[Top 5] GTA V Best Drive By Weapons

GTA 5 best Drive By Weapons
Franklin escaping the clutches of the po-po!

Grand Theft Auto’s V (GTA V) has sold over 130 million copies since its release in 2013. From it’s fast-past, action-adventure gameplay, vast open world, and humorous and innovative storytelling, this game is essential to have in every gamer’s library. 

Throughout the game, there are story missions which help you progress. Whether that is linear or non-linear with the story, both are exhilarating, and usually involve some form of shooting while driving to make a critical escape.

A drive-by is when your character shoots from their vehicle. This can be done for a mission to help you escape from the cops or it can be done just because you are bored and want to cause a ruckus in Los Santos!

Either way, understanding which weapons are most effective in your drive by operations are crucial to the gameplay mechanics. This may even increase your chances of achieving the coveted 5 stars wanted level!

 GTA V Best Drive-By Weapons

5. Compact Rifle is Best For Damage 


The Compact Rifle is another option for those who play GTA V online. It is under the compact carbine weapon type. It is an ideal weapon for drive-bys because it can be used at longer ranges.

On that same note, the damage is much higher on the Compact Rifle making it an ideal weapon to unleash major destruction on your victims. The Compact Rifle is the only assault-type rifle gun that can be used while driving. 

Weapon Stats: 

  • Damage: 36
  • Fire Rate: 60.00
  • Accuracy: 35.00
  • Range: 45.00
  • Clip Size: 40.00

What Makes This Weapon Awesome? 

  • Longer Ranges
  • Clip can be extended up to 100-round drum for major damage
  • 380 RPM 
  • High damage rate
  • Used in online GTA V

How To Get The Compact Rifle? 

The Compact Rifle unlocks at Level 1 can be purchased at the Ammu-Nation for $14,650. It was made available from the GTA V Online Lowriders: Custom Classic DLC that came out in 2016. 

4. Mini SMG Best for Online Players

The rate of firing on Mini SMG is considered a powerhouse. It is under the machine pistol category. This gun is only available to online GTA V players. It has a higher rate of firing than the Micro SMG and AP Pistol at a whooping 650 RPM. 

However, the low damage rate is its downfall. When compared to the  AP Pistol, it is nowhere close to trumping it. But, despite that, the Mini SMG 's crazy rate of firing power and excellent accuracy makes this gun ideal for close combat and drive-bys. 

 Weapon Stats: 

  • Damage: 22
  • Fire Rate: 84.00
  • Accuracy: 33.00
  • Range: 30.00
  • Clip Size: 12.00 

What Makes This Weapon Awesome? 

  • Superior rate of firing
  • If you love the AP Pistol, this is a good gun choice
  • Ideal for close and short-range attacks 
  • 650 RPM
  • Used in GTA V online

How To Get The Mini SMG? 

This gun is available for Online players and unlocks at Level 1 in the Ammu-Nation store for $8,900.

3. Micro SMG Best For A Beginner

Weapon Stats: 

  • Damage: 21
  • Fire Rate 60.00 
  • Accuracy 30.00
  • Range: 25.00
  • Clip Size 20.00

What Makes This Weapon Awesome? 

  • Attachments offered for this gun help to amp up its usefulness in the game (ex. Extended mag, suppressor, flashlight, scope etc.)
  • Available early in the game 
  • Excellent Rate of Firing 
  • Ideal for close combat situations
  • Compact size can be held with one hand or two with your character for more accurate shots
  • 600 RPM

How to Get The Micro SMG? 

The Micro SMG is obtained early in the game after completing the Franklin and Lamar mission. On GTA Online this gun is available after Rank 5. 

Refer to the video link above to find out more information on how to unlock the Machine Pistol.

2. Machine Pistol: Best For Accuracy

The Machine Pistol is the second-highest-rated gun in the damage category. It is a part of the submachine gun class. The portability can be critical for your drive by raids when you want to cause major destruction. This gun deals 229 damage per second. 

It offers a slower fire rate when compared to the AP Pistol, but, the fact that it is compact can be used while running, walking or driving with ease, causes enormous damage and incredible accuracy helps this gun to bump up to number 2.

Weapon Stats:

  • Damage: 28
  • Fire Rate: 70.00
  • Accuracy: 40.00
  • Range: 30.00
  • Clip Size: 12

What Makes This Weapon Awesome?

  • Deals major damage
  • High fire rating
  • 510 RPM
  • Suitable for close combat
  • Excellent accuracy 

How To Get The Machine Pistol?

To obtain the Machine Pistol, you must complete the Hooded Safari mission with Trevor and Franklin. After this mission is complete, the gun will be accessible to you and upgrades can be purchased at Ammu-Nation. For online GTA V, this gun unlocks at Level 1

Refer to the video link above to find out more information on how to unlock the Machine Pistol. 


 1.  AP Pistol: Best For Accuracy

The AP Pistol, among the GTA V community, is considered to be the top gun for a drive-by operation. It is an auto weapon (besides the Micro SMG) that can be fired from a car. It has a high firing rate, excellent damage and decent accuracy and range. This powerful little pistol packs a punch in GTA V and can help elevate your success through the missions.

Weapon Stats:

  •   Damage: 26
  •   Fire Rate: 80.00
  •  Accuracy 35.00
  •   Range: 30.00
  •  Clip Size: 12 for standard magazine and 20 with an extended clip

What Makes This Weapon Awesome?

  • 600 Rounds Per Minute (RPM) and 450 – 800 RPM while driving
  •   Highest fire rate
  •   Decent accuracy
  •  Get the extend ammo to help you kill your enemies faster

How To Get The AP Pistol?

To obtain the AP Pistol it requires you to complete the Three’s Company mission where all three protagonists are involved. After this mission, the AP Pistol will be unlocked and upgrades can be purchased at Ammu-Nation. 

 Refer to the video link above to find out more information on how to unlock the AP Pistol.

In summary, GTA V offers a variety of guns selection but these are the top 5 guns, in my opinion, for GTA V and GTA V Online that can give you the advantage you need in your drive-by experience. I hope this helps to amp up your GTA and drive-by adventures! 

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