Madden 20 Best Defensive Players [Top 15]

Madden 20 Defensive Players
Don't let your opponent breathe!

In football, you have to play both sides of the field. Offense and defense. Score touchdowns, yes, but keep your opponent from scoring more than you. Use the best defensive players in Madden to maximize your defensive strategy. Here are the top 15 Madden defensive players and how you can use them to win more ball games.


15) Myles Garrett - DE

Team: Cleveland Browns

Rating: 93

Myles Garrett

At number 15 - Myles Garrett:

Myles Garrett is an absolute unit on the Cleveland Browns. With a 94 Awareness rating and a 96 Strength rating, use Garrett on the line when you want to sack the QB. 

How to use Garrett:

  • Time it perfectly and jump the snap to get to the QB even faster. 
  • Don’t forget to use his strength button to push the blocker out of the way. 
  • Pinch from the outside to find the holes through the O line. 

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14) Malcolm Jenkins - S

Team: Philadelphia Eagles

Rating: 91

Malcom Jenkins

Intercepting the 14th spot - Malcom Jenkins: 

Playing as safety in Madden is always a good time - and Jenkins makes it easy. Guess where the ball is going and catch those interceptions. 

How to dominate with Jenkins:

  • Make sure to read the route and jump in front of the defender. Use that Y/ Triangle button to snag that pick. 
  • Control Jenkins even before the snap and man your opponent’s best receiver. 
  • By holding LB or L1, you can use Defender Assist and get Jenkins back into a dominant position. 

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13) Richard Sherman - CB

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Rating: 93

Richard Sherman

Number 13 - Richard Sherman:

Every football fan has seen Richard Sherman’s defensive highlights. Sherman’s hustle, tenacity, and grit will make your opponent terrified of your defense. 

Here’s what to do:

  • Use Sherman to get one interception or two forced turnovers and activate his Shutdown X-factor ability.
  • Bring Sherman up to the line and use the right stick to press the receiver and hold him in place. 
  • Sherman’s strength makes him a great blocker too! Use a man defense with him and he’ll stop the receiver from getting downfield. 

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12) Jadeveon Clowney - DE

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Rating: 88

Jadeveon Clowney

Taking the 12th spot for the best defensive players in Madden 20 - Jadeveon Clowney:

Jadeveon Clowney is a sight no quarterback wants to see. He is a huge asset on the Seahawks and an ultimate defensive end. Choose Clowney when using the Seahawks to dominate the field. 

Using Clowney: 

  • Shed, shed, shed. Time that shed button just right and stop the QB.
  • Use the hit stick to destroy the QB and force a fumble. 
  • Use him at the line or back him up and wait for the run. Clowney’s agility can be used in both positions. 

More on Clowney: http://


11) Calais Campbell - DE

Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Rating: 88

Calais Campbell

At number 11 - Calais Campbell:

With size, speed, and strength Campbell has the recipe for a quarterback disaster. Specializing in getting through the line and sacking the QB, use him if you want to make your opponent mad. 

How to win with Campbell:

  • Use blitz plays often and get through those holes. 
  • Use the Y/ Triangle button to block passes and tip the ball. 
  • When stopping the run, press the RB/ R1 button to strip the ball from the carrier. 

More on Campbell:


10) Harrison Smith - S

Team: Minnesota Vikings

Rating: 95

Harrison Smith

Catching the 10th spot - Harrison Smith:

Extremely smart and aware on the field, Smith is an ultimate safety to play with. For intense coverage and speedy reactions, use Smith to put a stop to your opponents at 3rd down. 

How to use Smith:

  • Play around with his positioning in the backfield. He’s quick, agile, and will get anywhere he needs to. 
  • Even if you suspect a run play, use Smith to chase him down and blast the runner into the ground. 
  • Smith’s Reinforcement ability helps defend balls, disrupt catches, and tackle defenders. Activate it by forcing two incompletions or tackle for loss. 

More on Smith:


9) Stephon Gilmore - CB

Team: New England Patriots

Rating: 98

Stephon Gilmore

Scary and powerful. Number 9 - Stephon Gilmore:

A defensive machine, Gilmore is a shutdown defender. Use him on your opponent’s best defenders and shut them down the whole game. 

Here’s what to do:

  • Set up a man coverage and put Gilmore on the best receiver. 
  • Remember to use your swat button to break up passes. 
  • A perfect mix of Strafe (LT/ L2) and Sprint (RT/ R2) will get Gilmore in the best position for the interception. 

Gilmore’s player profile:


8) Luke Kuechly - MLB

Team: Carolina Panthers

Rating: 99

Luke Kuechly

Number 8 - Luke Kuechly:

Luke Kuechly is a superstar. Use Kuechly to shutdown defenders and destroy your opponent’s offense.   

How to win with Kuechly:

  • Activate his Shutdown X-factor ability by forcing two incompletions or getting an interception. 
  • Utilize all aspects of the field with Kuechly… he can play almost any position. 
  • Whether you guess the run or pass, use those hit sticks to level your opponent. 

Here's more on Kuechly:


7) Von Miller - LOLB

Team: Denver Broncos

Rating: 96

Von Miller

At number 7 - Von Miller:

Von Miller is a sack machine! With a 99 Awareness rating, 90 Agility rating, and an 84 Strength rating, Miller is a force to be reckoned with. Use Miller with the Broncos for an ultimate Madden defense experience. 

How to dominate with Miller:

  • Use those full blitz plays and slip through those holes. 
  • Get two sacks to activate Miller’s Fearmonger ability. He’ll be even stronger and faster. 
  • Use him to QB contain and he’ll make sure the QB isn’t going anywhere. 

More on Miller:


6) J.J. Watt - LE

Team: Houston Texans

Rating: 97

J.J. Watt

Busting his way at number 6 - J.J. Watt

J.J. Watt is built for football. A legend in the making, Watt is a cheat code on defense. Use him to up the competition and destroy ball carriers. =

How to win with Watt:

  • Watt’s swim move is one of the best. Time the battle against his blocker just right and get past him.
  • Press the right stick left or right to choose Watt to blitz the QB.
  • Spread the line and give Watt more room to work! Watch for that run up the middle!

More on J.J. Watt:


5) Earl Thomas III - FS

Team: Baltimore Ravens

Rating: 93

Earl Thomas III

A beast at number 5 - Earl Thomas III:

In the conversation of the best defenders in the league, Earl Thomas III is always mentioned. Doing it all, Earl Thomas III is a defensive phenom. The Ravens have tools with Thomas III at the head of their defense. 

Here’s what to do with Thomas III:

  • Don’t be afraid to pull him up to blitz or cover the run. 
  • Use that X/ Square button to wrap up receivers who catch the ball. Be careful with the hit stick but it will help. 
  • Strip, swat or intercept every time the ball gets thrown in Thomas III’s direction.  

More on Earl Thomas III:


4) Jalen Ramsey - CB

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Rating: 94 

Jalen Ramsey

At number 4 - Jalen Ramsey:

Jalen Ramsey is a name you don’t want to hear when going up against a football team. Ramsey is one of the greatest defenders in the NFL and is SO fun to use in Madden. 

Key points when using Jalen Ramsey:

  • Activate Ramey’s Shutdown ability to maximize coverage and defense. 
  • Ramsey will shut down your opponent’s best receiver. Switch him in the personnel menu to defend their greatest receivers.
  • Wrap up with X/ Square and utilize that hit stick to level the ball carrier. 

More on Ramsey:


3) Bobby Wagner - MLB

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Rating: 98

Bobby Wagner

Numer 3 - Bobby Wagner:

Many call Bobby Wagner the NFL’s best tackler. His ability to to shut down plays and players, makes him amust use when you’re playing with the Seahawks.

Here’s what to do: 

  • This is the player you want to use your hit sticks with. Force those fumbles.
  • Master the lurk, and hang out in the middle. You will get pick’s all day long. 
  • Activate his Shutdown ability for maximum coverage effectiveness. 

More on Wagner:


2) Khalil Mack - LOLB

Team: Chicago Bears

Rating: 98

Khalil Mack

Booming into the second spot - Khalil Mack:

Khalil Mack is one of the greatest players on the field of football. Huge, fast, and extremely aware, Mack is the answer to your defensive struggles. Use Mack to dominate the field, your opponent, and take over the game. 


  • Make sure your timing on the line is on point. This is a great tool in getting those sacks. 
  • Use your D-pad and useQB contain or spy. It’ll help. 
  • Use those hit sticks!

More on Mack’s greatness:


1) Aaron Donald - RE

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Rating: 99

Aaron Donald

The best defensive player in Madden 20 - Aaron Donald:

It’s obvious why Aaron Donald has the highest rating in the game. . He’s one of the best players in the game. And if you have him on defense, you have one of the strongest defenses in the league.. 

Here’s how to dominate with Donald: 

  • Use that X/ Square button to push through the O line.
  • Spin, swim, and use your joystick to get past the blocker. 
  • Hit stick, hit stick, hit stick. 

More on Donald:

If you want to win more Madden games, you must get good at defense. The game is yours when you use the best defensive players in the league. Have fun, enjoy the game, and dominate with your defensive strategy! 

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