[Top 10] The Last of Us 2 Best Weapons and How to Get Them

The Last of Us 2 Best Weapons
Sometimes talking just isn't enough...

The Last of Us Part 2 is a thinking man’s video game. Successful play requires good preparation and planning since relying on headshots and luck won’t always be fruitful. Luckily, as it so happens, having a better understanding of the combat mechanics and enemy behavior will only deepen one’s appreciation of this masterpiece.

There are many tools of war to choose from in this game, grouped in four basic categories: melee, throwable/craftable, handguns, and longguns. Utilizing the strengths of the different weapon types is key for fully enjoying those heart-stomping encounters, not to mention for turning the tides in your favor. What follows is our pick for the 10 best and most effective armaments Ellie and Abby can use.

10. Trap Mine

Finders, keepers

Panicking while being chased by dogs who can sniff out your location? Watching helplessly as the swarm of infected creeps is rapidly closing in on you? Do not despair – prepare a “welcome” for them! 

As the better tactician of the duo of playable characters, Ellie can learn how to quickly produce this plantable explosive. Once set, it is wise to steer well away from it and watch tose poor souls experience the “boom” first hand. Especially useful in scenarios when more than one opposing faction is present (say, infected vs. WLF soldiers).

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