Top 11 Games Like Mount and Blade (Games Better Than Mount & Blade In Their Own Way)

Games Like Mount and Blade
Who needs body armor when you've got a helmet like this

The Best Medieval RPG Games Like Mount & Blade

Announced in 2012 and highly anticipated by its fidgeting fan-base, Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord is a medieval action-RPG and set to take place 200+ years before the events of the previous titles Mount & Blade and Mount & Blade: Warband. Over the years the game has been revered for its seemingly endless replayability, a trait that has been expanded on by feverishly dedicated modders who have turned the game into a playground for thousands of original and inspired settings alike.

Unfortunately, we are still twiddling our thumbs and waiting for this game’s release and while there may not be anything quite like Mount & Blade out there, I do have a few worthwhile alternatives. Here is a list of the top eleven games that will hold you over and keep you off the message boards and hopefully away from flaming the developers.

11. Middle-earth: Shadow of War

They took everything from you, now it's time to return the favor.

Raise your army, recruit your Captains, and lead the charge to conquer the territories of Mordor. In this game, you will take up the sword as Talion, a Ranger capable of bending the will of the Orcs of Mordor and orchestrating a full-on civil war within the blackened lands.

This constantly evolving ecosystem would love nothing more than to see you dead. Every moment, every few steps you take, every new camp you approach, there is bound to be an Orc stalking you. Whether you lopped off his favorite arm, murdered his blood-brother, or maybe he just has a fetish for flaying, these orcs know when you have been bad or good. More impressively, each Orc has ambitions and fears to be studied and manipulated in this deliciously treacherous game of chess. Whether you prefer to ambush your enemy, unleashing the monstrous wildlife of Mordor upon them, or challenge them to death to make quick work of them with your wraith-imbued powers, Shadow of War guarantees that you will remember the twisted faces and callous voices of your rivals and your most trusted allies.

What stands out:

  • Nemesis system EVOLVED!
  • Turn Mordor against Sauron

Assault heavily guarded fortresses

Varied and unique orcs for you to combat and/or conquer

10. Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Sometimes killing is the only way to advance your goals.

Climb into the Animus and scour the memories of the ancient dead in search of an Egyptian artifact lost to time. As Bayek, one of the originators of The Order, you are launched on a quest of subterfuge and revenge as you infiltrate, interrogate, and assassinate all in the name of the common good.

Origins dazzles with dozens of hours of beautifully rendered architecture and a variety of treacherous mountain scapes, low rolling expanses of open sand, and towering monuments to ancient gods. Free-form gameplay and open-ended quests allow you to naturally explore without the distraction of pesky collectibles and frivolous quick-events.

The gameplay in Origins ramps up the pacing from the previous titles overall. Powerful abilities and equipment, such as performing aerial bullet-time and impossible headshots or taming wild animals to tear apart your enemies, keep the action varied and exciting. You should be prepared for a few glitches and wonky animations; though, nothing to the degree of AC: Unity.

Origins provides an arsenal of weaponry and armor which may be upgraded. From brutal two-handed mace weapons, multi-arrow firing bows, to the tried and true hidden blade, Bayek embodies the daunting fear that the presence of an assassin should bring.

What stands out:

  • Embrace Action-RPG – new ways to fight with dozens of weapons
  • Discover the mysteries of a vast country

Shoot first, ask questions later

Conquer land and sea

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