[Top 15] GTA 5 Best Outfits That Look Awesome (2021 Editon)

GTA 5 Best Outfits
Grove Street is king!

See the best outfits to rock on GTA V!

Grand Theft Auto V is praised for a lot of things, and the game has always taken pride in the fact that the playable characters in the game are highly customizable. GTA: San Andreas enabled players to change even the muscle and fat of CJ, and while this feature is absent in GTA V, they made up for it by expanding the different clothing choices for Michael, Trevor, Franklin, and of course, your GTA Online character. With so much to choose from, from jackets to pants to shoes to headwear, here’s a list of our Top 15 GTA V Outfits.


15. John Wick Outfit

How to get the John Wick Outfit:

  • Black Regular Suit Pants
  • Black Smooth Fitted Jacket
  • Black Fitted Suit Vest
  • Black Skinny Tie
  • All-Black Oxfords


14. Reaper Outfit

How to get the Reaper outfit:

  • Black Blaugeurs Hoodie
  • White Camo Plate Carrier
  • Urban Cargo Pants
  • White Plain Hi Tops
  • White Cotton Gloves
  • Black Skull Neck Gaiter


13. Tommy Vercetti Outfit

This outfit pays homage to one of Grand Theft Auto’s most iconic MCs. Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti’s outfit with the Miami Vice vibe can be easily emulated in GTA V.

How to get the Tommy Vercetti outfit: 

  • Blue Savanna Shortsleeve
  • Faded Dark Blue Regular Fit Jeans
  • White Plain Hi Tops
  • Gold Crowex Chromosphere


12. Purple Troop Outfit

How to get the Purple Troop Outfit:

  • Black Bigness Waterproof Hoodie
  • Purple Camo Muscle Pants
  • Purple Strapz Vest 
  • White Cotton Gloves
  • Black Tight Ski Mask
  • Black Bulletproof Helmet


11.  Grove Street Families Outfit #1

How to get the Grove Street Families Outfit #1:

  • Green Bold Check Shirt
  • Olive Work Pants
  • Green Plain Hi-Tops


10. Winter Soldier Outfit


How to get the Winter Soldier Outfit:

  • Surfer Dude Haircut (Black)
  • Devastated Eye Makeup
  • Black Heist Pants
  • Black Battle Vest
  • Light Strike Vest
  • Black Flight Boots
  • Black Tact Gloves
  • Black Bigness Face Ski mask
  • Mono Outlaw Goggles


9. Red Tryhard Outfit


How to get the Red Tryhard Outfit: 

  • Cherry Motocross Racing Jersey
  • White Leather Low Crotch Jeans
  • All Red Studded Sneakers
  • Red and Gray Armored Gloves
  • Red Bigness T-Shirt Mask
  • Black and Red Advanced Helmet
  • Black Desert Scarf


8.  Grove Street Families Outfit #2

How to get the Grove Street Outfit #2:

  • Green Ornate SN Closed Bomber Jacket
  • Khaki Work Pants
  • Green Kicks


7. Firefighter Outfit

This look sports a bright, contrasting, tactical look with a firefighter theme for players who want to stand out. 

How to get the Firefighter Outfit: 

  • Black Turtleneck
  • Orange and Red Strapz Vest
  • White Surgical Gloves
  • Stone Leather Half Face Mask
  • Orange Firefighter and Goggles Helmet


6. Tiger Outfit

A tactical, sporty outfit with tiger stripes. For the animal in you.

How to get the Tiger Outfit:

  • Tiger Scuba Outfit
  • Black Tact Gloves
  • Tiger Knit Balaclava
  • Tiger Quad Lens Outfit


5. Travis Scott Outfit

One of the most popular rappers today, Travis Scott has also made a name for himself in the fashion world, and even has a pair of Jordans named after him. This outfit takes inspiration from one of Travis Scott’s outfits. 

How to get the Travis Scott Outfit: 

  • Mustard Bigness Waterproof Hoodie
  • Faded Roadworn Jeans
  • All White Canvas Shoes


4. Red Bowtie Tryhard Outfit


This outfit is more on the classy side, but with a tactical twist.

How to get the Red Tie Skull Outfit: 

  • Black Office Shirt
  • Black Slim Fit Suit Pants
  • Red Skate Shoes
  • Red Bowtie
  • Black Driving Gloves
  • Black Bulletproof Helmet
  • Black Casuals 


3. Outbreak Outfit

How to get the Outbreak Outfit: 

  • Buy a Black Flight Suit and save the outfit
  • Black Trenchcoat
  • Black Leather Gloves
  • Black Large Cargos
  • Heavy Uniform Boots
  • Black T-shirt (save the outfit in another slot, let’s call it outfit 1)
  • Black Respirator Mask
  • Black Dome Helmet
  • Switch back to the flight suit you saved
  • Enter the strip club
  • Switch back to outfit 1


2.  Formal Outfit

How to get the Formal Outfit: 

  • White Regular Suit Pants
  • Black Perseus Fitted Suit Jacket
  • Highland High Roller Shirt
  • Tan Slip Ons


1. Kanye West Outfit

How to get the Kanye West Outfit: 

  • Green Flight Bomber Jacket
  • Knife After Dark T-Shirt
  • Classic Faded Low Crotch Jeans
  • Pearl Plain Hi Tops

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