Is Genshin Impact Worth It

Is Genshin Impact Worth Playing
Genshin Impact characters and logo

1) More than 60 playable characters

The character archive

Genshin Impact has a variety of characters available to play. There are currently thirty-three five-star characters and thirty-four four-star characters. Characters are split by rarity, with five-star characters being harder to obtain than four-star characters. Obtaining five-star characters depends on the gacha mechanics.

All the characters belong to one of the seven elements in the game: anemo (wind), geo (earth), electro (electricity), dendro (plants), hydro (water), pyro (fire), and cryo (ice).


2) Huge map

Genshin Impact map of Sumeru

Genshin Impact takes place in the fictional world of Teyvat. Teyvat is a world consisting of seven different countries, four of which are available as of the 3.7 update. Each nation has a corresponding god, often called archons, and element. 

The nations available all have unique architecture and landscapes. With their own different enemies, plants, and NPC clothing designs.


3) Graphics

A screenshot of the shrine in Inazuma

The way a game looks is one of the biggest factors that draws in potential players. Genshin Impact has beautiful graphics, with beautiful scenery and lighting that varies depending on the time of day in-game. Even the opening screen is visually appealing. The design of many characters is also very easy on the eyes. The great graphics also make the game more fun to explore, due to how fun it is to see new places in the game.


4) Endless Team Comp combinations

A team comp

Due to how many characters there are in Genshin Impact, there is a lot of variety in the types of teams players can use. Teams are composed of four characters at most, and any character that a player has can be used in their team comp. 

Team comps depend heavily on how players want to play the game, what characters they have, and what they’re trying to do in the game. Players can have several teams preloaded in the team comp menu, which makes it easy to swap between active teams. 

Certain characters are better to use in different circumstances. An example would be using a character that shows regional specialties, like qingxin flowers in Liyue, on the mini-map. There are also characters who make exploring the map easier, like Wanderer, who can fly for short periods of time, which lets players climb easier.


5) Combat

A player about to engage in combat

One of the most important parts of Genshin Impact is the combat mechanics. Fighting against different enemies in Genshin may require characters with certain elements to make fighting easier. This is a confusing aspect of the game for new players. But, as players adjust to the game, fighting enemies with different team comps that you may not normally use is a fun way to add some challenge to gameplay.


6) Character animations

The playable character Nahida's burst animation

Every character in Genshin Impact has their own unique animations for their attacks, skills, and bursts. These animations add a lot of fun to the game and add visual appeal. It never stops being fun to see your favorite characters' animations while playing the game.


7) Quests

The quest screen

There are a few different types of quests in Genshin Impact: Archon Quests, Story Quests, World Quests, and Daily Commissions. Archon Quests are the most important quests in Genshin Impact, and they push forward the main story of the game. Story Quests are tied to different playable characters and give players a glimpse of what the character’s personality and background are like. World Quests involve players interacting with NPCs. Finally, Daily Commissions are short daily quests that change every day. Dailies give players primogems and can be done once a day.

Some quests in Genshin can be really tedious and boring, but they need to be completed in order to do certain things. An example would be Sumeru’s Aranara quests, which take several hours to complete but must be done in order to unlock an area of land.


8) Events

A recent limited-time event

Genshin Impact has multiple short-term events that will pop up. Events often give players limited-time items like weapons, decorations for your teapot house, or small creatures to follow their character. The events in Genshin are often very hit-or-miss. Sometimes the events are too easy and boring. But some events are extremely fun and keep the player's attention.


9) Gacha mechanics

Alhaitham's banner

The gacha mechanics in Genshin can be very unforgiving to some players. One random roll for a character or weapon costs one “Fate”. There are two types of fate, and they can only be used on a specific banner. The permanent banner uses Acquaint Fate, and it doesn’t change. The second type of banner and fate is the Intertwined Fate, which can only be used on limited-time Character Event Wishes.

One wish costs 160 primogems, which can be earned through quests, the Spiral Abyss, or paid for. The pity system in Genshin increases the probability of receiving a five-star character the more wishes a player uses. At 75 wishes, players hit “soft-pity”, and they are guaranteed to get a five-star at 90 wishes. But hitting 90 wishes doesn’t always mean players will get the character they want. 

Every other pull for a five-star is called a 50/50, which means players will get a five-star character or weapon, but it has a 50% chance of not being the character on the banner.

This system is stressful, since players could pull ninety times and still not receive the character they wanted.


10) Updates

The most recent Sumeru expansion

Genshin Impact is updated very regularly. Character banners change every few weeks, and the game has a full update around once a month.  

Since launch, a new region has also been released once a year, though the regions have expansion updates more often. The most recent region added was Sumeru in 2022, and Fontaine will be added in the 4.0 update in 2023.

New characters are also released alongside weapons relatively often, with the most recent characters being Baizhu and Kirara. A game with regular updates is great because it gives players a reason to log in and see what new things are added.


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