[Top 15] Upcoming Indie Games Releasing in 2021

upcoming indie games 2021

Indie games have long bought unique ideas and reimaginings to the gaming world. Taking a look at the indie scene, it appears that such a fact isn’t changing anytime soon. Today we’ve curated 15 of the most interesting indie titles from across several genres that are coming in the new year.

Given the nature of indie game development, we aren’t able to determine an exact month and day that some of the games on this list will be released, but we do know the general time they’ll appear. We’ll start with the games with a concrete date and then move on to the ones that have yet to get a specific release day.

Our Top 15 Indie Games coming in 2021

  • Skellboy - Jan 13
  • Aron’s Adventure - Feb 2
  • Little Nightmares 2 - Feb 11
  • Wing of Darkness - Feb 25
  • The Lost and The Wicked - March 5
  • No Place for Bravery - Q1 2021
  • Wake Inn - Q1 2021
  • Rustler - Q1 2021
  • Book of Travels - Q2 2021
  • TOEM - Q2 2021
  • Little Witch in The Woods - Q3 2021
  • You Suck at Parking - TBA 2021
  • Airhead - TBA 2021
  • The Good Life - Summer 2021
  • Dordogne - TBA 2021

1. Skellboy - Jan 13

Skellboy Gameplay

Skellboy has a cute yet intriguing visual style, taking “2D” characters and putting them in a 3D space. This combo makes the world’s elements and inhabitants have an almost cardboard cutout look. The gameplay is just as charming as the look, Skippy is a hero back from the dead to save the world, after defeating enemies, he can take their body parts use them to fight in his action-packed quest.

2. Aron’s Adventure - Feb 2

Aron’s Adventure Gameplay

This action RPG sports a low poly look that bridges both an angular and smooth style. As well as beautiful effects that complement the look. While navigating the well-crafted world, you must wield a great range of weapons as well as magical abilities to defeat enemies and bosses.

3. Little Nightmares 2 - Feb 11

Little Nightmares 2 Gameplay

The sequel to the hit predecessor, Little Nightmares 2 takes you back into the horror. Relying on your wits and platforming skills to solve puzzles and escape from enemies in the game’s twisted world.

4. Wing of Darkness - Feb 25

Wing of Darkness Gameplay

Hey man, do you like mechs and anime? That’s cool, you nerd. Check out this fast-paced aerial shooter. It has a hint of Hideo Kojima’s Zone of the Enders series, yet it still has its own style in how the game plays. It’s action-packed and very dynamic….and has cute anime girls.

5. The Lost and The Wicked - March 5 

The Lost and The Wicked Gameplay

This pixelated top-down shooter proves you don’t need much to be creepy. This frantic shooter is gory and high-speed. You fight through randomly generated areas to get to each boss and on a quest to recollect who you are. 

6. No Place for Bravery - Q1 2021

No Place for Bravery Gameplay

Coming out sometime in quarter 1 (first 3 months) of 2021, this gorgeous, pixelated top-down action RPG has a unique visual style that shows the great effort put into it. You take the role of a father slashing your way to find your missing daughter. Combat emphasizes timing and strategy giving it some tactical depth.

7. Wake Inn Q1 2021

Wake Inn Gameplay

Who doesn’t love VR Horror? In this game, you ride through an abandoned hotel in a wheelchair that has realistic controls; to get around you’ll need to use your controllers to push the wheels in-game like you would a real wheelchair. This game combines puzzles, action, and storytelling, while also creeping you out via scary living dolls. 10/10 I’m too scared to play.

8. Rustler (Grand Theft Horse) - Q1 2021

Rustler Gameplay

Let’s get into some medieval madness in Rustler (previously known as Grand Theft Horse). This takes the gameplay style and mechanics of the old school Grand Theft Auto games and brings it back to the not so historically accurate middle ages. Hop into the story or cause chaos in this wacky sandbox with humor that would come from a Monty Python film. 

9. Book of Travels - Q2 2021

Book of Travels Gameplay

This lovingly handcrafted MMORPG is a work of art to keep an eye out for in the 2nd quarter (April-June 2021). Its stunning visual style complements a mystic, almost laid back atmosphere. Exploration is the very soul of the game, you’ll find many interesting characters and landscapes as you traverse this diorama-like world.

10. TOEM - Q2 2021

Toem Gameplay

TOEM is an adorable and wholesome game about adventuring and taking photos. Help adorable characters with their problems and take their picture. The monochrome color palette gives blends both 2D and 3D, giving it an atmospheric, papercraft-esque look.

11. Little Witch in The Woods - Q3 2021

Little Witch in The Woods Gameplay

While the trailer above shows the game in Korean, worry not! There is also going to be an English version as well. This laid-back life simulator game has you take the role of a cute witch, where you go about brewing potions and other witch stuff and meeting a roster of fun characters. 

12.The Good Life - Summer 2021

The Good Life Gameplay

Want something weird? Coming next summer, you’ll take the role of Naomi, a photojournalist from New York who travels to the small town of Rainy Woods to write to get rid of her debt. You’ll have to unravel the mystery behind this bizarre English town and why people turn into cats at night. Told you it was weird.

13. You Suck at Parking - TBA 2021

You Suck at Parking Gameplay

Finally! A game made for me! This crazy car parking game is where you have to race into a parking lot, avoiding lots of obstacles on the way. It also includes a level editor to make your own courses. To quote the description: “You Suck at Parking is the world’s most EXTREME parking game, and the only racing game where the goal is to stop (probably).”

14. Airhead - TBA 2021

Airhead Gameplay

No, not the candy. This Metroidvania puzzler has you control a body that tries to help out a “head” creature that needs to be filled with air. Problem is, the head is leaking and you’ll need to keep it filled while solving while navigating a dangerous world.

15. Dordogne - TBA 2021

In this very atmospheric game, you’ll take the role of Mimi, whose deceased grandmother left letters and puzzles for her to solve. This incredibly atmospheric game has a beautiful watercolor environment that is inspired by the French countryside.

Liked our list? What games are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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