Team Fortress 2 Best Heavy Minigun (All Heavy Miniguns Ranked Worst To Best)

Heavy Weapons Guy with his beloved Sasha!

What Minigun brings you closer to victory?

So you’ve decided to play Team Fortress 2 as the Heavy Weapons Guy. Whether it is because he’s the iconic face of the game, because he’s a newbie-friendly class easy to play, or even because you’ve seen the Pootis memes, Heavy is a powerful class that can work well under his ideal circumstances. 

You can unlock or craft many different weapons for Heavy just like with any other class in the game. Every minigun that Heavy can use has some unique traits and perks that make them shine in certain situations, but they all share the same purpose, to prep your minigun and point and click to kill your enemies.

If you get a new minigun, maybe you’ll think to use it immediately, but you may want to hold on changing your weapon so soon. Here we present you the worst and best miniguns in Heavy’s arsenal!


5. Worst Minigun: Huo-Long Heater 

You won’t be bringing out too much heat with this weapon! 

  • = Secondary fire deploys the barrel without firing.
  • = Fires 4 bullets per unit of ammo used.
  • + Create a ring of flames while spun up.
  • + 25% more damage against burning players.
  • - Deals 10% less damage.
  • - Consumes an additional 4 ammo per second while spun up.

This minigun has a ring of fire, so how come this awesome weapon is the worst? Despite its coolness, the fire surrounding this minigun is a bit useless because the downsides are too severe for a strength that won’t matter too much since at the short-range that you can light your enemies on fire, they should be dead anyway no matter the minigun. With how fast this weapon chews ammo even when you’re not firing, you will be running around searching for ammo more than you’re using this gun! 

Well, maybe you’re trying to use this weapon because those annoying spies have been bullying you too much and you want them dead since fire is one of the best ways to uncover and kill a spy. That won’t happen because the ring of fire is a minor nuisance that won’t stop spies from insta-killing you since they can just jump out of fire range and backstab you before the flames get them. Not just spies, but with how loud this weapon is and how the particle effects give away your position, every enemy will know where you are and how to avoid you, and even wonder why you’re using the Huo-Long Heater in the first place.


4. Brass Beast 

The heaviest of Heavy’s firepower at a great cost! 

  • = Secondary fire spins-up the barrel without firing.
  • = Fires 4 bullets per unit of ammo used.
  • + 20% damage bonus.
  • + 20% damage resistance when spun up and health is less than 50% of max.
  • - 50% slower spin up time.
  • - 60% slower move speed when deployed.

You may be thinking that Heavy is already the slowest class in the game so it won’t matter being a little slower to be more powerful, but then you use the Brass Beast and you’ll feel how wrong you were. Heavy’s weakness being even worse is not a good trade just to make him slightly better when he’s at his best because you’ll spend more time struggling to get into a good firing position than actually shooting. Being even slower will make you more vulnerable, especially against one-hit-kill classes like Spies and Snipers.

The movement speed nerf is just the tip of the iceberg of what makes this the second-worst minigun for the heavy, as the slower spin up time is what really will get you killed before you can start fighting back. Even if you manage to get the gun going in the fight, if you can’t kill your foes fast enough, your slower speed may let them gain distance and get a wall or a corner between you. But hey, at least as a consolation prize, the Brass Beast is one of the best weapons to use in the PvE mode Mann vs. Machine for its DPS and because you can mitigate Heavy’s weaknesses a bit.


3. Natascha 

The bug spray weapon to deal with those pesky Scouts! 

  • = Secondary fire spins-up the barrel without firing.
  • = Fires 4 bullets per unit of ammo used.
  • + On hit: slows down enemy players. The slowdown-on-hit effect is reduced over distance. 
  • + 20% damage resistance when spun up and health is less than 50% of max.
  • - Deals 25% less damage.
  • - 30% longer spin-up time.

The Natascha may be a weapon that feels like training wheels for inexperienced Heavy players that find it difficult to aim and track their enemies. At the range where this gun is at its most effective is when you’ll notice that the damage reduction makes it lag behind the firepower of other weapons. Fortunately, most players’ first instinct when facing a Heavy head-on is to try to get into a corner or behind a wall rather than fight, so this reflex will often betray them when the slowing effect is in full force and they will hopefully die before fighting back or retreating.

Despite its weakened power, the merits of the Natascha are considerable as a side-grade for the main minigun. But in the end, the real reason you’d want to use this weapon is to make life hard for Scouts (or Demoknights) that run rampant on the enemy team. Heavy is at its strongest when supported by his team, and by making the enemy almost as immobile as the Heavy, even if you can’t kill them with this gun, you’ll make it much easier for your teammates to finish them off.


2. Minigun 

Heavy’s trademark gun is his most reliable companion! 

  • = Secondary fire spins-up the barrel without firing.
  • = Fires 4 bullets per unit of ammo used.

The stock Minigun is considered by many to be Heavy’s best weapon simply because of its consistency. The stock minigun may come with no fancy flames, no slowdowns, and no human sentry qualities, but rain or shine, it will always perform as it should. For those who just want to have a trusty weapon that does the job well in any situation without gimmicks, this is a perfect choice.

The standard spin-up speed and damage are reliable traits that never change, leaving only your skills and team to lead the path towards victory. Maybe you won’t have any of the situational advantages that the other weapons may have, but the most important thing is that you won’t have any of their downsides either.


1. Best Minigun: Tomislav

This silent and speedy weapon reigns supreme among its peers! 

  • = Secondary fire deploys the barrel without firing.
  • = Fires 4 bullets per unit of ammo used.
  • + 20% faster spin up time.
  • + 20% more accurate.
  • + Silent Killer: No spin-up sound.
  • - 20% slower firing speed.

For Heavy mains, the debate of which weapon is better, the stock Minigun or the Tomislav, often comes up without a definitive answer, but the Tomislav has a slight edge because it’s as reliable as the Minigun with a few nice perks. The only downside is the 20% slower firing speed, which lowers its damage output. However, the 20% accuracy bonus means that you’ll be able to land 20% more bullets easier, making this gun better than its peers at longer distances or in situations where the other guns can’t land all their bullets.

Make no mistake, the Tomislav is still very powerful at close range, even if there are situations when you barely lose a battle where another minigun might have prevailed. The true shine of the Tomislav comes with its faster and silent deployment that lets you do things no other minigun can, like bunny hopping (repeatedly moving forward while jumping and readying your gun) or being able to ambush and hide on corners. Having more options allows you to better pick and choose the battles that you can win, and just for that, the Tomislav is Heavy’s best minigun.


All these miniguns play almost the same, so you can still succeed and devastate the enemy team no matter which weapon you choose. The biggest thing that differentiates a good minigun from a bad minigun is how easy it is to get into your ideal winning positions.

Do you agree with our list? Which minigun is your favorite? Tell us in the comments down below!

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