Splatoon 3 Review: Is Splatoon 3 Worth it?

Splatoon 3 Official Art in Splatsville
Relaxing in Splatsville, looking fresh!

While I am an avid Splatoon fan, I will do my best to remain neutral throughout this article and this review! Splatoon 3 is a brand new game for the Nintendo Switch, and is an addition to the first two games in the series. Information about Splatoon 3 is seemingly everywhere right now, and I’m sure there are new people who are interested in this series, so let’s get into it!


About Splatoon 3

Woah! What an interesting new weapon she’s got there!

Like its successors, Splatoon 3 is a PVP online shooter, with even more elements than the previous editions. Players are given the chance to try all kinds of new weapons and specials, and there are plenty of new elements to the game. Players of Splatoon 2 are given the chance to play with those at the same level as themselves.

 The game allows players to play with strangers or their friends and participate in different kinds of battles. Playing with strangers can be a bit difficult, though that is part of the joy of Splatoon! Being frustrated by your team not working together well…it’s fun! 

The main types of battle are Turf War, which involves getting the most of your color on the map. There are also different competitive battles that unlock later (or right away if you are not a new player), and these are about working with your team to complete certain goals, as best as you can.

The game is brand new at the time of writing this, it just came out on September 9th. However, there was a demo, also known as a “testfire,” for Splatoon at the end of August. There has been a lot of hype for the game since then, among old and new fans alike.

Splatoon 3 is a Nintendo game, for  the Nintendo Switch only. Unfortunately, since the game is so new, there is hardly any commercial information available. However, we know that at launch, it sold 3.45 million units, making it the fastest-selling switch game at launch in Japan! We will see more as time goes on!


Story of Splatoon 3

Mammalians? What a bizarre name!

Splatoon 3 has a story in its solo mode, also referred to as hero mode. This story starts the same as the stories from the past two games, the source of electricity, the Great Zapfish, is missing. The player is tasked by a character named Cuttlefish to go and get it back.

However, the story changes right after the first world, and Cuttlefish then gets  kidnapped. The player is then introduced to three recurring characters from the first game. Those characters are Callie, Marie, and the player character from the first game, Agent 3. They talk to you and explain what’s going on, and then you are on a mission to search for Cuttlefish, doing all kinds of trials to get there.

There are a lot of different levels to play, and completing all the levels in one area unlocks some new lore details for the series (it also unlocks a secret level). These levels are very similar to Splatoon 2’s DLC, Octo Expansion. They are more like trials; they consist of things like shooting targets, staying alive for a certain amount of time, completing the level in a certain amount of time, and so on.

There are a total of 6 areas with different levels to play and choose from, as well as the 7th area, which is the final boss. There’s a lot to explore, and a lot of random items to find on the map that can help you level up your weapons and other gear.

I personally found the story enjoyable. However, I really felt it was more for long-term fans of the series. The way the characters were written especially gave me that vibe, and I feel it would be a lot harder for a brand new fan to enjoy. It’s still possible, it just might be less meaningful for those that are new to the series. Also, I would like to add that there is no sort of quest or mission system in Splatoon 3, and there has never been any in Splatoon games.


Gameplay of Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 ANARCHY BATTLES - Clash Blaster [No Commentary]

Splatoon 3 has a lot of different methods of gameplay. Since I’ve discussed the story mode so much, I would like to talk more about the PVP. The video above is of one of the more competitive battles, known as Anarchy Battles. 

There are two ways to play Anarchy Battles; you can play just one (open battles), or you can play a bunch in a row (series battles). For the ones where you can play more than one, the goal is to get five wins and get less than three losses., If you get three losses, that series ends. thYou are put against others of the same rank as you, and it is your team's goal to win. Your total number of points at the end of the series is accumulated from both your wins and losses.

There are a total of four different types of these competitive matches. Those being Splat Zones, Clam Blitz, Rainmaker, and Tower Control. Each requires you to work with your team to either complete a specific goal before the other team, or at least get a better score at it than they do. These battles are more intense than the normal Turf War.

Splat Zones require your team to keep a certain area your team’s color as long as possible, Clam Blitz requires your team to collect clams scattered around the field and throw them into your opponents’ goal. Rainmaker involves one person gaining control of a weapon called the “rainmaker” and taking it to the opponents’ goal, or getting closer than the other team. Tower Control involves both teams fighting for control over the “tower,” a small, moving tower, and taking it to the opponents’ goal, or getting as close as possible.

Other than PVP, there is another mode that is PVE, which is different from the story. . This is called Salmon Run, and it is seen as a “job,” and the players work together throughout this. The goal is to collect a certain number of golden eggs that are dropped by “Boss Salmonids” throughout the run.

If you fail to collect them all or everyone wipes out, then it's game over. The more you succeed, the higher your rank for Salmon Run goes up, and the harder it gets. There are three waves in Salmon Run, but there can be a seemingly random fourth one at times. Each wave you switch weapons as well.

Speaking of weapons, let’s discuss them! There are a great number of weapons in Splatoon 3, things ranging from guns to paintbrushes. These weapons offer plenty of different play-styles, and there is something for everyone.

There are a few different types of each weapon as well, and each of them have specials and bombs. There are quite a few bomb types as well as special types. Specials range from things like powerful guns to power-ups for your team. Bombs range from those that explode on impact to mine bombs. There is something fun for everyone!


Graphics of Splatoon 3

Splatoon 2 vs 3 - Graphics Comparison

There are no sort of graphics settings for Splatoon 3, so when looking at graphics we can compare it to the game before it, Splatoon 2. The graphics are extremely good-looking, and the game looks very smooth as well. I personally think the graphics look great.While both games look good, Splatoon 3 just looks better.

The way everything in this game looks, from using weapons, to walking around, to the environment, is just really pleasant to look at.


Creator of Splatoon 3

What a familiar thing…!

Splatoon 3 was developed by Nintendo, just like the previous games in this series. Since the game is so new, it is a bit buggy. There are a few glitches here and there, and it also has a problem with connection errors. I imagine after some more time passes, there will be patches to fix these issues. Nintendo is usually fairly decent about patching. 

There is a planned paid DLC for this game that was revealed in the Splatoon 3 direct. No date or information as to when has been announced.There was simply a small image with the characters involved saying it was coming.


Splatoon 3 Cost

A fresh-looking Turf War is happening!

The game is currently $60 and only for Nintendo Switch.The only actual real-life purchase available will be the paid DLC. There are in-game purchases to be made with in-game currency, consisting of clothes, accessories, and weapons.


Final Verdict

Pros for this game: 

  • It has a fun story, especially for older fans like myself.
  • The returning characters are really enjoyable and well-written.
  • The gameplay feels more enticing than in the two previous games.
  • There are  a lot of features in this game that just make it really fun to play.

Cons for this game:

  • It can be a bit laggy and glitchy.
  • Some of the story-mode levels are a bit frustrating, making it not fun at times.
  • Two of the previous game’s fan favorites were not included in the main game and will not be seen until the DLC. 
  • The frequent communication errors can make it really hard to play.

Overall, I would give this game an 8/10, and I think my opinion of it will improve over time. I really like it a lot. I hope others can enjoy it too!


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