[Top 10] GTA 5 Best Bikes That Look Awesome (2021 Edition)

GTA 5 Best Bikes
Try doing a wheelie with this bad boy!

GTA V's sickest looking bikes.

Driving is integral to any Grand Theft Auto game, and all sorts of vehicles can be operated in any GTA title. Commonly, it’s cars or motorcycles players are driving whether free-roaming or travelling in missions unless a specific vehicle is required for a certain mission (like a submarine or a helicopter). For people like myself, whenever I play Grand Theft Auto V and I get to choose my vehicle, I always prefer motorbikes to cars. They’re smoother to handle, easier to maneuvre around corners and tight spots, and they look badass. And speaking of looking badass, this list contains the coolest motorcycles you can find in the game, story mode, online, or modded. Let’s roll!

10. Kawasaki Z H2

One of the best high performance bikes to come out in 2020, you can get the Kawasaki Z H2 to your GTA V game via mod. It has the same supercharged engine as the Ninja H2, but boasts a naked streetbike chassis. It’s one of the coolest looking bikes in the real world, and it’ll definitely look cool in GTA V. 


9. BMW R1250 GS

You can download the BMW R1250 GS mod to get this bike in your game. Part of BMW’s GS line, this high quality ride is guaranteed to look awesome on the road. Twin-cylinder boxer engines guarantee a fast top speed and its overall detailed look make for one hell of a bike.


8. Shitzu Hakuchou Drag Bike


Available to purchase in Legendary Motorsport in GTA Online, this bike is a favourite among fans. The Hakuchou has a strong, powerful engine, able to reach top speeds of up to 126 mph. It’s big, smooth, fast, and is definitely a bike that will definitely get the attention of other players.


7. Kawasaki Ninja H2R

One of the strongest bikes in the world, and it’s available for download to your GTA game via mod. It’s a superbike designed for the track, so speed is a no-brainer for this one. It’s big and the mod made sure to focus on its details, so in terms of looking awesome, the Ninja H2R will not let you down.


6. Pegassi Oppressor Mk II

Let’s talk about what’s basically, according to Rockstar’s in-game description, putting a saddle on a rocket engine. This is the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II. It’s a weaponized hoverbike available for purchase in Warstock Cache & Carry in GTA Online. It’s got a rocket boost, homing missiles, machine guns, among others. It’s a rad, futuristic vehicle and its awesomeness speaks for itself.


5. Nagasaki Shotaro

Another addition to futuristic vehicles on this list, the Nagasaki Shotaro is a sleek, stylish bike available in GTA Online. It bears similarities to the Light Cycle in Tron: Legacy, and is genuinely one of the smoothest looking motorbikes in the game.


4. 2020 Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP

It’s an awesome superbike with an awesome name. A real world superbike, you can get the Fireblade via mod, and once you do, you’ll probably never stop driving it. It’s got a sleek, extravagant exterior that won’t look out of place in a racetrack, and it’s raced its way to fourth place on this list.


3. Western Nightblade

The Nightblade is a cruiser bike that bears a resemblance to Orange County Choppers’ 1-th anniversary bike. While not as fast as the other bikes on this list as it isn’t a high-performance superbike, this list is all about looks and the Nightblade does not come short in that regard. It’s still pretty fast compared to other bikes of its type. Powered by a push-rod V-Twin engine, it’s got a good top speed and produces a mean purr. 


2. LCC Sanctus

It’s a custom, upgraded version of a chopper already existing in the game.The Sanctus has spiderweb mud guards, a skull-shaped fairing whose eyes function as headlights, and the fuel tank on the main body is covered in a steel ribcage. You’re basically driving a gothic death cult chopper, does it get better than that?


1. Apocalypse Deathbike


It does. Here’s another chopper on this list, and this one is based on Daryl’s bike from The Walking Dead. Its wheels are wrapped with chains, and the original colourway that resembles  rust  adds character to the bike. If I had to sum it up in a sentence, it’s like Ghost Rider meets Mad Max. Oh, and it also reaches an insane 150 mph, and can be customized to have two gatling guns on the side.


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