[Top 5] AFK Arena Best Healers That Are Great

Desira "The Sinister Siren"
The best healers in AFK Arena ranked for the late game and endgame!

The healers in AFK Arena have come a long way from just healing to now also debuffing enemies' stats! Can you guess who is at the top 1? 

Healers are as essential as any DPS hero in AFK Arena when fighting in PvE Campaign – and we’ve seen how much they can offer in building efficient team comps. Whether it is for burst formations, or sustaining your carry, healers can do just about anything to keep their allies alive (that is, until they die.)

A lot of support heroes in the game offer healing in their kit. But the ones we’re about to mention in this list have Regen as their primary role, and they’re at the top of their game in the endgame meta! Let’s look at their overviews why they are considered the best. 

5. Desira

Desira is a Graveborn support hero who is intelligence-based. She is well-beloved for her design and kit. She’s a healer who can deal a bit of AoE damage, a bit of crowd control, and can shield the most injured ally with her protective bubble. Desira survives even in the end game, where battles are much more rigorous. She can be utilized effectively as the main support in the Alna+Grezhul comp. 

Optimal Build for Desira

  • Artifact: Dura’s Call (Alternative: Oceanic Strings)
  • Signature Item Level: +30
  • Furniture: 9/9
  • Engravings Level: E60

What Makes Desira Great

  • Desira is such a good healer for the reason that she protects allies from dying when their health drops to 30%, letting them ignore damage, using her ultimate ability “Siren’s Call”. This ability also heals all allies, including herself, for up to 150% of her Attack Rating. Her skill, “Oceanic Mist”, covers the battlefield and heals allies standing within it.  
  • She can also do crowd control using “Hatred’s Mark”, a passive ability where she deals up to 170% AoE damage while also marking the enemy for 12 seconds. An enemy will become terrified for 3.5 seconds when successfully stacks three marks on an enemy. 
  • Desira’s signature item will now let “Oceanic Mist” stay on the battlefield even when she dies. This grants Dodge and Received Healing points to allies, debuffs enemies by reducing their Crit Rating, and lessens damage taken by allied heroes.  
  • Her 9/9 furniture bonus debuffs enemies who are standing within the “Oceanic Mist.”It marks them every 3 seconds and disables them from receiving a majority of buffs.

4. Nemora

Nemora is a Wilder intelligence-based support well-known for her burst healing towards all allies. Maybe you’ve experienced having her as an enemy, which is so annoying since her healing abilities make her and her allies quite hard to kill. She is one of the oldest heroes released in the game and still makes it in the endgame.  

Optimal Build for Nemora

  • Artifact: Dura’s Call (Alternative: Oceanic Strings)
  • Signature Item Level: +10
  • Furniture: 9/9
  • Engravings Level: - (Engravings for this hero is not worth investing in)

What Makes Nemora Great

  • Nemora is a good pick for a healer when your team can last long on the battlefield or, essentially, when you have to sacrifice her. This is because she is one of the heroes used in Lucretia Cheese comps – letting Nemora die grants more Attack Rating for Lucretia. Also, her “Beguile” ability is the first one she casts after entering the battle, charming the enemy to attack one of their own for 6 seconds, which is essential before she dies. There isn’t much to expect from her since her performance will be poor in the endgame when the team formation easily gets killed (because she is squishy and her ultimate ability can always be interrupted by enemies’ abilities). 
  • Nemora’s signature item allows for more healing from her normal attacks, and leveling it up to 10+ will increase healing if critical strikes occur. Only invest up to 30+ if you will be using her frequently.
  • Here’s where Nemora shines most. Having her 9/9 furniture lets her immediately cast “Beguile” to all nearby enemies and essentially heals herself using “Life Force”. This bonus is essential for the Lucretia Cheese comp as Nemora might die within the first few seconds of the battle. 

3. Merlin

Merlin is the only support hero from the Dimensional faction. His skillset revolves around healing and protecting his allies as he can foresee the future. In the endgame King’s Tower and Arena of Heroes, he dominates all support heroes due to his significant role as the main support in the Ainz comp. 

Optimal Build for Merlin

  • Artifact: Tidebearer (Alternative: Seraphic Tide)
  • Signature Item Level: +30
  • Furniture: 9/9
  • Engravings Level: E60

What Makes Merlin Great

  • Merlin offers a wide variety of abilities that offer a lot of healing. He can also bear damage taken by the ally to protect them using “Magical Amelioration” while healing himself and his ally. His ability, “Guardian Owl”, allows him to turn into a spirit owl and protect his most injured ally while also healing both of them. Furthermore, his ultimate ability debuffs enemies by decreasing their health up to 180% of Merlin’s Attack Rating every second.
  • Merlin’s signature item allows the damage taken by Merlin and his ally to be converted into health. Also, leveling it up to 30+ decreases the damage Merlin bears for his ally to half, which is pretty cool.
  • Here’s where it gets exciting. The 9/9 furniture bonus of Merlin lets him immediately use his ultimate ability “Destiny Foreseen” upon entering the battlefield, which essentially decreases damage taken by all allies that also heals them. 

2. Mortas

Like Merlin, Mortas is the only healer of his faction, the Hypogeans. He is significantly OP due to the versatility of his kit. Not only can he heal your allies, but he can also boost their Attack Ratings, grant Attack speed points, debuff enemies, and steal their health and energy. Mortas is doing exceptionally well in both PvP and PvE as a support in teams like Ainz Comp or Lucretia Cheese comp.

Optimal Build for Mortas

  • Artifact: Dura’s Call (Alternative: Dura’s Eye)
  • Signature Item Level: +20
  • Furniture: -/9 (Furniture for this hero is not worth investing in)
  • Engravings Level: E44

What Makes Mortas Great

  • Mortas increases the Attack Rating of the target ally up to 40% and grants them up to 40 Attack Speed Points. What is amazing is that his normal attacks can steal 8% of the enemy’s current health and 20% of their shield value using his passive skill, “Greed”. He can also steal the health regenerated by an enemy and also debuff their Haste using “Devilish Deal”.
  • His signature item at +20 allows his skill “Greed” to have a small AoE, which then applies the effects of this ability towards his allies. 

1. Silas

Ultimately, Silas is one of the most OP supports in the game. He is a Graveborn intelligence-based support whose abilities revolve around healing his allies, debuffing his enemies, and increasing their attack ratings by a massive percentage while letting them be immune to damage. He is an exceptional healer for Campaign and in the Arena as he is utilized in the most powerful of team comps like Alna+Grezhul.  

Optimal Build for Silas

  • Artifact: Dura’s Call (Alternative: Tidebearer)
  • Signature Item Level: +30
  • Furniture: 9/9
  • Engravings Level: E60

What Makes Silas Great

  • Silas’ abilities are just powerful enough to keep your team alive and fighting. Using his ultimate ability, “Injected Fury”, he increases the Attack Rating of the weakest ally by 50% and lets the ally be immune to damage for up to 10 seconds. The downside of this ability is that all mitigated damage by the ally will be absorbed once the ability has ended, but the ally will not die because of it. His other abilities still focus on healing allies, but “Double Dosage” will not only heal his allies. This skill will also decrease the health recovery rate of enemies when they stand within the gas cloud.
  • His 9/9 furniture ability will increase his allies’ Normal Attack damage by 50% and frequency by 30% for both melee and ranged heroes which are highly beneficial to heroes that synergize with him (Ferael, Grezhul)
  • Silas’ Signature Item “Adrenalin Shot” will also debuff enemies’ health recovery rate up to 60% and also grant a 20% Attack Rating increase to allies with more than 50% HP. 



No matter what team formation you may be forming towards the endgame, it is essential to consider the best healers that synergize with most damage carries of the game. Other supports who also do healing were not mentioned here since it is not their primary role, and they might not be viable for endgame comps. Nonetheless, every support hero has their own strengths and weaknesses to look out for. Head on to Esperia now and check out the best healers!

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