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This year is an exciting one for gamers who are fund of first and third person shooter games. From space to World War 2 the shooter games coming out this year will take players on a journey not just through war but through time as well.

Grab your guns, lasers, or whatever your weapon is because we are counting down the top 10 new shooter games of 2017 for PC, so if you are interested continue down to read the article.  

10. Destiny 2

Destiny was Bungie’s big new game after leaving Halo and was a huge success worldwide. Now getting ready to release the sequel, Destiny 2, Bungie has made the game available to PC gamers where the first one wasn’t. This first person shooter also incorporates role playing and MMO elements into the game. These elements give the game a more diverse audience and can attract more people to play it. Gameplay can be seen below.

The story of the game is complicated but the general idea is that an amphibian alien race attacks the Last City where you live. Their overwhelming numbers lead to chaos and the eventually conquering of your home planet. To survive the attack the guardians live their world and head to a new one where they can build up forces to fight back one day.

The game will release on October 24th 2017 for PC and promises to deliver smooth 4K images at 60 fps. It is a tough goal to meet but early game play shows that it is possible. 

Destiny 2 has special attacks that include rampaging with a flaming sword

9. Quake Champions

Shooter games go back to the beginning of gaming itself. When games were just getting to the point where people could play them at home, Quake was in almost every household. Quake Champions is the newest entry to the Quake franchise since 2005 and people were ecstatic to hear about its come back.

Quake has always been a fast paced arena based shooter game and Champions is no different. Well, it is different in the fact that it is a new game with new characters but the object is relatively the same; kill the other players as fast as you can before they kill you. 

The game went into closed beta in April but developers at id Software claim that the game will be released this year.

Quake is all about three things running, shooting, and jumping

8. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Vietnam is a popular setting for shooter games because they are based on real wars most of the time. That was the idea behind Antimatter Games and Tripwire Interactive’s newest game Rising Storm 2: Vietnam.

The game features many playable classes and have gameplay focused on squad and large scale team work with realistic mechanics and combat. Players will find themselves in actual historic battles and using era specific weapons. The game also features three different game modes including territories, supremacy, and skirmish with up to a 64 player limit online. That’s a big team match.

Rising storm 2 was released in May and has been receiving very positive reviews on Steam. 

Fighting for the American side in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

7. Call of Duty: World War 2

One of the biggest names in shooter games is without a doubt Call of Duty. Making its mark on shooter games with its massively popular online multiplayer and its zombie modes, Call of Duty has done it all when it comes to war games. 

Since the franchise has literally gone past the modern time, creators at Activision and Sledgehammer Games have decided to go back to their roots in World War 2. The story for the new game is set in Europe in 1944 to 1945 and will follow two soldiers in the 1st infantry division. The player will be fighting in battles in France, Belgium, and across the Rhine into Germany. The game will also be bringing back the famous Nazi zombie game mode that has become a steeple and a fan favorite.

November 3rd 2017 is the day to mark down on your calendar so you can be the first to pick up your copy of Call of Duty: World War 2.  

Soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy 

6.  Prey

Prey is by far the most different first person shooter game on this list. Prey has had a complicated history in getting this game off the ground. The long gap in-between titles were due to conflicts in development and the rights being transferred over.

The story behind Prey is that you play as Morgan Yu, a member aboard a space station called Talos 1 somewhere in the moons orbit. On the space station they are researching a hostile alien collective known as the Typhoon. Surprise, it escapes containment and starts killing people aboard the ship. You have to use the weapons you find to fight your way to an escape of the station.

Prey was released in early May and has received very good reviews from critics. Grab your glue gun because there’s some aliens out there and you might not be so sure what is or isn’t one.

The Typhoon aliens can disguise themselves as anything

5. LawBreakers

Boss Key Productions has been working on a very interesting concept for a new first person shooter game. They look to blend the fast paced action games with the team games like Overwatch. For more details visit the website

LawBreakers has a big range of roles with 9 different class options to choose from. The classes are Assassin, Battle Medic, Enforcer, Gunslinger, Harrier, Juggernaut, Titan, Vanguard, and Wraith. The game covers all aspect of gameplay that people can match up with and figure out their favorite style to play. The game also has a big mechanic in flying around to fight. The maps are specifically designed for aerial combat with propulsion jets placed around. 

LawBreakers is set to release August 8th and many people will be very interested to see what this game brings to the table.

LawBreakers incorporates an extreme aerial fighting mechanic

4. Sniper Elite 4

Just because it is a shooter game doesn’t mean it has to be a first person shooter. Sniper Elite 4 does a great job of flawlessly blending first and third person together. Having the game be mostly third person, but shooting in first person, makes the player feel more connected to the character. 

In Rebellion Developments Sniper Elite 4 you play as a sniper called Fairburne, who is sent into a dock yard to investigate what the Germans are doing in Italy in 1943. Running into complications one after another you must gather as much intelligence as you can and also take out a couple bad guys with your sniper. 

A popular mechanic with the Sniper Elite games is the X-ray shots. This happens when you snipe an enemy from far away, you see the bullet travel and hit the enemy possibly puncturing his stomach, leg, or scull. This makes those long planned out shots much more worth it in the end.

The game has been out since February so go pick up a copy and see what body parts you can shoot Nazi’s in.

X-rays happen sometimes when you kill an enemy 

3. Battalion 1944

Normally a first game from a new development company is worrying but, Bulkhead Interactive is a company made up of AAA developers and that is an encouraging thought. This company was able to reach their Crowdfunding goal in just three days and that gave them the power to make Battalion 1944.

Battalion 1944 is a first person multiplayer shooter that is set during World War 2 and runs on the Unreal Engine. The developers want to put a big emphasis on player developer trust so they can create the best game experience possible. They have hopes in capturing the old school FPS style and bring it to the new school. To find out more on this game visit their web site

The game has released during May and the developers are still keeping a close eye on the game to make sure everything runs smoothly and no cheating is present. 

There is no stopping in War

2. Insurgency: Sandstorm

Insurgency: Sandstorm is an upcoming tactical first person shooter game developed by New World Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. This title is unique in that it is the first game to have a female lead role in a shooter. You play as a freedom fighter in Iraq which is a very different theme from most shooter games.

The main character starts off enslaved to the insurgents along with her sister and other girls. It is not until a sandstorm blows through the wall and you escape now wandering the desert. Moving forward in time you joined up with the rebel faction and try to put a stop to the radical insurgents and free anyone held captive.

The developers at New World Interactive wanted the game not to be like a Hollywood action film but an independent one that has depth and meaning to everything. Set to release in 2018 this game could potentially change how companies tell their stories.

A different look on war that is just as real as the others

1. Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Everything is better with some Star Wars. Since the original Battlefront 2 came out in 2005 fans everywhere wanted more. It wasn’t until ten years later we got another game. Not being exactly what people had hoped for the developers at EA Dice has promised to deliver on the new game. 

Battlefront 2 will not just pick up where the last one left off but it will do so much more. The new game will incorporate all of the Star Wars films and characters in it, giving different styles and missions to different parts in the overall story. It will also, unlike the last one, include a campaign for single player with a female lead. Being able to play as characters from the original movies, the prequels and now the new films will give a wide range of characters for players to choose from. This game play shows all the playable options.

If EA Dice can deliver a game similar to the old Battlefront 2, than we are in store for an amazing adventure into a galaxy far far away. Speaking of, Battlefront 2 will be in stores November 17th 2017.

Kylo Ren with First Order Troopers

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