[Top 15] Sims 4 Romance Gameplays To Watch

Love is in the air with these romantic gameplays for The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 introduced emotions into the epic franchise, leaving room for romance now more than ever. Modders and Simmers alike have used their expansive creativity to develop several ways to bring love to the next level in the game through many new love related interactions. From toxic romances to blind dates and first loves, this compilation covers everything related to the love lives of your Sims and those around them. Proceed with heart eyes and don’t avoid cupid's arrow while watching some of the most romantic gameplays in The Sims 4!

15. Better Romance Interactions by XurbansimsX

Bring that Sims 3 type of love back to your game.

The Love interactions in the Sims 3 were very affectionate and passionate while the Sims 4 lacked in the same area. Xurbansimsx has played through a mod that brings those intimate interactions to the Sims 4 in this fun gameplay video. This mod allows your Sims to advance romantically in all new ways for this generation of Sims, and this Youtuber presents it lovingly.


14. Legacy Challenge by simssav

Dive into the love-filled legacy challenge series by simssav.

Legacy challenges in the Sims 4 are often family based storylines that typically involve little romance, but the legacy challenge by simssav kicks off with a full on love story. It is beautiful and enamorate while interesting to watch. Seeing this family grow is entertaining and might inspire you to start a legacy challenge of your own with a unique love story such as this one.


13. Objects That Personally Flirt with Me in The Sims 4 by Plumbella

Check out some extremely lovable items as noted by Plumbella.

Have you ever fallen in love with an object from your Sims 4 game? Plumbella definitely has, and she shares those exact objects in this gameplay. This video is hilarious and relatable at the same time, making it quite easy to agree with Plumbella about these beautiful items in the game. Move over everyone, the cowplant is mine!


12. I Left my Flirty Sims on Free Will for a Week by Clare Siobhan

Romantic reality TV comes to The Sims 4 in this fun gameplay.

Clare Siobhan offers a vibrant gameplay video when they review their flirty Sims who have been left unpaused for a week. This interesting cast of Sims are fit for reality TV and don’t fail to entertain in this beachside gameplay, with different Sims flirting around every corner. Clare Siobhan creates a wild ride that is nothing short of enjoyable in this love fest.


11. Road to Romance Mod Review by Iron Seagull

Iron Seagull reviews an adorant mod in this walkthrough and gameplay.

Iron Seagull fully captures the Road to Romance mod in their discussion and gameplay on Youtube. This mod adds several new interactions as well as many new ways to fall in love and find romance for your Sims, making for a much more enticing environment. In this detailed gameplay, Iron Seagull overviews key factors of this mod, such as adding a romance skill and an online dating system. 


10. First Love Mod Review by fantayzia

First love now exists in The Sims 4.

Fantayzia amazingly showcases an amazing mod that allows Sims to have a first love in their childhood life stage. This video goes over an expandable mod while bringing Sims 3 Generations energy to the table, providing everyone with refreshing nostalgia. The First Love Mod Review is adorable and fun all at once.


9. Seducing the Grim Reaper by EasySpeezy

The Grim Reaper isn't an easy catch.

In this extremely fast paced and interesting video, Youtuber known as EasySpeezy goes down the path of seducing death himself. They do this all in a very small amount of time, making the video as chaotic as it is lovable. Seducing death isn’t easy, but is your Sim willing to go to the other side for love?


8. Break Ups, Make Ups, and More by Goddess Gamez

Relationships can take many turns with this mod overviewed by Goddess Gamez.

Youtuber Goddess Gamez does a deep dive into the woohoo wellness mod in their video about Break Ups, Make Ups, and More. This gameplay reviews the unique mod and most of its features with fun commentary by the creator. Watching them nearly destroy their Sim couples relationship and exiting the game to avoid doing so is not the only relatable aspect of this amazing mod review.


7. 100 Bae Challenge by Kelsey Impicciche

How many baes can a Sim have?

The 100 Bae challenge by famous Youtuber Kelsey Impicciche is scandalous, dramatic, and full of all types of love and laughter. The challenge is about a Sim who is supposed to date 100 other Sims, or to have 100 baes. Although it sounds straightforward and simple, it is definitely not, and this journey proves it! The full series of this challenge is on Kelsey Impicciche’s Youtube channel. 


6. Blind Date Challenge by Jessica Ray Plays

It can't be so hard living with your blind date, or all three of them.

In this unique love based challenge by Jessica Ray Plays on Youtube, their main Sim must live with 3 masked Sims and choose one as their partner at the end. Bringing completely random Sims to live together is insane, and Jessica Ray Plays adds fun to the madness of rooming with blind dates. If you want to see the Sims be unmasked or want to try this challenge yourself, check out this amazing gameplay!


5. From Rivals to Lovers by neecxle

This fun gameplay shows the details of the Stuck in their Shadow scenario. 

Neecxle on Youtube has played through the scenario involving the Curious family in their video, From Rivals to Lovers. This gameplay shows how The Sims 4 has developed a different type of gameplay for more depth and story, and neecxle is just as shocked as the rest of us. This video is fun and will inspire any Simmer to try out the Stuck in Their Shadow scenario in their game.


4. Chantel tries the Dating Challenge in The Sims 4 by Buzzfeed Multiplayer

Find love in this Sims 4 challenge series.

Buzzfeed Multiplayer has always been an amazing platform used to entertain gamers, and this video series over The Sims 4 Dating Challenge is appealing in the most bachelorette inspired way. This epic journey of the heart is led by Buzzfeed Multipayer’s Chantel, who tries to find a true love for their Simself. Will Chantel be able to satisfy their Sim,, or will they become hopelessly romantic?. 


3. Memorable Events Mod Overview by mirarae

Watch Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

 Bring memorable events into your sims lives with this amazing mod.

The Memorable Events mod overview by mirarae is a full description of what this amazing, gameplay expanding mod brings to The Sims 4. The mod adds many new interactions, several of which are based around couples and romance. In their video, mirarae goes into a deep dive on how this mod adds honeymoons as well as other family events, which could be exciting  for lovebird Sims looking to bring a new adventure into their life.


2. I Need to Stop Marrying Sims I Just Met by lilsimsie

Lilsimsie brings watchers of this chaotic gameplay into Blue's romantic life.

This wildly entertaining ride by lilsimsie shows the story of their Sim named Blue who is trying to pursue a romance. It is funny and interesting to watch lilsimsie’s Sims act out and be odd to say the least, but it is a whole new level of romantic madness once they fall in love.. Or don’t. This gameplay showcases true and adorant rom-com material!


1. Taking Pleasure in Destroying Marriages by whinybrit

Scandal is in the air as whinybrit completes the villainous valentine aspiration.

It would be a lie if anyone said they wanted all of their Sims to have a happy ending or a simple backstory. This entertaining gameplay by whinybrit on Youtube is full of amorous interactions and heartbreak equally and is sure to entertain anyone. The best part about this gameplay is that anyone can test out the scenario in their game, as the base of the gameplay is the villainous valentine aspiration!

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