Madden 20 Best Playbooks [Top 10]

Madden 20 Best Plays
So many plays. So little time.

Being the best in Madden doesn’t start with the players… it starts with the coach. 

Anyone can learn the controls and how to use the best players. But if you want to dig deeper than most people are willing to go, you gotta learn the playbook. Become an expert at plays, strategy, and game time approach, and you’ll gain the edge over your opponent. Here are the best plays to use in Madden 20 and how you can use them to your advantage.


10) Gun Bunch: Bunch Trail

Play Type: Offense

Here’s the play:


The Bunch Trail play call is a go-to for players looking to torch a man defense. The tight end is who to look for - he’ll beat his man every time. 

How to use the Bunch Trail:

  • Hit the tight end before or after he cuts. Time it perfectly and use those catch buttons!
  • If your quarterback has enough time, look for that long ball.
  • Use the possession catch in tight situations, but with room, use catch and run all the way to the endzone. 



9) 3-4 Odd: Pinch Buck Zero

Play Type: Defense

Here’s the breakdown:


A simple blitz and an even easier user strategy. The 3-4 Odd: Pinch Buck Zero is a fan favorite blitz for Madden users. Use this defense to break through the O line and sack the quarterback. 

How to play the Pinch Buck Zero:

  • Use your D-pad to spread the linebackers and create some space for the pass rushers.
  • Control your middle linebacker and wait for the perfect opening. 
  • Cover your opponent’s quarterbacks’ first read, and the pressure will get to him.



8) Singleback Wing Flex Close: Four Verticals

Play Type: Offense

Here’s how to use the Singleback Wing Flex Close lineup: http://


Perfect for the deep ball and gaining maximum yardage, Four Verticals is a fun play to use. Use it with your all-star wide receivers and it will get you yards every time. 

How to catch deep throws with Four Verticals:

  • Use your R stick to set up max protect. 
  • The main target is your X/Square receiver. Motion him out to the left so he can get the most space from his defender. 
  • Fake a pass to your right side receivers to open up the field. 



7) 46 Normal: Cover 2 Invert

Play Type: Defense

Here's the play:


The Cover 2 Invert in 46 Normal coverage is a great defense to confuse the quarterback as the corners and safeties switch coverage. Use this defense to put pressure on the quarterback and receivers in tight game situations. 

Main points:

  • Click your R stick to open up your adjustments menu. Use your LOLB and ROLB to blitz.
  • Use your R stick again to pinch your linebackers for extra pressure in the blitz.
  • Use your middle safety to cover the throw, or your left or right linebacker to sack the quarterback. 



6) Gun Tight Doubles: Cross Wheels

Play Type: Offense

More on the Gun tight doubles formation:


This is a great play call when you want to open up the backfield and draw your opponent’s safety out of position. Use the Cross Wheels play when you want a great chance of making a catch and converting downs. 

How to use the Cross Wheels:

  • Wait for the deep receivers on the left to get separation from their defenders. If not, throw it short to the halfback... they’ll be waiting. 
  • You have a lot of time and space in this play. If your QB can run, and the pass isn’t there, gain some yards with your QB. Remember to slide before the tackle. 
  • Always streak your Y/ Triangle receiver for this play. 


5) 3-4 Odd: Engage Eight

Play Type: Defense

Here’s a breakdown of the 3-4 Odd defense: http://


Setting up in the 3-4 Odd formation is a favorite among Madden players everywhere. Easy and super effective, use the Engage Eight to find the holes in the offensive line and sack the quarterback. 

How to use Engage Eight:

  • Use your left and right linebackers to wait for the cracks to get to the QB. 
  • If done correctly, the quarterback shouldn’t have time to get the ball off. Use anyone you can to blitz the QB.
  • Sometimes you can spread the line to even players out. This will open up the O line.  



4) Gun Cluster HB STR: Verticals

Play Type: Offense 

Here’s how to run it:


The Shotgun Cluster HB STR formation is loaded with fun, effective, and savage plays. Verticals will open up the defense and smoke any corner or safety trying to defend. 

Here’s what to do:

  • Look for your TE cutting across the field. If it’s not a good look, fake it to him - it will throw your opponent’s safetys off.
  • Keep your eye on the QB, you want to buy enough time for your B/ Circle receiver to get open. Take too long and you might get sacked. Time it right, and it’s a touchdown.
  • Streak your X/ Square receiver.  


3) 3-4: Cover 4 Drop Show 2

Play Type: Defense

Here’s the play:


Cover 4 Drop Show 2 is an excellent defensive strategy against the run game. If you think your opponent is about to run the ball, look out for the Cover 4 Drop Show 2 in the 3-4 formation. 

Key takeaways: 

  • Use the middle linebacker and shoot a gap.
  • Use your Right bumper/ R1 to QB contain/ spy for most effectiveness.
  • Pinch your squad and blitz everyone. 



2) Gun Gluster HB STR: Mesh Pot

Play Type: Offense

Breakdown of Mesh Pot:


Regarded by many as the best offensive play in Madden 20, Mesh Pot from the Gun Cluster formation is a great play to call if you want an easy touchdown.

Here’s what to do:

  • Focus on your X/Square receiver. Give your QB some time and toss it deep. Use that Catch and Run button to keep going into the endzone.
  • Fake it to another receiver to open up your X/Square receiver.
  • You can run out of the pocket to save some time but keep behind that scrimmage line so you can keep the deep ball available. 



1 ) 3-4 Bear: Pinch Buck Zero

Play Type: Defense

Here’s the play:


Called the fastest blitz in Madden 20, Pinch Buck Zero is one of the most successful blitzes in the game. Use this to terrify the offense, sack the QB, and force a turnover. 

Here’s how to sack the QB:

  • Use this if you think your opponent will pass the ball. 
  • Press all linebackers and use your LB to QB contain. 
  • Use your Left or Right linebacker’s quickness to slip both sides of the line and get to the quarterback. 


If you want to learn how to master the game of Madden and put yourself amongst some of the greatest players, you have to learn the playbooks. Master the playbook, dominate the field, win more games. 

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