[Top 10] Summoners War Best Nat 3

Summoners War Best Nat 3
Beloved Nat 3's can fight with you too!

No Nat 5? No Lightning? No problem! Nat 3 monsters can help you out!


Beginners often discard 3-star monsters for the simple reason that they aren’t rare enough. Although rarer monsters can be more powerful, we often forget that 3-star monsters are easier to build and are very obtainable when you are starting the game. It can help you progress faster while waiting for premium monsters to be summoned. Unlike other games, 3-star monsters are very popular in Summoners War. Here are the top  3 star monsters in the game right now:


10. [WATER] Werewolf, Vigor

Vigor + Molly Combo brings a total of 65% Crit Resistance making it a direct counter to most cleave teams.

  • Dungeons: 3/5   
  • RTA: 5/5    
  • Arena: 4/5   
  • TOA: 4/5   
  • Guild Content: 5/5

Vigor before his 2nd Awakening is already a usable 3 star monster but when he got upgraded, he became one of the meta monsters especially in PvP contents. He is an Hp type monster that can deal massive damage according to his Max HP. For this reason, he is often built with a lot of Hp and Speed. His role is not limited to being a damage dealer, he is also a Super tank that can give Anti-crit buff, speed buff and he can also heal his allies making him a very efficient monster for PvP.

  • He has high base speed which allows players to rune him a lot easier that Nat 5 monsters
  • He is a staple in Guild War defense especially when paired with Molly or other bruisers.
  • He can decrease the enemies’ defense before he hits them with his 3rd skill instantly doubling the damage he provides.

Rune Recommendation:    

  • Violent / Will
  • Swift / Will
  • Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: Crit Damage(%) - Slot 6: HP(%) 

[WATER] Werewolf, Vigor details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LCiv61VuK0&t=189s


9. [DARK] Martial Cat, Miho

Ideally, violent is the best way to rune Miho but vampire will give her sustainability to solo her enemies.


Dungeons: 3/5   RTA: 4/5    Arena: 4/5   TOA: 3/5   Guild Content: 5/5

Miho is used purely for PvP contents. Her passive allows her to counterattack with a critical hit and a stun making her good in both offense and defense. Additionally, She cannot die if she is attacked with a critical hit. Although Miho is a 3 star monster she is Tier S in all PvP contents and ranks better than most Nat 5 monsters.


  • She can solo cleave teams that depend heavily on Critical hits.
  • She can be equipped with Vampire runes to ensure her sustainability.
  • She can be built with lesser Crit rate making her focus on her other stats such as Crit Damage and Attack.


Rune Recommendation:    

Violent / Will

Vampire / Will

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: Crit Damage(%) - Slot 6: Attack(%)




8. [WATER] Mystic Witch, Megan

Megan is the only 3-star Counterpart of Bastet available in the game.


Dungeons: 4/5   RTA: 5/5    Arena: 5/5   TOA: 3/5   Guild Content: 4/5 

Megan can boost the team’s attack bar and also boost the team’s attack power at the same time. Familiar? You definitely heard these skills before. That is because she is a literal 3-star alternative to the Natural 5 star monster, Bastet. But unlike Bastet, Megan does not just provide cleave set up for attack scaling monsters, she can also carry defense scaling teams since she can provide defense buff along with her attack bar boost. 


  • Megan can be easily skilled up because 3-star monsters are very obtainable using normal summon methods or using unknown scrolls
  • If you use her in Arena, You don’t need to 6-star this unit. With proper rune set up she works fine with low investment.
  • She is also usable in Dragons B10 due to her 2nd skill which can strip and block beneficial effects.


Rune Recommendation:    

Swift / Will or any offset 

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: DEF(%)




7. [LIGHT] Inugami, Belladeon

Bella is the only support unit among Inugami monsters.


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 3/5    Arena: 3/5   TOA: 4/5   Guild Content: 3/5  

Belladeon is an all-rounder that can help you clear dungeons for the first time, especially  Giants B10 and Dragons B10. It will act as your healer and debuffer at the same time. Her skills are suited to sustain the team and to weaken bosses so you can have a good fighting chance even when you don’t have good runes yet. As you progress in the game you can use her as a healer in Raids.


  • Bella is farmable every Sunday in Light Secret Dungeons
  • You can 2nd awaken her to upgrade her skills and basic stats
  • She can remove buffs from the enemy which is good in many boss fights


Rune Recommendation:    

Swift / Focus 

Violent / Focus or any offset

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: Accuracy%)




6. [FIRE] Griffon, Spectra

Spectra's base speed is one of the highest base speed in the game. He even has higher speed than most Natural 5-star monsters.


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 3/5    Arena: 3/5   TOA: 5/5   Guild Content: 3/5

Spectra is a farmable unit which can be obtained through Fire secret dungeon and normal summoning method. Spectra is your best damage dealer in different dungeons like Dragons, Rifts World Boss and especially in Tower of Ascension. With his skill 'Backslash', he can slow and deplete your opponents’ attack bar gauge. You can manipulate the turn order because of his 3rd skill. His 2nd skill ‘Special assault’ deals damage based on opponents max hp which is great for taking down bosses in the game. And once spectra obtains secondary awakening his stats will greatly increase and skills will be upgraded. 


  • He is a farmable monster. Collect Fire Griffon pieces every Tuesday for free.
  • He doesn’t need a high rune requirement. You can build him with your tankiest rune and he will still deal awesome damage to bosses.
  • If you 2nd awaken him, he can be used for late game contents like TOA Hell


Rune Recommendation:    

Swift / Focus 

Violent / Focus or any offset

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: Critical Rate(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP%)




5. [DARK] Inugami, Kro

You can rune Kro with any rune set you have available. He gives huge damage outpput especially with high Crit rate and Crit damage.


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 3/5    Arena: 3/5   TOA: 5/5   Guild Content: 3/5

 What is better than the light Inugami? It's his brother Kro! Kro is one of the best single target DPS monsters in the game, With his 3rd skill that deals damage according to the number of debuffs that the enemy has, Kro can just easily clear most of the PVE contents. He can also reduce the enemies’ defense and his second skill ‘Team Up’ allows him to bring his allies to attack with him. He is great at different early and  late game dungeons like Rift Raid, Dimension Hole and Toa (Hard/ Hell).


  • He is a free monster farmable every Monday through Dark Secret Dungeons. 
  • He is a Dark monster which gives him elemental advantage over all other elements.
  • After early game, he is still a good damage dealer in Raid 5


Rune Recommendation:    

Fatal / Blade

Rage  / Blade or any offset

Slot 2: Attack(%) - Slot 4: Critical Damage(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)

Slot 2: Attack (%) - Slot 4 Critical Damage(%) - Slot 6 Attack (%)



 4. [FIRE] Grim Reaper, Sath

Lushen + Sath + Double Mellia + Tatu is the current Meta Team for almost all Dungeons.


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 3/5    Arena: 3/5   TOA: 5/5   Guild Content: 4/5 

Sath is an irreplaceable unit with skills that you can’t find in any other monster. He was useless for a few years until he was given a major boost which completely changed the mechanics of the game. With his passive, he is able to double the damage output of all ‘Continuous Damage’ effects. He doesn't particularly shine in Arena but he is a must-have in almost all of your Dungeon runs. You can also build him without attack and focus on his HP and Accuracy stats.


  • Can clear high Level Dungeons (GB12,DB12, PC10, SF10)
  • Can easily clear TOA stages
  • Farmable skillups. Obtain Water Grim Reaper every wednesday from Secret Dungeons for free


Rune Recommendation:    

Will / Will / Nemesis or Revenge

Violent / Revenge

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: Accuracy(%)




3. [WATER] Inugami, Icaru


When building your Tricaru Team, make sure to hit the requirement Defense through your runes and Towers.


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 3/5    Arena: 3/5   TOA: 5/5   Guild Content: 3/5

What is better than the light and dark Inugami? It's the best boy, Icaru! Ever since he got his 2nd Awakening, Icaru has now become the top Inugami among his brothers. He is a staple monster when it comes to dungeon speed runs. His skill is called Team Up which allows him to bring a group of monsters to attack an enemy. In addition, he reduces the cooldown of the ally that attacked with him. A team is specifically formed around Icaru and that consists of Icaru, Icaru, Icaru and Verdehile. Yes, you need 3 of them to always have Team Up at every turn. This team is now famously called Tricaru..


  • Fast and consistent Dungeon runs. (Db12, Nb12, PC10, SF10)
  • He is a free monster that you can farm him on Scenarios.
  • He is easier to build than most farmers in the game.


Rune Recommendation:    

Guard / Guard / Guard

Slot 2: DEF(%)- Slot 4: DEF(%) - Slot 6: DEF(%)




2. [LIGHT] Cow Girl, Loren

During Loren's peak Meta she can solo everyone in RTA Battles which made her a First pick in every fight.


Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 4/5    Arena: 4/5   TOA: 5/5   Guild Content: 4/5

Loren is your best partner when taking down Tower of Ascension, Dungeons, Rifts and literally every content of the game. With her passive, she slows and reduces the attack bar of opponents making the enemies unable to take a turn. She can also manipulate the turn order of the opponents which makes her a good unit for beginners who don't have speed runes yet.


  • She is farmable every Sunday at Light Secret Dungeons.
  • Can be used in multiple areas like Giants, Dragons, Necro and TOA.
  • She doesn’t need high investment runes. With decent speed and accuracy she will get the work done for you.


Rune Recommendation:    

Violent / Will or any offset

Swift / Focus or any offset

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: Accuracy(%)  




1. [LIGHT] Fairy Queen, Fran

Fran used to be a limited edition unit. Thankfully Com2us released her through the newly introduced Ancient Shop.


 Dungeons: 5/5   RTA: 5/5    Arena: 5/5   TOA: 5/5   Guild Content: 5/5

Fran the light Fairy Queen, is undeniably the best healer of the game. She provides a wide variety of skills and can fit into any team composition. She has attack buff, immunity and cleanse which helps the team to provide damage, anti crowd control and sustain for every aspect of the game. 


  • She is obtainable in Ancient Magic Shop
  • You can use the regular fairy to level up her skills. Fairies can be farmed in secret dungeons and also in unknown scrolls for free.
  • Her Leader skill offers additional 10% attack speed on all allies


Rune Recommendation:    

Violent / Will or any offset

Swift / Energy or any offset

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: HP(%)

Slot 2: Speed - Slot 4: HP(%) - Slot 6: Attack(%)



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