Madden 20 Best Players [Top 15]

Madden 20 best players
Be scary when you take the field.

32 Teams to choose from. 11 players on the field to play with. Which one of them is going to give you the cutting edge? Here are 15 of the best football players in Madden 20 and why they’ll deliver for you in crunch time. 


15) Travis Kelce - TE

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Rating: 96

Travis Kelce

Number 15 on our list - Travis Kelce:

One of the best tight ends in the league, Kelce is a huge asset on the Chiefs offense. Super-strong, runs excellent routes, and has great hands;don’t forget to use Kelce for the short ball. 


  • When the long ball or run isn’t there, pass it short to Kelce and steadily gain yardage.
  • Use the LT and hold the receiver button to throw a low bullet pass - Kelce will catch it every time.
  • Don’t forget to use both the joysticks forward after the catch to break tackles, Kelce will get through them!

Check out Travis Kelce’s ratings in Madden 20 here:


14) Todd Gurley II - RB

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Rating: 96

Todd Gurley

Making his way into number 14 - Todd Gurley II:

Todd Gurley is a FORCE on the Rams and one of their greatest players. If you like to run the ball, you’ll love Gurley. Fast as lightning, it’s hard to stop Gurley with the ball. 

How to use Gurley:

  • Use his Free First Ability to increase his speed, juke, spin, or hurdle. 
  • Make sure not to sprint when crowded at the line. Tiptoe through the defense using the left stick and use his technique to create some space. 
  • Gurley can catch too! Throw to him behind the line if no one’s open.

Todd Gurley's Ratings: http://


13) Fletcher Cox - DT

Team: Philadelphia Eagles 

Rating: 96

Fletcher Cox

Number 13 - Fletcher Cox:

Defensive tackle Fletcher Cox is strong. With a 95 strength rating and a 97 awareness rating, Cox on the line is quick, agile, and knows how to easily stop the run game or sack the quarterback. 

Using Cox:

  • Time his special line moves perfectly to get through the offensive line easily.
  • Use Cox’s Fearmonger ability to pressure the pocket and make the quarterback throw quickly. 
  • Try to avoid blockers or power through them… Cox can do both!

More on how good Cox is at the line here:


12) Von Miller - LOLB

Team: Denver Broncos

Rating: 97

Von Miller

Slamming his way into number 12 - Von Miller:

Linebacker Von Miller is a terror to play against. With insane speed and power moves, his ability to pressure the QB is scary! Use him to intimidate a weak line and a slow quarterback and it will be hard to lose. 

How to use Miller:

  • Angle your way in and crush the pocket - Miller will put a stop to the pass or get to the QB before he gets it off. 
  • Get a few early sacks and heat Miller up. When he’s in the zone, he’s unstoppable. 
  • Use a nickel normal formation on defense to maximize your pass-rushing defense.

More on how good Von Miller is in Madden 20: http://


11) Antonio Brown - WR

Team: New England Patriots

Rating: 97

Antonio Brown

High flying number 11 - Antonio Brown: 

Wide receiver Antonio Brown has personality off the field and on! It’s also a plus he is on one of the greatest teams in the league. Use QB Tom Brady to throw dimes to Brown all day long!

How to win with Antonio Brown:

  • Time his aggressive catch and he’ll climb over the defender to get to the ball.
  • Use his 92 speed rating and 98 agility rating to run the perfect route. 
  • Activate Brown’s Double Me X-factor with consistent catches and make him relentless. 

More on Antonio Brown here:


10) Tom Brady - QB

Team: New England Patriots

Rating: 97

Tom Brady

NFL superstar coming in at number 10 - Tom Brady:

Tom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game of football and Madden gives him his due. If you want to play with a quarterback that is solid and fun to use… look no further. 

Using Tom Brady:

  • A mastermind before the snap, change up your plays at the line with audibles to keep your opponent on their heels.
  • Activate one of his five different superstar abilities and you will be hard to beat. 
  • Run out of the pocket or stay protected, either way, hold that receiver button to throw bullets, or tap it to throw lobs. 

More on Tom Brady’s playability:


9) Odell Beckham Jr. - WR

Team: Cleveland Browns

Rating: 97


With a one handed catch at number 9 - OBJ: 

Everyone who follows football knows wide receiver OBJ has hands. When it comes to catching footballs, OBJ’s one of the greatest to ever do it. Use him in Madden 20 to have some fun, score touchdowns, and amaze your opponent. 

How to play with Beckham:

  • Catch consistent 20+ yard passes to activate Beckham’s Rac’ em up X-factor ability for maximum catching effectiveness.
  • Time Odell’s aggressive catches perfectly and he’ll stun you with the results.
  • Don’t be afraid of the long ball. Beckham will catch it in the endzone.

More on OBJ’s strengths:


8) David Bakhtiari - LT

Team: Greenbay Packers

Rating: 97

David Bakhtiari

Number 8 - David Bakhtiari:

Left tackle David Bakhtiari’s footwork and speed make him one of the best tackles to use in the game. Throwing and catching balls is fun, but blocking and destroying your opponent’ can also be a great time!

How to dominate with Bakhtiari:

  • Run the ball to Bakhtiari’s side. to switch directions at the line.
  • Switch to Bakhtiari and clear the way for your runner. 
  • Use both those joysticks with Bakhtiari to really slam your opponent to the ground. 

More on how to use Bakhtiari:


7) Patrick Mahomes - QB

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Rating: 98

Patrick Mahomes

NFL's golden child at number 7 - Pat Mahomes:

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is on the cover of Madden 20 for a reason. Having a spectacular run as a young quarterback, Mahomes can do it all. If you want to win games, you should consider using the Kansas City Chiefs.

Here’s how to best play with Mahomes:

  • Mahomes' X-factor ability is called Bazooka. Activate it by throwing one completed 30-yard pass in the air and you can throw the ball 15 yards further.
  • Run out of the pocket when pressured by the D line, Mahomes can still complete a dime on the run. 
  • Use his speed to get out of tight spots, but remember to slide to avoid a fumble! 

Here’s more info on Patrick Mahomes in Madden 20:


6) Luke Kuechly - LB 

Team: Carolina Panthers 

Rating: 98 

Luke Kuechly

Number 6 - Luke Kuechly:

Linebacker Kuechly’s 98 overall rating is well deserved. Kuechly’s airtight coverage will shut down your opponent’s receivers and get you interceptions. Kuechly is a game-changer. 

Key strengths: 

  • Play as Kuechly and shut down your opponent’s best receiver.
  • Time the jump, swat, and interception perfectly and Kuechly will stop the pass or run it back for a touchdown. 
  • Get two interceptions or forced turnovers and activate Kuechly’s Shutdown X-factor ability.

More on Kuechly’s strengths:


5) Julio Jones - WR

Team: Atlanta Falcons

Rating: 98

Julio Jones

One of the best recievers to ever do it at number 5 - Julio Jones:

Wide receiver Julio Jones is a Hall of Famer in the making and his Madden playability is outstanding. If you want to win games and have fun while doing it - choose Atlanta and throw the ball to Julio Jones.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Jones can catch almost anything. Time and play his catches just right and he’ll be unstoppable.
  • Throw the lob pass over his defender and don’t be afraid of the long ball!
  • Choose a corner route when playing with Jones. It’s his specialty. 

Learn more about Julio Jones here:


4) Bobby Wagner - MLB

Team: Seattle Seahawks

Rating: 99

Bobby Wagner

At number 4 - Bobby Wagner:

Middle linebacker Bobby Wagner can do it all. Strong, fast, and has hands, Wagner is an ultimate Madden player. Use Wagner on the Seahawks and you won’t be disappointed. 

How to win with Bobby Wagner:

  • Use your D-pad to pinch the middle and wait with Wagner just behind the line. Guess your opponents pass and grab that interception. 
  • Give Wagner some space behind the line when you think a run play will happen. Then use that hit stick and level your opponent.
  • Activate Wagner’s ability 2 Tackle Supreme by getting a sack and become faster, stronger, and win more blocks. 

More on Wagner’s skill here:


3) Khalil Mack - LOLB

Team: Chicago Bears

Rating: 99

Khalil Mack

At number 3 - Khalil Mack:

Linebacker Khalil Mack’s skill is almost indescribable. Strong and fast, Mack is a fun one to play with. Use him to terrify the QB and break the offensive line. 

Use these pointers:

  • Make sure you time Mack’s buttons correctly and use his strength to get through the line. 
  • Get two sacks to activate his Unstoppable Force ability, then win every pass rush move when in the zone.
  • Pressure the quarterback or hang back and wait for the pass. Mack’s strength and speed is ultimate after the snap.

For more on Mack’s ratings:


2) Deandre Hopkins - WR

Team: Houston Texans

Rating: 99

Deandre Hopkins

One of the best in the game... number 2 - Deandre Hopkins:

Deandre Hopkins is a cheat code. One of the best receivers in the league, Hopkins’ route running and hands will get him free and constant catches. Choose the Texans and Hopkins to play with, and strap in for the ride. 

How to win with Hopkins:

  • Choose plays with Hopkins going deep. Catching three 20+ yard catches will activate his X-factor ability: Double Me.
  • Lineup in a Trips TE formation. These are ultimate Hopkins plays. 
  • Use the spin, hesitation, and jukes after the catch. Hopkins is a wizard on his feet. 

More on how to use Deandre Hopkins:


1) Aaron Donald - RE

Team: Los Angeles Rams

Rating: 99

Aaron Donald

And the best player to play with in Madden 20 - Aaron Donald: 

Many regard Aaron Donald as the best player in the game of football. His skill translates in Madden 20 and it does not sell him short.Using Aaron Donald is something every Madden player should experience. 

Here’s how to play with Aaron Donald:

  • Keep an eye on those power moves at the line. When timed right he can get through and get right to the quarterback.
  • Get those sacks and activate his Fearmonger superstar ability. He’ll be even better than he already is. 
  • Remember to use that right stick to push through that O line. 

Here’s more on Aaron Donald’s greatness:


Madden 20 is filled with loads of abilities, skills, and special attributes. Using the best players in the game is a great way to enjoy your play, get better, and destroy your opponents. Get familiar with each player's skills and strengths, and make sure the other team doesn’t get the chance to catch their breath!

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