25 Best Fantasy Games to Play Right Now in 2017: Page 10 of 25

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And that's just the first boss.

16. Hollow Knight (2017)

Let's Play Hollow Knight - PC Gameplay

Hollow Knight somehow manages to be beautiful and dark and adorable all at once. The game is full of unique and different characters and enemies, extremely varied locations and dozens of objects to collect, from charms that buff the little hero to caterpillars. Yes, caterpillars, and they are adorable. The game follows the classic Metroidvania style with certain areas of the (very large) map being inaccessible until specific items or abilities are acquired. There’s bosses and mini-bosses, two different fast travel systems, and just an overall solid atmosphere. I never thought I could find bugs adorable.

The hubtown of Dirtmouth.

Please don't hurt me I'm only little!

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