Defiance Gameplay: 10 Interesting Facts About This Third Person Shooter

A terraformed Earth makes for an awesome terrain park, that dude should really get a helmet.

Forget multi-platform, Defiance has gone multi-media

In 2012 twelve developer Trion Worlds teamed up with the SyFy channel to launch their multimedia experiment, “Defiance”. The key here is that the game and the show are concurrently developed and progress side by side. For those of you who have been burned by games based on movies and shows here are 10 reason why you should check out Defiance.

Quickest way to end a barfight, yell “Arkfall”. I dare you to try it next Saturday when you’re out with the gang.

10. Defiance is free to play.

You get to shoot stuff, and not pay for ammo. What are you waiting for?

What more motivation do you need to check out Defiance? As the trailer said Now Safe For Wallets. I have been playing since before it was free to play, but haven’t spent a penny beyond the original game purchase. Oh, and I still rock San Fran hard core.

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Enough said.

9. Nearly unlimited play, because it’s linked to the Syfy TV show

I know I’m not the only one out there that watches something in the background while I rock the keyes and conquer the universe (in fact I am watching the classic “Masters of the Universe” from 1987 right now). With Defiance you can play the game while you check out the show at the same time. The game includes episodes that are tied to events that happen in the show. So, as you play you are interacting with the unfolding story on screen.

As long as the show continues to run (three seasons in the book, and a fourth on the way) the game will continue to get new content. Plus, the actions of players in the game can directly affect the events of the show.

Did I mention, free to play?

8. No shortage of content even if you don’t watch the show (which you should be watching).

Before you get all excited about there only being gameplay content connected with the show, the game has its own standalone story and events. The show takes place in a terraformed St. Louis, while the game takes place in the San Francisco area. San Francisco has no shortage of its own issues and problems that a brave arkhunter such as yourself is uniquely suited to solve.

Giant robot attacking! Good time for jumping jacks.

7. No farming necessary

Ya know what I hate about so many MMOs? In order to be competitive you have to constantly annihilate meaningless creatures in forests to get ahead. In defiance, that is surely and option, but because the game is quest and group event directed you will be able to constantly be headed toward new things. So, put your pitchfork away and go bash some alien skulls!

Those ugly guys are called Hellbugs, and no, insecticide won’t help you.

6. Test your Arkhunter skills in brutal Competitive multiplayer

Boy shadows sure make pretty explosions.

This isn’t your grandma’s online competitive multiplayer. Instead of fighting in an arena, you enter a mode where the map you quest on becomes a field of battle. You have to know your weapons and terrain well in order to survive a tricky sniper or long range demolitionist.

Who needs a gun, I got four wheels and mega horsepower.

5. Nearly Endless Weapons and Modifications

Defiance features several different weapon types that allow you to wreak havoc in the terraformed San Francisco. Unleash creepy infestations, mucky black goo, or go old school and drop a sucka with a shotty the choice belongs to you. Along the way are thousands of modifications to change the effectiveness and use of your favorite weapon.

Nothing more comfy than a sawed off shotty.

4. Be an alien, fighting other aliens

What is more rewarding than kicking aliens off our home planet? Being an alien wreaking havoc on other aliens! Defience has no shortage of alien races that you will interact with, and fight against. You can either be a human or a member of one of the races that comprises the Votanis Collective. Then you fight and every growing list of increasingly ugly and powerful aliens seeking to claim ownership of the terraformed Earth.

Get past the weird forehead and the seriously creepy eyes, and she’s kinda cute.

3. EGO Power!

Defiance’s pathway of character progression is paved by your character’s EGO, or Environmental Guardian Online. The EGO gives your character access to a unique ability to be applied in the heat of battle. Super speed, invisibility, overpowered weapons, and misguidance are skills that you will build and level across your San Francisco journey.

The EGO also tracks your available missions, and mission progress giving you immediate access to all the wonderful wasteland content that your heart can desire.

This power is called Blur, you move so fast your enemies think there are tons of you.

2. Co-op Potluck

One of the key features of defiance is the ability and opportunity to jump into absurdly sized battles against horrific enemies alongside dozens of other players. Most of the events are randomly spawned across the world, and require no joining or waiting for group members to begin. Defiance also includes areas and instances for more formal co-op combat insanity.

A Samurai, cowboy, a confederate, and a storm trooper walk into an instance. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

1. Tour the world famous San Francisco…slightly terraformed.

San Francisco is heralded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and a must visit for the traveler, but with all the demands on your time with Warcraft, League of Legends, Game of Thrones, and eating who has the time? Defiance lets you live out your travel fantasies and explore the lovely country surrounding this magnificent city.

Along your tour you will encounter massive bugs that spit fire and lightning, body snatching alien cyborgs, merciless raider bands, and a race of super powered aliens called the Volge you have to see to believe. Make sure you pack your EGO and a trusty sidearm.

Warning: Due to giant aliens and terraforming, some bridges and roads may be inaccessible during your trip.

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