[Top 5] Splatoon 3 Best Dualies (Ranked)

Best Dualies Splatoon 3
This makes the Dualies look really cool...!

#5 - Glooga Dualies

These Dualies have an interesting look…!

The Glooga Dualies, like most weapons in Splatoon, can be bought from the shop in Splatsville. This weapon is purchasable at level 21. This specific form of dualies is considered very strong due to the fact that, after a dodge roll, they are even stronger. Though they are a bit lacking in other areas.

  • They can do up to 52 damage, but this is only after dodge-rolls.
  • They have a max range of 3.1, which is decent.
  • They can be harder to use.
  • They are not great for inking as they ink slowly compared to other weapons.


#4 - Dapple Dualies

…Are those…toothbrushes? I suppose that’s one way to be “fresh.”

These dualies can be bought from the shop just like the rest. However, this cannot be purchased until level 14. This weapon has good mobility, as well as good damage.

  • This weapon can do up to 36 damage.
  • It has an extremely low range, being 1.9 at the max, and it’s definitely better for close range.
  • It can be difficult to use, but if used correctly  it can be utilized well.
  • It fairs well in anarchy battles.


#3 - Splat Dualies

Ah, the basic Dualies…a bit refreshing.

These are the first dualies you can get in the game. They can be purchased from the store at level 3. They’re overall a fairly decent weapon, and a bit better for beginners to learn compared to other dualies.

  • This weapon does a max of 28 damage.
  • It has a maximum range of 2.8 and works better in close-range.
  • It’s fairly easy to use and grants high mobility.
  • It’s not the best for inking turf.


#2 - Dark Tetra Dualies

The bottom of these sort of look like sneakers, again, another way to be “fresh!”

This weapon can be purchased from the shop in town, like all the others. This weapon can be purchased at level 17. The special for this weapon, “reefslider,” allows this weapon to have really good mobility.

  • The max damage for this weapon is 30.
  • The max range for this weapon is 2.3.
  • This weapon can be more difficult to use, but can be really useful if used correctly.
  • They have a very quick firing rate.


#1 - Dualie Squelchers

Such a simple style of guns is “fresh” in its own way!

This weapon can be purchased from the shop at level 8. This weapon is considered to be extremely useful, and is seen as the best of the dualies. This weapon does really well in anarchy battles, but can be useful in Turf War too.

  • This weapon does a max damage of 28.
  • This weapon is on the higher side of range for dualies, having a max of 3.3 range.
  • This weapon excels in close-range and mid-range combat, but is not good for long-range.
  • This weapon can be difficult to use, but is really useful once one has learned how to use it.

As with everything in Splatoon, how well a weapon works differs from person to person. One weapon may be good for one person and bad for another. It all depends on a person’s playstyle.


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