Platformer Games Get a Horror Makeover in Pinstripe - and You'll Love This Journey Through Hell

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This simplistic platformer has some creepy demonic elements, made even creepier by the game's breath-taking score.

Get ready to run and jump through Hell in this new platformer

Welcome to Pinstripe, a little platformer that takes you through Hell. The player controls Teddy, an ex-minister who has entered Hell to look for his three year old daughter Bo. Players must confront dark secrets in Teddy's past as he looks for his daughter and confronts his demonic nemesis, known only as Mr. Pinstripe.

Pinstripe is set up just like any other platformer, but it's extraordinary in its details.

One man's project comes to fruition

The art style is incredibly beautiful, and seems to be influenced by The Night Before Christmas, Coraline, and Alice in Wonderland.

Pinstripe is the result of five years of work by one man; Thomas Brush. He is also credited for developing the award-winning games Coma and Skinny, and Pinstripe is just another jewel among his achievements. The game was released on April 25, 2017, and the project was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that had nearly 4000 backers. The game includes 6 hauntingly beautiful levels, a unique score written by Brush himself, and a cast of professional voice actors and celebrity cameos, including characters voiced by iconic gaming YouTubers Jacksepticeye (Sean McLoughlin) and Pewdiepie (Felix Kjellborn).

A beautiful indie game that has a new take on Hell

Some of the environments are both incredibly creepy and mind-blowingly beautiful, and it's sometimes hard to believe that Thomas Brush created all of this himself.

Pinstripe puts a fresh spin on the realm of Hell. Lots of games have been working within the region lately, but Pinstripe is entirely unique with its eerie, frozen atmosphere. I'm sure that the industry is waiting with bated breath to see what Thomas Brush of Atmos Games is going to turn out next. The game can be played on Mac or PC, and you can get news about the game and interact with the developers on their website or Twitter, or email them at [email protected]

Official Trailer

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