • Search for an ancient legend of an Eden, a safe place for the few humans that remain on Earth.

Official Website:




7. Desperados 3

Explore the wild west with your team of unlikely heroes.

With a very nice looking classic Wild West style, you follow the journey of an 1800’s cowboy with a dark past, as he travels through the USA and Mexico in search of his family, join forces with others to survive the harsh weather and make a profit however you can.

Features of Desperados 3:

  • The classic design of old west movies, explore the desertic lands of Mexico and the southern US. 
  • Travel to different encampments and meet new people, uncover the stories and problems of the wild west.
  • Be stealthy and defeat your enemies in non-lethal ways, if things go wrong you can always start shooting.

Official Website:




6. Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

Enjoy the amazing art style and character designs.

You are in command of an Arbiter tasked with the mission of protecting the kingdom’s lands, but it’s not just a routine patrol job, as a big corrupt force is working in the shadows and threatens to destroy the order and the law.

Features of Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark:

  • Classic gameplay mechanics influenced by games like Final Fantasy Tactics, if you’re familiar with it you’ll enjoy this title as well.
  • Incredible 2D visuals and art style, see beautiful landscapes and customizable character designs.
  • Discover a rich story, solve the mystery that threatens the kingdom's lands.

Official Website:




5. Xenonauts 2

Defend the Earth from the alien invasion.

You are in charge of a small force of soldiers tasked with fighting off an alien invasion and recover their technology. You get to choose each member of your team and carry them from one mission to another, improving their skills each time, but remember to be careful, if you lose them on the field, you lose them for good.

Features of Xenonauts 2:

  • Fight against the aliens that are trying to destroy humanity, plan every move and use all the skills at your disposal.
  • Carry your team from one mission to another, play your choices carefully, because once your team is dead, you can’t get them back..
  • Discover the story of an alternate universe where the aliens prevented the end of the Cold War.

Official Website:


4. Space Hulk Tactics

Explore dark places infested with monstrous aliens.

An adaptation of the board game Space Hulk, set on the universe of Warhammer 40,000, humankind is being attacked by monsters all over the galaxy, and the soldiers that protect the humans are overwhelmed, you command the best squad the emperor has and it’s up to you to take a stand and fight all the horrible creatures that are threatening to eradicate mankind.

Features of Space Hulk: Tactics:

  • Command an elite group of space marines through their journey in the renowned world of Warhammer 40,000.
  • Challenge other players in online matches, or join forces with them on multiplayer campaigns.
  • Create your missions and play on the community created maps to get even more content.

Official Website:




3. Gears Tactics

Defeat terrible monsters that threaten humanity’s survival.

You are in charge of a squad 12 years after the first game in the main series. Your job is to track down the lair of a beast breeding the monsters that destroyed many cities, so you’ll have to go through all the minions protecting their leader to end this nightmare.

Features of Gears Tactics:

  • Experience the action-packed combat of the Gears franchise in a new genre.
  • Learn more about the story of the original franchise, discover more about the events that happen after the first Gears of Wars.
  • Create your squad, design a strategy to beat all the monsters and come back home alive.

Official Website:




2. Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Exterminate the aliens that threaten the few humans left in the universe!

You are exploring the world of the Necrons and discover that a terrible race of monsters is waking up. It’s your job to stop them before it’s too late. Collect data to learn more about the enemy and assemble a team that exploits their weaknesses.

Features of Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus:

  • Visualize the whole map in an elegant interface that allows you to see as many details as you need.
  • Command your team through treacherous maps full of traps, be careful though, if you lose a soldier, they will never come back.
  • Explore and learn about a new race of monsters, eliminate them before they take over the galaxy.

Official Site:





Explore the vast wasteland and try to survive.

Inspired by legends like Fallout, System Shock, and Deus Ex this game lets you explore the soviet wasteland of an alternate universe where the Soviet Union and the Western Block destroyed each other in a nuclear war. You have to learn how to survive the nuclear winter and prevent another catastrophe that could destroy the few people that are left on Earth.

Features of ATOM RPG:

  • Customize your character as much as you can with the powerful character creation tool.
  • Explore all kinds of locations on your travels, meet other groups, fight off bandits, or find a nice quiet place.
  • Lose yourself in the dense world full of quests and secrets that you can discover at your own pace.

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