[Top 10] AFK Arena Best Artifacts (And How To Get Them)

Dura's Artifacts
Dura's Artifacts and Hero Class Artifacts ranked for Campaign!

Artifacts are a great addition to empowering your heroes and they are compelling in lots of different ways! Which one is your favorite?

Artifacts deal massive importance as they provide buffs to your heroes; from boosting the hero’s Attack Ratings to increasing their Haste, you can never go wrong with trying out all the best artifacts on this guide!

Keep in mind that you will need to analyze the artifact’s capabilities and whether or not they are efficient in the battles you are facing in Campaign. These will hugely depend on the type of enemies you are battling against, what debuffs they do, and what buffs you need to defeat them. Here is a Top 10 ranking list that will serve as a guide so that you won’t have to spend time switching from artifact to artifact on every hero. 

10. Shroud of Verdure

The Shroud of Verdure is the first ranger class artifact you can acquire through Trials of God. This artifact gives the hero a shield at the start of battles equivalent to 60% of their health. This shield lasts for 8 seconds, and while the shield is active, it grants a boost in their Attack Rating by 25%. You can get this artifact at the Trials of God - Fallen Souls.

Why Shroud of Verdure Is Great

  • This is perfect for ranger heroes who require more protection, like Lyca and JOKER. These heroes are often placed in the frontline depending on the team comp, and they need to survive longer, which will put this artifact to good use. 

Shroud of Verdure details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Shroud of Verdure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JUef0vhKHY

9. Verdant Longbow

The Verdant Longbow is the second ranger class artifact that allows the hero to deal 230% damage every 4 Normal Attacks while ignoring their Defense ratings. If enhanced to three stars, the effect will be triggered every 3 Normal attacks. The Verdant Longbow can be found in Trials of God – The Depths of Time 2.

Why Verdant Longbow Is Great

  • The Verdant Longbow is perfect for when you need to deal more damage to tanky enemies.  This artifact ignores Defense ratings and goes well for heroes that take more time to deal damage or those with lower attack frequencies. Slow ranger heroes are less efficient and are more likely to die easily in the first 10 to 20 seconds of the battle. Instead of waiting for them to deal a small amount of damage and die, use this artifact to get that advantage towards over-healing tanky heroes.  
  • Example ranger heroes who need the Verdant Longbow are Gwyneth, Ezio, and Ferael, having that upper hand towards really hard-to-kill tanks like Thoran and Grezhul. 

Verdant Longbow details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Verdant Longbow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkWON9XoucY

8. Oceanic Strings

The Oceanic Strings is the third support class artifact obtained from Trials of God. This artifact heals the most injured ally whenever the wearer receives normal attacks or passive skills from enemies, granting the ally HP worth up to 50% of the wearer’s Attack Rating. This artifact will heal allies by up to 200% when used four times in the battle. You can acquire this artifact at Trials of God - Windfall Gorge.

Why Oceanic Strings Is Great

  • The Oceanic Strings heals allies passively, which is essential for supports that don’t have that much healing effect in their skillsets. Many supports in AFK Arena focus on buffing allies and debuffing/crowd controlling enemies, and this is where this artifact will shine. 
  • In contrast to the abovementioned advantage, support heroes like Astar and Desira, whose primary role is health regeneration, will gain more healing attributes.

Oceanic Strings details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Oceanic Strings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7LFx2b1jNo

7. Life’s Limit

Life’s Limit is a tank class artifact that allows its wielder to deal AoE damage to nearby enemies, ignoring their Defense Ratings, all while reducing their Haste for 5 seconds. These can be triggered once the wielder receives damage from a far-positioned enemy. Also, the effects of Life’s Limit can only be used once every up to 5 seconds when enhanced to three stars. This artifact can be obtained from Trials of God - Track of the Sands.

Why Life’s Limit Is Great

  • Some tanks don’t survive long enough in battle as they lack the tanky-ness or die to protect their ally. The effects of the artifact can help those type of tanks to live longer and be able to deal damage as well. The artifact also slowsdown the enemies in front of them for a short while and lets the tanks regain their momentum. 
  • Heroes like Arthur, Granit, and Titus would work well with this artifact. 

Life’s Limit details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Life’s Limit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFrStznTHDw

6. Pauldron of Burning Fury

The Pauldron of Burning Fury is the third warrior class artifact that lets the wielder strike back damage dealt to them by up to 12% of the health they lost. This effect can be triggered once every 3 seconds when the artifact is enhanced to three stars. You can acquire this artifact in Trials of God - The Hazy Timberland.

Why Pauldron of Burning Fury Is Great

  • The Pauldron of Burning Fury is a great choice for warrior heroes that fight head-on in battle. May it be in the frontline or someone who fights within the enemy formation’s side. This passive ricochet damage can be of great use since it scales based on HP lost by the hero.
  • This artifact fits Izold, Seirus, Baden, and Nara well since they are usually the heroes that easily lose HP. Why not put that to good use?

Pauldron of Burning Fury details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Pauldron of Burning Fury: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrinwLT1450

5. Waistband of Resilience

The Waistband of Resilience is the second tank class artifact. It deals damage to enemies that are currently affected by crowd control abilities. This means your team needs to have some CC if your tanks are using this artifact. The Waistband also offers a shield equivalent to up to 15% of the wearer’s maximum HP, and the effects can be triggered to the same enemy once every twelve seconds. 

Why Waistband of Resilience Is Great

  • The Waistband of Resilience is perfect for when your team has heroes that have crowd control abilities. This is great for tanks that do not need that much protection yet needs to deal damage. Some tanks that deal CC, which makes this the ideal artifact for them.
  • Heroes like Albedo are perfect wearers of this artifact. Although very situational, this artifact is powerful on its own.

Waistband of Resilience details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Waistband of Resilience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xv8Jqb5OcsM

4. Chaos Bringer

The Chaos Bringer is a warrior class artifact that deals AoE damage of up to 220% to the enemy upfront. This permanently boosts the wielder’s Haste by 15 points and Life Leech by 12 points when the artifact is enhanced to three stars. This artifact is just OP and massively helps warriors to deal more damage. This artifact can be obtained in Trials of God - Fields of Stone.

Why Chaos Bringer Is Great

  • With all its OP effects, some say it is the more improved version of Dura’s Blade since it deals almost the same damage but with less time spent. It is well known for its high damage output and is a top choice for most warrior heroes. 
  • Most warrior heroes are suitable to wield this artifact, you just can’t go wrong with it!

Chaos Bringer details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Chaos Bringer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skUlC64rc70

3. Windbinder

The Windbinder is the first mage class artifact where the wielder immediately gets up to 300 Energy points at the beginning of battles. The only downside of this artifact is that the wielder will lose 40 Energy points for 5 seconds after using an Ultimate Ability for the first time. But it isn’t that much of a bother when the caster deals massive damage at shorter periods. This artifact is a staple to most mage carry heroes. The Windbinder can be obtained in Trials of God - Highburn Stronghold.

Why Windbinder Is Great

  • The Windbinder is simply just OP when paired with damage-dealing mages as it gives them the advantage of being able to use their Ultimate ability much earlier. Boosting them this way makes them much more efficient in dealing damage early on. 
  • Heroes like Ainz, Khazard, Mehira, and Lorsan are perfect wielders of this artifact. 

Windbinder details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Windbinder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79MkpEciZF8

2. Eye

Dura’s Eye is one of the early artifacts of the game, and it does not belong to any class. As the story went, Dura channeled her remaining life energy to create these artifacts to be used by the future heroes of Esperia. 

When enhanced to five stars, it grants 25 Haste points, and Critical Strikes deal 30% more damage to enemies. This is a staple and the perfect artifact for rangers for maximum damage output. It can be acquired in Secrets of the Forest.

Why Dura’s Eye Is Great

  • Dura’s Eye is hands-down an OP artifact as it gives heroes (particularly rangers) a boost in attack speed, damage, and haste. What more could you ask for? Since it was introduced, it has been used for certain ranger DPS. 
  • Carries like Ainz and Alna, or ranger heroes like Gwyneth and Ferael, may utilize this artifact when need be.  

Dura’s Eye details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Dura’s Eye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_bwcqq-cTc

1. Call

Last but certainly not least, Dura’s Call has been renowned for its great utility as it is a great artifact for energy regeneration. Along with Dura’s Eye, it is also one of the oldest artifacts in the game. When enhanced to five stars, it restores 16 Energy points per second. If the wielder is slain, all remaining energy that the wielder accumulated is shared with other allied heroes. This artifact can be found in Rest in Peace.

Why Dura’s Call Is Great

  • Dura’s Call is the most versatile artifact in the game. Almost every hero has the option to use this on the off chance the team needs more utility. Being able to replenish energy faster and use Ultimate abilities much earlier is the hallmark of the artifact’s purpose.
  • From support heroes to your main DPS carries, all of them may utilize this artifact.  

Dura’s Call details: https://afk-arena.fandom.com/wiki/Artifacts

How to Get Dura’s Call: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSZ15Q3YS-U


There is no doubt that the artifacts in AFK Arena are essential to each hero, giving them the boost they need to become more efficient in battles. But more importantly, future changes of the game developers might stir up a new list of best artifacts. What are you waiting for? Head on to the Trials of God now and best luck with your journey within the Peaks of Time!  

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