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Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay: 10 Things You’ll Love
An elf from Elder Scrolls Online

2. Combat is Fast, Furious, and Simple.

A group of four charging in. The yellow circle indicates the placing of an ability. 

Everyone loves simple systems. Why? Because they’re easy to master. It doesn’t take years like other games (I’m looking at you, chess… and every physical sport ever). Elder Scrolls Online’s simple system lets EVERY gamer be amazing at combat in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Curious to learn?

Let me give you the short of it. Press attack button to light attack. Hold to heavy attack. See yellow sparks above your opponents head? Hold the block button. See red sparks? Hold block, then press attack. See a red circle on the ground? Press the dodge button.

Congrats, you now know everything you need to know!

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kuldeepgautam's picture

kuldeepgautam 5 years 3 months ago

The game is awesome and the player base is also large, bethesda is doing a great job by rolling out more updates to the game

RumHouse's picture

RumHouse 6 years 2 months ago

While the leveling system is considerably less spectacular than Skyrim, Elder Scrolls is a tremendous step forward in the MMORPG industry. Stunning ability to simply step in and out of multi-player at will while progressing solo. Immersive multi-player system, incredibly engaging, if not technically impressive, character generation and personalization. A massive world with endless possibilities as it regards both PvE and PvP. A triumph! And all wrapped up in a free to play platform.

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