[Top 10] Apex Legends Best Weapons To Master

Apex Legends Best Weapons To Master

10. 30-30 Repeater

Making its way back into the crafter with the mid-season patch of Apex Legends season 18 is the 30-30 Repeater, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use it. Before this, the 30-30 Repeater had been seeing quite a lot of use in both casual and ranked play, mainly because of its phenomenal damage, great ranged play and easy-to-build attachments. 

The 30-30 Repeater is a fantastic gun for longer-range engagements that need you to poke damage on your enemies to bleed heals and just annoy them. Even though it's entering the crafter you should check it out as it's relatively easy to use but will need some play time to truly master.


9. Havoc

The Havoc is another gun in Apex Legends that does super well at longer ranges but mainly excels in medium to close-range fights. The reason for this is that the Havoc has some pretty nasty recoil if you can't control it.

You need to master this gun as on its own it's a beast, but with the Turbo Charger Hop-Up it's an entirely different monster.

Though the Havoc might seem like a pretty easy gun to use, if you want to get the most out of it you need to master that recoil. The Havoc is known for some nasty recoil, and it shows when you start to use the gun at longer ranges.

Get using the Havoc for a beastly damage profile, a great magazine size and some fantastic damage at range once you master that recoil pattern.



Though it's not the best SMG in the game anymore, the CAR SMG is something that should be on your radar. You might pick this gun up and do pretty well with it, but mastering its recoil control and when to use it will make you a much better player.

Thanks to its ammo economy using both Light and Heavy ammo, the CAR SMG can be used for longer in a match.

If you master the gun itself and understand how to use it at longer ranges without expending loads of ammo, then the CAR can serve you extremely well. Most professional players seem to use the CAR over guns like the R-99 or the Volt mainly because of its ammo economy, so try it out.

Mastering this gun will surely make you better at this game, as you need to be able to adapt as well as the CAR SMG does with ammo.


7. Nemesis

Oh, the Nemesis, is a pretty easy-to-use gun but one that can be mastered for an even stronger Assault Rifle experience. Ever since its release, the Nemesis has been a hot topic in the Apex Legends community. This was mainly because of its insane damage and little recoil, but the biggest part of the Nemesis is its charge-up mechanic.

This is the part of the gun that you need to master, as the gun gets faster the longer you shoot it. With this in mind, you can save that build-up as long as possible to burst down enemies quicker than usual. It's a hard thing to use and one that mainly pros use in tough situations, but mastering the Nemesis is a great idea either way.


6. Alternator

It's not exactly hard to master the Alternator, mainly because it's super easy to use. However, one thing you need to learn with this gun is how to use it at longer ranges in season 18. Though this is an SMG, you can deal pretty great damage from the range with it. Throw on a 2x sight and get to work….. If only it was that easy.

The Alternator has no recoil in its optimal ranges, but as you shoot at longer distances players, the recoil kicks in. Now that the Alternator has the Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up in season 18, it makes it a pretty great gun at a longer range for cracking shields. So practice that recoil and master the Alternator for some spicy longer-range fights.


5. Wingman

One of the best guns since Apex’s inception has been the Wingman, so it just had to be included in this list. The Wingman is known for having some insane damage at longer and medium-ranged fights but is also notoriously difficult to use.

Players have gotten better at using it over the years, but most of the player base stays away from this gun for that very reason.

The thing is, you should try and get better with the Wingman as it's an incredible gun in any loadout. Besides, you might just land on one and need to destroy a team off-drop with it. Most players can't do this, so be someone who can.


4. Flatline

The Flatline has been outshined by the R-301 for years now, but it's an even better Assault Rifle than people give it credit for. Similarly to the Wingman, the reason why people don't use the Flatline is because it has a decent amount of recoil attached to it.

Despite this though, the damage characteristics of this Assault Rifle are phenomenal, its fire rate is slow and chunky and its ammo economy is amazing, making for a great gun all around. If you can truly master the Flatline, then you can always rely on it for a high-damage ranged beast of a weapon.


3. Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper is a gun used by many of the player base, but it's one that most can't use correctly. Though it is used for its insane damage output even at medium range, the Peacekeeper’s power comes from its close-range destruction.

Because of its slower fire rate, players find it hard to consistently put out damage in tough close-range battles. This is where mastering this gun comes into play as you will be able to finally destroy those sweaty players bouncing around you and super gliding all over.

The Peacekeeper is perfect for destroying enemies in a few shots, it's just landing those shots that is the problem for many.


2. R-99

Of course, the R-99 had to be on this list, it's such an infamous gun for many reasons. The R-99 is a fantastic gun at closer ranges because of its decent magazine size, insanely high fire rate and phenomenal damage output. This thing is a machine gun at times and can destroy enemies quite easily.

The mastering comes into play when you need to use the R-99 at longer ranges. This thing doesn't have too much damage drop-off, and because of its fire rate, it can still be a demon at medium range. The recoil is what puts players off from using the R-99 in these situations though, so mastering that is a given for higher tier play.


1. Prowler

The Prowler might have entered the Care Package this season, and been given the glorious Full Auto Hop-Up, but that doesn't mean it's not a gun to master. The Prowler SMG has been extremely strong for a long time in Apex Legends, but players have stopped using it because of its burst-fire capabilities.

Now that the gun is in the care package, most players don't need to deal with this anymore, but it's still something you should practice. When the Prowler eventually comes out of the Care Package, it's still going to be strong, so mastering that burst fire is going to mean you can win some crazy gunfights and do insanely well in ranked. Get trying it out in the shooting range and thank me later.

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