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How To Reach The Highest Level In GTA 5?

We got GTA 5 in 2013 and the world hasn’t shut up about it since. Some people say that GTA 5 is still in circulation because Rockstar hasn’t launched GTA 6 yet. However, the regular GTA V updates have made it enjoyable to play and to have regular bug fixes and added content is something to look up to.

If you want to make a name for yourself and get the best weapons and cash bonuses, you need to have a high level in GTA online. Levelling up may seem like a slow and boring task but it isn’t so.

Today, I’ll tell you 10 fun ways you can easily and quickly level up in GTA 5.


Top 10 Ways to Quickly Level Up in GTA 5:


1) Try your Luck

How To Win The Free Casino Vehicle | GTA Online Lucky Wheel Spin Glitch


You can test your luck by spinning the lucky wheel in the Diamond casino. The lucky wheel has a number of prizes and if luck is on your side, you can earn a lot of RP that will help you level up super-fast. Although, you have no assurance of gaining RP through this method but it doesn’t involve much shooting and killing or even skill! You can claim your daily free spin and try your luck at the lucky wheel.



  • Find your way to the diamond casino.
  • Find the lucky wheel (It’s found in the centre of the casino, very hard to miss).
  • Use your free spin to spin the lucky wheel and win prizes.


2) Assassination Missions

GTA Online All New Martin Assassination Missions Walkthrough and Stealth Guide!


GTA online has many different kinds of missions. The assassination missions are fairly easy if you know your way around GTA. These missions are sometimes challenging, but doing them with your crew will help you gain a lot of RP and you will have a lot of fun doing it.



  • Navigate to GTA online.
  • Check ‘M?’ on your map for Martin Madrazo Assassination Missions.
  • You can also navigate to ‘Missions’ in the online menu and select one of the ‘Dispatch’ Missions which are the same missions.
  • Kill all the targets and gain RP and cash.


3) Heists



Heists make up a major portion of GTA V, they are also the distinct feature of GTA 5 from previous installments of GTA. Heists are heavily planned, skillful events which need to be performed with utter perfection to ensure you get the most RP and cash. Same as missions, doing heists with your crew will help you earn bonus RP.



  • Navigate to GTA online.
  • Unlock heists through the guide mentioned above.
  • You will unlock a ‘Heist’ menu after completing your first heist in the ‘Missions’ tab.
  • Complete heists with minimum damage and get a large cut of RP and cash.

4) Racing

GTA 5 Online How to Join Stunt Races NEW!


If you have enough cash to buy yourself a decent racing car in GTA 5, then get your ass to racing now! Racing is pretty easy, very fun and highly lucrative in terms of money and RP. Keep winning races and accumulate enough RP to level up.



  • Make sure you have a fast car to compete in races.
  • Navigate to the ‘Online’ tab in the menu and select on Jobs.
  • Find Races and select stunt races or regular races.
  • Win the race and gain RP and cash.


5) Weekly Events

Best Ways to Make Money in GTA 5 Online This Week (Update May 27, 2021)


GTA online has regular weekly events, which have specific requirements. When you follow up to these missions, there is a lot of cash and RP to be won. Not only that, but doing some weekly events also reward you with guns and vehicles.


  • As soon as you start the game on Monday, you will see the weekly update.
  • Navigate to special car discounts and bonus RP to be won.
  • Perform the missions and earn RP.

6) Special Cargo

How To Make Millions With Special Cargo In GTA V Online


If you’re not too keen on working with a crew and you’re more of a lone-wolf type person, you should go for the special cargo that drops by occasionally. The cargo comes by occasionally and you get the heads-up via your phone. You can hurry up to steal the cargo for yourself and earn lots of RP along with other goodies.



  • Buy a CEO office and Crate warehouse.
  • You’ll be able to steal the cargo now.
  • Register as a CEO from your office and wait for the cargo update.
  • Once the special cargo comes, you will be updated.
  • Steal the cargo and sell it for RP and cash.


7) Escaping Cops

How to Escape Police in Gta 5 Story Mode & Gta Online


Escaping cops in GTA 5 is not that difficult once you get the hang of it. This is one of the fastest ways to earn lots of RP if you know the hacks on how to evade cops efficiently. I got to know of this secret after my story-mode playthrough and I was pretty glad that this technique works in GTA online too. Read the method below and try it out yourself.



  • Get a wanted level (That wouldn’t be too hard).
  • Make sure you have a vehicle on hand.
  • Drive off to the desert and climb the hills.
  • The cops will not follow you off-road and your wanted level will be gone in a couple of minutes.
  • Be on the lookout for helicopters as they can spot you on hills, so keep your car in motion on hills and you’re good to go.


8) Re-do missions at higher difficulties

How to Start GTA Online - Jobs, Missions, Inviting Friends, etc. (GTA Online Explained)


The missions in GTA online can be done at three different settings of difficulty. If it is your first attempt, you will obviously complete that mission at ‘Easy’ difficulty. What’s stopping you from re-doing that mission? Nothing! So, start that mission again and this time at a higher difficulty to earn even more RP than before.



  • Navigate to GTA online and find the ‘Jobs’ tab in the ‘Missions’ menu.
  • You will see a tick next to the already done missions.
  • Select an already done mission again.
  • Invite your friends or play with an open party.
  • Change the difficulty and see the RP bonus increase.


9) Survival of the fittest

How To Unlock Survival (GTA V)


If you love shooting and causing mayhem (which you obviously do, that’s why you’re a GTA player), start those survival missions and let all hell break loose! In survival missions all you need to do, (as the name suggests) survive! Kill enemies and don’t get killed. The longer you survive, the more RP and cash you will accumulate, seems simple enough? Go for it!



  • Unlock survival missions (watch the video above).
  • Start the survival missions and make sure you’re well-equipped with armor and ammo.
  • Go bat-shit crazy and kill everyone.
  • Gain a lot of RP and cash.


10) Doing Daily Missions



Just like the weekly missions, there are specific daily missions which are renewed every 24 hours. They come with more RP bonuses and cash rewards. Be on a lookout for daily missions and make sure to complete them for great rewards.



  • Start GTA online and wait for the world to load.
  • Open your interaction menu on the left side.
  • Navigate to ‘Objectives’ and enter.
  • You will see a list of daily objectives, mark any one that you think you can do and it will appear on your mini-map.



These were some of the numerous ways of earning RP to quickly level up in GTA 5. I hope you found this post knowledgeable. Let me know in your comments below if I missed out on a lucrative way to earn RP in GTA 5. Happy gaming!

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