[Top 3] TFT Best Renekton Builds To Use

Best Renekton Builds in TFT
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Have you ever watched Jurassic Park and wondered how I could command one of these dinosaurs? Well, Renekton is that huge beast who doesn't cost a lot in TFT, but yet he has his own style of killing enemies.

Although Renekton is a one-cost champion, he can have a huge impact on your team as he shares both brawler and lasercorps traits.

Renekton doesn't have multiple skills, but his one skill is more than enough, as he both gains extra hit points and deals massive damage.

This is a full article about how to best place the crocodile Renekton in TFT to make sure you execute your opponents.

What? Do I have someone in my teeth?

Renekton has returned to TFT, not costing a lot, but he will cost your opponent a lot for sure.

Having that monster on your team would be both scary and lethal, as he is fighting not for the money or fame but for revenge.

If you ever wondered how his heart grew so dark and how his goal changed from defending his own tribe to revenging, here is a little background:

Renekton is the Gatekeeper of Shurima after saving Zuretta from isolation. He fought several wars to build the empire, showing his wrath and tenacity but also his honour and valor. Both brothers were risen and recreated by the sun disc's blazing light. Renekton fought Xerath as Shurima's once-great civilization crumbled above. The emperor's wicked magus, Xerath, was at the core of the slaughter. Renekton roared and thundered into the desert after scavengers uncovered the Tomb of the Emperors.

Best Renekton builds in TFT Set 8

Renekton’s stats:

  • Cost: 1 Gold 
  • Health: 650 / 1170 / 2106 
  • Mana: 50 
  • Armor: 40 
  • MR: 40 
  • DPS: 33 / 59 / 105 
  • Damage: 50 / 90 / 162 
  • Atk Spd: 0.65 
  • Crit Rate: 25% 
  • Range: 1

Renekton’s traits:


When a LaserCorp agent attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone has a 50% chance to deal magic damage to the agent's target (0.5 second cooldown). When a LaserCorps agent dies, their drone is reassigned to the nearest living agent. 

Drones lasers deal: 

  • 3 60 magic damage. 
  • 6 150 magic damage. 
  • 9 150 magic damage, and each agent gets a 2nd drone. 


Brawlers gain additional maximum Health. 

  • 2 +20% Max Health 
  • 4 +40% Max Health 
  • 6 70% Max Health 
  • 8 +111% Max Health

Renekton’s ability


Renekton empowers himself for 8 seconds, gaining maximum Health, and causing his attacks to deal 5% of his maximum Health as bonus magic damage. 

Health Gain: 200/250/300

Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:

Renekton’s best items

1-Warmog’s Armor

Grants 500 bonus Health.

2-Sunfire Cape

Grant 150 bonus Health

At start of combat, and every 2 seconds thereafter, applies a 10-second burn to a random enemy within 2 hexes, dealing 1% of target's maximum health true damage each second and applying Grievous for the duration.

3-Gargoyle Stoneplate

The holder gains 13 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance for each enemy targeting them.

Best comps for Renekton


This is one of the slowest rerolls you will need to make because it only costs 1 or 2 gold. This is because supers need more 3 star champions to become powerful, so you will need to try as hard as you can to get all of your champions to 3 stars since they are all cheap.

Best team to build this:

1-Ashe can do a lot of damage early on as a LaserCorp and as a recon because she gains more range and damage.

2-Ezreal is pretty strong this season because he uses two of his skills and can dash as a recon, which means he uses three skills.

3-Gangplank Once you get more than one champion to 3 stars, he will be strong because he has the Supers trait and the Duelist trait.

4-Yasuo is a great front-line CC and damage dealer because he knocks down enemies and shares the traits of both LaserCorps and Duelist.

5-Lee Sin is added to the number of Brawlers and Supers.

6-Since Renekton has both the LaserCorps and Brawler traits, he makes a pretty strong front line.

7-Malphite is a good tank and the third member of the Supers.


To get ahead of your opponents, you need a strong economy at level 8 while trying to get three stars on Ashe and Ezreal while you level up.

This team is pretty strong, since LaserCorps has a lot of damage and four recons who can run away from any nearby enemies.

Best team to build this:

1-Ashe is a strong member of both LaserCorps and Recon. She does damage from behind the lines.

2-Mordekaiser is one of the strongest champions this season because he has the LaserCorps trait and uses the Ace trait, which makes him very strong.

3-Sejuani is one of the best frontlines because she can take a lot of damage and stun a large area. This makes her a CC-queen with the traits Brawler and LaserCorps.

4-Once Kai'sa breaks her passive and adds the Recon trait, she does a lot of damage.

5-As a Recon member, Vayne can do a lot of damage to tanks and avoid enemies.

6-Renekton possesses characteristics from both LaserCorps and Brawler.

7-Yasuo uses the LaserCorps trait to kill all enemies in a line.

8-Ezreal, as a recon, can deal a lot of damage from behind the main group.


This comp is based on the Lasercorp trait, which gives Zed and Mordekaiser the ability to kill enemies in an instant.

At level 8, you'll need a very strong economy to be able to get Mordekaiser and Zed to level 2 and the rest of your team to level 3.

If you need to, you can put Zed or LeBlanc in place of Hecarim.

This comp's best team:

1-Mordekaiser is thought to be one of the strongest champions this season because he can use the very powerful LaserCorps and Ace traits.

2-Sejuani is one of the best frontlines because she has the Brawler and LaserCorps traits and is able to take a lot of damage and stun a large area.

3-Renekton has both LaserCorps and Brawler qualities.

4-Yasuo uses the ability of the LaserCorps to kill an entire row of enemies at once.

5-Zoe would use the Hacker trait to call a Hecarim, which would turn LeBlanc or Zed into killers.

6-LeBlanc is a very powerful member of the Spellslingers who can do a lot of damage.

7-As an assassin in the Lasercorps, Zed does most of the damage to the enemy's back line.

8-Senna would make it a set of 6 Lasercorps while dealing damage from behind the lines.

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