[Top 3] TFT Best Vi Builds That Are Excellent

Best Vi Builds in TFT
I've got five reasons for you to shut up.

Once a criminal from the rough streets of Zaun, Vi is a fiery, impulsive, and scary woman who has very little respect for people in power.

Vi almost grew up alone, so she learned how to survive and also got a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor. She now works with the Wardens to keep the peace in Piltover. She uses powerful Hextech gauntlets that can easily break through walls and suspects.

This is a comprehensive guide to ensuring that Vi is optimally placed in TFT so that you can punch your opponents.

Sometimes you gotta make a door.

Vi hopes she didn't recall her Zaun upbringing. She learned to survive with her wits and fists in the sump-snipe gangs. Vi could speak or fight her way out of trouble. She usually picked the latter.

No one from her childhood could tell her about her parents. Most imagined they had perished in an undercity industrial accident, which was unfortunately prevalent. She ended up in the collapsing Hope House orphanage, but a crazed basement scraper claimed to have discovered her in a two-person bassinet amid the remains of a chem-lab. Vi decided to keep certain things secret.

With her wild pink hair, she was a familiar face on Zaun's streets, fleeing irate merchants in the border markets, strutting through the Black Lanes' colourful bazaars, or hitching rides up into Piltover on the hexadrille conveyors. Vi was involved in every scam and deception, but she never took money from people who couldn't pay.and never cause unjust harm.

Vi created a group as her childish mischief grew increasingly bold. Brash and quick to react, she still used her fists too frequently and often had black eyes and split lips.

The proprietor of a pub on the Lanes helped her curb her self-destructive inclinations. He attempted to instil morality, teach her disciplined fighting, and help her control her rage. Vi became known for her no-nonsense approach.

She learned about huge transactions and payment methods by listening to the Zaunite miners in the bar. To a chem-baron, this was pennies, but to her and her companions, it was a fortune.Vi grudgingly recruited her rival gang, the Factorywood Fiends, in on the robbery because she needed more corpses.

Everything was good until the Fiends commander murdered the mine owner with gigantic pulverizer gauntlets and locked the employees in the underground. Vi couldn't let these innocent people perish as both groups escaped with the riches. She grabbed the gauntlets, enduring the pain to liberate the miners.

The next day, Vi visited the Factorywood Fiends. She defeated the whole gang while wearing the powerful gauntlets. The Lanes still talk about it.

During Piltover-Zaun hostilities, Vi left Zaun. The gangs speculated that she had died in a massive explosion in the undercity or left her pals for other regions. The renowned sheriff of Piltover and her new friend Vi defeated Old Hungry's Scars, a deadly gang that had grown topside.

The former gang boss had replaced the chem-powered pulverizer gauntlets with a pair of fresh Hextech Atlas prototypes and joined the Wardens.

Many people think that a certain blue-haired hellion from Zaun may be behind the crime wave in Piltover.

Best Vi builds in TFT Set 8

Vi’s stats:

  • Cost: 2 Gold
  • Health: 700 / 1260 / 2268
  • Mana: 80
  • Armor: 45
  • MR: 45
  • DPS: 30 / 54 / 97
  • Damage: 50 / 90 / 162
  • Atk Spd: 0.6
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1

Vi’s traits:

1-The Underground

The Underground must sneak through the sewers and crack 10 locks to open a vault. When the vault opens, you may choose to take the loot now, or attempt another heist for even better rewards.

  • 3 Crack 1 vault lock after a player combat win, and 3 after a player combat loss.
  • 5 Crack 2 vault lock after a player combat win, and 5 after a player combat loss.


Your team gains bonus Magic Resist, and Aegis units gain more.

  • 2 +20 Magic Resist, +40 for Aegis
  • 3 +35 Magic Resist, +50 for Aegis
  • 4 +50 Magic Resist, +100 for Aegis
  • 5 +75 Magic Resist, +150 for Aegis


Brawlers gain additional maximum Health.

  • 2 +20% Max Health
  • 4 +40% Max Health
  • 6 70% Max Health
  • 8 +111% Max Health

Vi’s ability

 Blast Shield

Vi slams the ground in front of her and releases her stored energy, granting herself a health shield for 4 seconds, reducing the Armor of nearby enemies for 4 seconds and dealing 200% attack damage.

Shield: 275/350/450

Armor Reduction: 40/50/69%

Vi’s best items

1-Warmog’s Armor

Grants 500 bonus Health.

2-Dragon’s Claw

Grant 20 bonus Magic Resist. Every 2 seconds, regenerate 5% maximum Health.

3-Gargoyle Stoneplate

The holder gains 13 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance for each enemy targeting them.

Best comps for Vi


This is a fast reroll to level 8, with a strong economy as most of the champions are high-cost.

The point of this comp is to help Aurelion Sol hit multiple meteors that will kill enemies.

It’s all about the Threat trait, which needs time to destroy your opponent.

Best team for this build:

1-Ekko has a significant impact on your team because he possesses Aegis and Star Guardian.

2-The inclusion of Alistar in your squad is further enhanced by the fact that he has both Ox-Force and Aegis qualities.

3-Janna is a fantastic supporter and is counted as a forecaster, which helps out the full circle surrounding her. She helps the team by knocking up enemies, stunning them for a short time.

4-Galio activates two attributes, which are Mascot and civil, which improve the team’s mana and health, making him a valuable part of the squad.

5-Aurelion Sol might be the major source of damage, since he delivers amounts of magic damage with his meteors that burn foes.

6-Bel'Veth is a very powerful and quick source of damage because she is constantly sprinting around her victim, inflicting physical damage and increasing her attack speed.

7-When it comes to smashing through enemy armour, Vi is one of the best brawlers available.

8-Sejuani is a powerful frontline tank who is not only able to absorb heaps of damage but also stuns a wide circle of foes, which tremendously assists your team.


Because supers need more 3-star champions to become strong, this comp is one of the slowest rerolls you will need to make because it just costs 1 or 2 gold.

Despite this, you should do everything in your power to get all of your champions to 3 stars since they are all so cheap.

Best team for this build:

1-Since Kayle's range and damage would increase as a Duelist, she would be able to deliver a lot of damage right from the bat.

2-In this season, Ezreal is very powerful due to his usage of two talents and the fact that, as a recon, he can sprint, giving him a total of three abilities to use.

3-As with other champions that share his traits, Gangplank's strength increases as numerous allies reach 3 stars.

4-With Alistar's Ox-Force and Aegis abilities, he becomes an even more valuable addition to your team.

5-Lee Sin adds an extra Brawler and Supers to your team.

6-Due to her Brawler characteristics, Vi makes for a formidable front line.

7-As the third member of the Supers, Malphite is a reliable tank.


The best strategy for this competition is to reroll slowly up to level 8, with Jax, Wukong, and Draven all at level 3, since doing so will ensure victory.

Jax is the focus of this duel because of his status as the Prime Selected and the activation of his Brawler and Mecha-Prime abilities.

Best team for this build:

1-Your primary damage dealer will be Jax, who, after consuming Wukong and Draven, will get massive amounts of additional health and have his Brawler trait activated.

2-Wukong will give Jax his entire health pool and the Defender ability.

3-Draven will completely drain his life force to save Jax.

4-Due to her Brawler trait and her use of her abilities as a shield, Riven is one of the most powerful bruisers in the game. This Defender quality of hers will be passed on as well.

5- Sejuani is a powerful frontline tank who is not only able to absorb heaps of damage but also stuns a wide circle of foes, which tremendously assists your team.

6-Having Sett, who has both the Mecha: Prime and Defender qualities, up front is a significant boon.

7-Due to her Brawler characteristics, Vi makes for a formidable front line.

8-Aegis and Mecha: Prime make Leona a formidable tank and damage dealer.

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