Rainbow 6 Siege Ranks and Ranking System Explained (Latest Patch)

Rainbow 6 Siege Latest Patch Ranking System and Ranks Explained
How Siege’s ranking system works and an explanation on the details regarding Ranked 2.0

The ranking system in Siege is now officially called Ranked 2.0 because the devs have reworked the previous version. Ranked 2.0 is a lot more straight-forward than the previous system and it makes more sense, especially the reward system. With Ranked 2.0, every new season, players will start at the lowest rank which is Copper V and they gradually work their way up the ranks by winning. And the higher your rank is, the less MMR you’ll gain per win and the more MMR you lose from losing matches.

This was designed so that the system will be able to provide the players the best rank that they deserve according to their skill. A lot of players mistake the new system as something that makes it easier for players to rank up, but that’s only true in the lower ranks. Yes, even if your win rate is low, you’ll be able to rank up, but that’s really only possible in Copper to Silver. Once you reach Gold and Platinum, if you keep losing more than you win, you’d either go down in rankings or get stuck. And there will be a more detailed explanation as to how it works down below.


How Does the Ranking System Work?

  • There are no more 10 placement ranks in order to reveal your initial rank as per Ranked 2.0
  • There are 8 Ranks and each of them have 5 divisions except for the highest one which is Champions
  • For every 100 Rank Points (RP) you move up 1 division.
  • Each new season, every player will start at the lowest rank which is Copper V
  • The Game Mode in Ranked is Bomb
  • Attackers win by defusing 1 of 2 bombs or by wiping out the defending team
  • Defenders win by preventing the attackers from planting the defuser until the end of the round or by wiping them out
  • There is a Map Ban Phase during the start of every Ranked match where each team can ban one map if there’s one they don’t want to play in.
  • There’s also an Operator Ban Phase where each team may ban one attacker and one defender operator from being played by both teams
  • Players who abandon Ranked matches receive penalties such as not being allowed to join Ranked and Standard matches for a period of time
  • Players who abandon Ranked matches will also receive a Renown penalty and the match will be counted as a loss in their record which of course will be reflected in their RP

Rank List:

  • Copper: V-IV-III-II-I
  • Bronze: V-IV-III-II-I
  • Silver: V-IV-III-II-I
  • Gold: V-IV-III-II-I
  • Platinum: V-IV-III-II-I
  • Emerald: V-IV-III-II-I
  • Diamond: V-IV-III-II-I
  • Champion: I


How Ranked 2.0 Determines Your Rank

Previously, the Ranked system in Siege only considered the player’s skill (previously known as MMR) when it comes to estimating their most deserving rank. With Ranked 2.0, however, the system will now consider both Skill and Rank. So while it may appear to be more straight-forward on the surface, Ranked 2.0 is actually smarter than the previous system, and in my opinion is much better when it comes to determining a player’s rank. That’s because the system, while resetting ranks every new season, does not reset the player’s Skill, which is a value that is hidden and only for the devs to see.

That’s actually very smart, because when Ranked 2.0 was introduced and it was said that all players will now start with the lowest rank which is Copper V, the community was concerned that players with the skill level within the Copper rank will be facing players who were high ranking in the previous season. While that may be true with one or two matches, the chances of that happening will become less and less the more that players play, because the more they play, the more confident the system will be in terms of the RP points that will be given to them when they win a match or what will be taken from them when they lose.

I’ll try to simplify it as much as I can because the explanation from the official server can be quite complicated. Basically, a Champion from the previous season will be blasting through the lower ranks because each win will give them a ton of Rank Points, and if they lose a match in the lower ranks, only a few Rank Points will be taken away from them. That’s because as mentioned before, the system doesn’t reset their Skill which is recorded and hidden in the system. Basically, the system recognizes that the player was a Champion with high skill, so if they lost a match in the lower ranks, that might just be a fluke due to another value that the system considers which is called Uncertainty.

Each win will give the former Champion high Rank Points in order for them to get to the rank that the system estimates to be the rank that they really deserve based on their Skill much faster. So in layman’s terms, if you’re new and you’re in Copper, does that mean you’ll be playing with veterans that have very high Skill in the game? The answer is yes, but only for a few games, because most of those players will be leaving the Copper rank very fast. 


The Game Mode

As previously stated, the only game mode available in Ranked matches is Bomb. In this game mode, the objective spot will have two, usually adjacent rooms, each containing a bomb. The attackers’ job is to plant the defuser in any of those two rooms, and once the defusing action is done, they’ll be able to win the match, even if all five defenders are alive. Of course, the attackers can also win by simply going in and killing all five defenders.

On the other hand, defenders can win if they prevent the attackers from planting the defuser until the end of the round. Since the bomb sites are located in two adjacent rooms, it’s advised to always create a rotation hole between them so that the defending team members can easily respond to threats on either bomb site. Similarly, they can also win by simply wiping out all five of the attacking team members, but it’s usually best for defending players to play time and defend, rather than be overly aggressive.


Maps that you’ll be playing in:

As you can see from the photo above, there are sixteen available maps in the current rotation for ranked matches. There could be more maps added to the map pool depending on the season because each new season will have a different map rotation. This is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with the maps because if you don’t, there’s a high likelihood that you won’t be able to perform well in matches held in maps you’re not familiar with.

Siege is famous as a game that has a steep learning curve, but once you’ve mastered the maps, you’ll be high up in that said learning curve. Luckily, there is now a new game mode in Siege which is called the Map Training mode where the game will have you perform a series of drills designed to help you familiarize yourself with the maps. I tried it with the newest map, Lair, and I was familiarized with the map in just a couple of hours, so I highly encourage new players to try it out, because map knowledge is very important in Ranked.


Your rank info

Players can now have easy access to their rank info from the game menu. Simply go to the Tactical Playlist which includes Standard and Ranked, click More Info under Ranked, and go to the My Rank tab. This will show them their number of wins, losses, win rate, K/D ratio, abandons, and the number of matches they played, as well as, of course, their current rank. It will also show players their ranks from the previous seasons. This info is important because it allows players to know where their current skill stands and it might give them more insight on how to improve.

Similarly, there is also a website which is the https://r6.tracker.network/ in which you’ll be able to get an even more detailed info on your gameplay in Siege. It’s available to all players. You’ll just have to enter your correct platform and username. For example, I play on PC and my username is AstorLefflinker, so the link to my R6 Tracker is https://r6.tracker.network/profile/pc/AstorLefflinker. Simply substitute your platform and username to their respective fields in the url.

For example, R6 Tracker’s top players per platforms are:








Is Crossplay allowed in Ranked?

Yes, there’s a Crossplay feature in the Ranked system in Siege. However, due to the difference in hardware for each platform, it’s quite limited. PC players will only be allowed to have Crossplay matches with players on Luna. Similarly, PlayStation players will only be allowed to have Crossplay matches with players on Xbox and vice versa. That is because Siege matches should be fair, so only platforms with similar hardware are allowed to have Crossplay with each other. PC and Luna players use keyboard and mouse, and Xbox and PlayStation players use controllers. And the devs want to keep it that way, at least for the foreseeable future.

The devs are actually cracking down hard on console players that are using mouse and keyboard to play Siege matches. They’ve recently introduced the Mouse Trap feature which will silently reduce the functionality of mouse and keyboard on console players that are detected to be using them. This is such a smart move by the devs when it comes to ensuring fairness in Siege Ranked matches because it’s the most competitive mode available to most players and fairness is of utmost importance.



During the previous version of Ranked, players only got the reward for the highest rank that they attained during the season, and it was only one charm. With Ranked 2.0, however, the devs saw fit that the players should also receive all the rewards available on all the ranks that they’ve gone through during the season. Which makes a lot of sense because obviously, a Gold player has gone through all the ranks from Copper to Silver all the way to Gold. And with Ranked 2.0, players don’t only receive a charm. There are now alpha packs, charms, and operator card backgrounds.

Copper Rewards:

Bronze Rewards:

Silver Rewards:

Gold Rewards:

Platinum Rewards:

Emerald Rewards:

Diamond Rewards:

Champions Rewards:


Attention operator, please be advised. There is a new directive from Six. Read up on these related articles, and prepare for deployment:

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