[Top 5] Planetside 2 Best Implants

A tough MAX unit on implants
No, these are not the implants for hollywood actresses, these are for battle.

Picking your favorite faction or your favorite gun is one thing. But Planetside 2 also has strong implants, that can be complete game-changers if chosen and upgraded carefully. Today, we will look at the 5 best and widely used amidst player base implants that the game has to offer, to improve your effectiveness!

Top’s criteria


To find out which implant is better, we’ll include several criteria in today’s list that will help us decide which implant you should give proper attention to.

A good implant is decided by: 

  • The cost of the implant and its payoff. 
  • In how many situations the implant will be suitable for the player
  • The worth of the benefits the player receives upon upgrading the implant.

With this in mind, let’s get to the list!


[Top 5] Sweeper HUD

Sweeper HUD is a common implant, which means it’s easily acquirable. The implant gives you the information of any object’s range your crosshair is pointed at. This is a quite useful ability, especially for long-range snipers, since with the knowledge of the rifle’s max range, snipers can use their positioning more effectively. 

It also shows nearby enemy explosives, displaying their location on your HUD, which is quite useful when your eye misses a flying grenade or you’re walking across the field at night and don’t see anything beneath your feet. 

The implant also works in MAX which is not too much useful since MAX rarely needs to know the range between them and a target, and vehicles, which, on the other hand, is a lot more useful, especially for Prowler in anchored mode, since you can better understand projectile dropoff.

Information is vital, and this implant provides you with it.


[Top 4] Ammo printer

Yes, you may die a lot in Planetside 2. But, in case you’re tired of it, or you’re such a pro player no one can kill - an ammo printer is crucial for you. At Tier 5 level, it will give you a magazine each minute, making you completely independent of engineer’s ammo packs, and if you shoot a lot, you will have troubles with ammo. The same goes for the vehicles, you will be independent of ground vehicle supply towers, thus being able to stay in battle until you're destroyed. 

Ammo is never too much in Planetside.


[Top 3] Assimilate

Now, this is an interesting implant. Not only it rewards you with shield restoration upon headshot kill, but it also rewards you for improving your aim that way. It is a great implant for infantry, especially for a heavy assault, since, if you’ll improve your aim and will land a headshot kill or two while holding off a chokepoint, you’ll be as unstoppable as the MAX unit with full health, who cannot equip this implant, by the way. 200 shield is a good portion of protection, and you can restore heavy assault’s shield ability, increasing your survivability even more. 

It requires, but generously rewards good precision.


[Top 2] Regeneration

It’s simple, and that’s why people love it. Passive regeneration, without which, you would be relying on medics to heal your health otherwise. It is always handy for any kind of situation you’re in, and its Tier 5 level also grants you a perk similar to Assimilate, which rapidly restores your health on headshot kill. If your aim is good, you can actually combine it with either Assimilation or Carapace implants. Carapace replaces your shield with an additional 500 HP, so Regeneration will be a perfect match for it. 

It’s also a common implant, meaning you’ll have zero to no troubles acquiring it.


[Top 1] Survivalist

Considered the best out there by many experienced players. And for a reason. The implant speaks for itself, it provides great survivability to the player, with a shield recharge delay, and increased sprint speed upon losing shield health. Thus being said, you’ll be able to quickly run away from the line of fire when your shield is down, and get back sooner with quicker shield recharge. 

But at Tier 5, there’s even more benefit! Because you also restore lost health for the duration of increased sprint time, which is a great deal, especially when your shield and half of your Health were taken away by a single, precise sniper shot. 

It’s also a common implant, meaning that it’s easy to acquire and start leveling up, and it does pay off greatly for all the investments in it. Overall, survival in Planetside 2 is what you would love to have after dying a good portion of the time.


We hope that this top has helped you to choose the implant that will help you dispose of the enemy troopers more effectively! You can check out our other tops, such as Best Planetside 2 Faction, or Best Planetside 2 weapons that wreck hard! 

Good luck on the battlefield, soldier! 

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