[Top 3] TFT Best Sett Builds To Use

Best Sett Builds in TFT
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Sett has evolved since the previous season, when he cost 1 gold, and now costs 4 gold with improved skills and traits.

Sett is known for his strength and punches, and you will learn how to use him within your combo to go places.

This is an in-depth article on how to best position Sett in TFT to punch your opponents in the face and win first place.

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Sett isn't a normal person; well, he might look like one of them, but he knows how to take down his opponents, and in TFT, he surely knows how to use fast punches and how to protect his face, or, may I say, how to shield himself.

He has become much more powerful since settling in TFT Set 8, shielding himself and breaking it on enemies, dealing so much damage.

If you are wondering how Sett became the boss and how he uses his hands, here is a brief description of him:

Sett's father fought in the Noxian pits, where his father was a well-known fighter. Sett's father bought out his contract and left his family to tour more profitable pits abroad. "The Beast-Boy Bastard" was a pit-fighting phenomenon from his first blow. Sett's inherent power and savagery overcame his lack of martial arts instruction. He became the "King of the Pit" with a large prize fund and a long list of defeated opponents.

Best Sett builds in TFT Set 8

Sett’s stats:

  • Cost: 4 Gold 
  • Health: 900 / 1620 / 2916 
  • Mana: 150 
  • Starting Mana: 75 
  • Armor: 60 
  • MR: 60 
  • DPS: 59 / 105 / 190 
  • Damage: 90 / 162 / 292 
  • Atk Spd: 0.65 
  • Crit Rate: 25% 
  • Range: 1    

Sett’s traits:

1-Mecha: PRIME

Use the Mecha selector item to choose a PRIME. Combat start: the PRIME combines with the 2 nearest Mecha, absorbing 100% of their Health. 

  • 3 The PRIME gains 60 Ability Power and 60% Attack Damage 
  • 5 All Mechas gain 45 Ability Power and 45% Attack Damage; The PRIME gains double this amount. 


Innate: Taunt nearby enemies after the start of combat. 

Your team gains bonus Armor, and Defenders gain more. 

  • 2 +30 Armor, +60 for Defenders 
  • 4 +80 Armor, +150 for Defenders 
  • 6 +200 Armor, +250 for Defenders

Sett’s ability


Sett begins charging up, becoming immune to crowd control and gaining a health shield for 2.5 seconds. After the shield breaks or at the end of its duration, he unleashes a blast in a cone at the most enemies in range, dealing physical damage to all enemies inside. The damage increases depending on how long he charged. 

Shield: 325/425/1500 

Min Damage: 140/150/300% 

Max Damage: 240/250/400%

Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:

Sett’s best items

1-Warmog’s Armor

Grants 500 bonus Health.

2-Sunfire Cape

Grant 150 bonus Health

At start of combat, and every 2 seconds thereafter, applies a 10-second burn to a random enemy within 2 hexes, dealing 1% of target's maximum health true damage each second and applying Grievous for the duration.

3-Gargoyle Stoneplate

The holder gains 13 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance for each enemy targeting them.

Best comps for Sett


The optimal strategy for this competition is to gradually reroll up to level 8, with Jax, Wukong, and Draven all at level 3, as this will secure victory.

Because of his Prime Selected status and the activation of his Brawler and Mecha-Prime abilities, Jax is the centre of this duel.

This build's best team is:

1-Your major damage dealer will be Jax, who will gain large amounts of extra health and have his Brawler trait activated after swallowing Wukong and Draven.

2-Wukong will provide Jax with full health and the Defender ability.

3-Draven will entirely deplete his life force in order to save Jax.

4-Riven is one of the most formidable bruisers in the game due to her Brawler trait and her use of her skills as a shield. Her Defender quality will be carried down as well.

5- Despite taking tremendous damage on the front lines, Ekko will still share the Aegis trait with his comrades.

6-Having Sett up front, who possesses both the Mecha: Prime and Defender traits, is a major advantage.

7- Because Poppy is the fourth Defender, she will activate the Defender trait's second tier.

8-Leona is a formidable tank and damage dealer thanks to Aegis and Mecha: Prime.


If you want to win this game, the best way to do it is to keep rerolling until you reach level 8, with Jax, Wukong, and Draven all at level 3.

Because he is the Prime Selected and because his Brawler and Mecha-Prime powers are working, this battle is mostly about Jax.

The ideal building crew:

1-Jax will do most of your damage after he eats Wukong and Draven, gets a lot of health, and gets the Brawler trait.

2-Wukong will give Jax the Defender skill and all of his health.

3-Draven will use everything he has to save Jax.

4-Because of her Brawler trait and the way she uses her skills as a shield, Riven is one of the most powerful bruisers in the game. Her protective instincts are also being passed down.

5-When Ekko is on the front lines, he will take a lot of damage, but his allies will still benefit from his Aegis trait.

6-Having Sett in the front line with Mecha Prime and Defender is a big help.

7-Since Poppy is the fourth Defender, she will start the second level of activation for the Defender.

8-Leona's Aegis and Mecha: Prime skills make her a strong tank who can also deal damage.


For this competition, the best plan is to slowly reroll up to level 8, with Jax, Wukong, and Draven all at level 3. This is the only way to win.

This duel is all about Jax because he is the Prime Selected and because his Brawler and Mecha-Prime abilities are being used.

Best team to build this:

1-Jax will be your main damage dealer. After he eats Wukong and Draven, he will have a lot more health, and his Brawler trait will be turned on.

2-Wukong will give Jax all of his health and the ability to defend.

3-Draven will use up all of his life force in order to save Jax.

4-Riven is one of the most powerful bruisers in the game because of her Brawler trait and the way she uses her abilities as a shield. This trait of hers as a Defender will also be passed on.

5-Sejuani is a strong front-line tank who can not only take a lot of damage but also stun a large group of enemies, which helps your team a lot.

6-Having Sett up front, who possesses both the Mecha Prime and the Defender traits, is extremely beneficial.

7–Because she is a Brawler, Vi is a strong member of the front line.

8-Leona is a powerful tank and damage dealer thanks to Aegis and Mecha: Prime.

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