[Top 10] Batman Best Suits Evolution (Ranked Weakest to Strongest)

Batman in Batsuit
Let's face it, Batman's main attraction is his badass suit!

Batman has had numerous Batsuits over the years. From the weakest to the strongest; Batsuits are created for a specific purpose- Either for stealth or complete destruction of the strongest enemies Batman can encounter. Although there are a ton of amazing Batsuits to mention, I will try to mention the top 10 best Batsuits ranked from the weakest to the strongest (taking brute force as the scale). Let’s begin!

10. BVS

The original Batman outfit used by Ben Affleck in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice has one significant issue that must be addressed. Once again, the films have obliterated the character's ability to turn his head properly. After The Dark Knight trilogy, it would have been lovely to never see another actor wearing a full-on cowl down to his or her shoulders. However, we cannot always get what we want, much more so when there is a reason behind it.


9. Tactical Justice League

Since it was originally shown to the public, this bat suit has drawn much criticism. While it resembles a cross between Nightowl from Watchmen and Batman: Arkham Knight's armored costume, this is one of the most bizarre-looking bat outfits on our list. To be more exact, as previously said, the suit seems to be more maneuverable due to the split armor plates on the abs and arms. This leads us to believe that it will be utilized for some kind of stealth operation, with the goggles serving as night or infrared vision and the suit acting as a crawling suit. It may be contentious in any case, but its purpose may nevertheless demonstrate the usefulness of its form.


8. Stealth Suit

Consider how often Batman has vanished from the top of the Gotham Police Department or concealed from superhumans. Batman is able to do this feat as a result of years of training and applying the techniques he learnt from the League of Assassins, thus it's only natural that he would create a suit to enhance this specific talent.

The appropriately titled Stealth Suit is equipped to operate throughout the whole magnetic spectrum; it will detect whatever method is being used to detect the suit and modify its concealment accordingly. Not only did Superman miss Batman in the costume, but so did the Wrath, whom Batman vanquished with the assistance of the GCPD.


7. BVS Armor

This costume is far more attractive than the standard BVS version, and it also pulls extensively, if not entirely, from The Dark Knight Returns. In context, this is an outfit that was developed for Batman to use against Superman. Following Metropolis' devastation in Man of Steel, Bruce held Superman personally accountable for everything. He reasoned that Superman, with all of his might, should have been able to stop everything and caused much less collateral damage than there was.


6. Haz-Bat Suit

The Dark Knight dons the Haz-Bat suit (appropriately dubbed by Robin), a lightweight garment meant to resist a hit from Superman while simultaneously protecting Batman from illness. Additionally, it is capable of medical scanning to assist Batman in determining the source of an illness and producing a counter-agent if he is exposed to anything.


5. Batwing Suit

Lucius develops a new Batwing suit shortly after David retires as Batwing, which he subsequently gives to his son, Luke. Not only is the suit flight-capable, but also has an internal skin that monitors vital signs and administers modest medical treatments. While it does not enable complete invisibility, it is quite effective in low-light conditions.

Interestingly, in a rare moment of true excitement, Batman informs Alfred of all the capabilities of the new Batwing outfit in Batwing #19. He is really a millionaire who loves his toys, despite the fact that he does not get to play with them.


4. Power Ring Suit

Batman has only briefly donned a power ring in the official DC Universe; but, outside of reality, the Dark Knight has regularly donned the power rings of numerous Lantern corps, including assuming the identity of the Green Lantern in place of Hal Jordan. Along with the Green Lantern ring, Batman has donned the Black power ring, Yellow power ring, and White power ring, each of which augments the Batsuit with unique abilities, but he seldom wears them for an extended period of time.


3. Augmentation Suit

While the majority of people are familiar with Batman's main rogues gallery, the Caped Crusader meets a larger number of adversaries than most believe. Preventing a villain from completely destroying Gotham City is a daily challenge for the Dark Knight. During one of the New 52 reboot's Batman and Robin narrative arcs, Batman prevented the villain Terminus from completing that goal – and he did it with the assistance of his new augmentation suit, which is equipped through the Batmobile.


2. Justice Armor

While the armor is capable of withstanding Superman's blows, it is meant for fight against the world's most formidable supervillains, several of whom appear in the Justice miniseries. To compete on an equal footing with the rest of the Justice League, Batman's Justice armor is fitted with wings and a propulsion system that enables him to fly. Unfortunately, little information about the armor is disclosed in the miniseries, although it is unbelievably fascinating looking.


1. Hellbat Armor

The Hellbat Armor was created to assist Batman in dealing with large-scale threats. It was designed by the Justice League's founding members and forged in the center of the Sun by Superman. The Hellbat Armor, being the most powerful Batsuit, allows Batman to fly, sprint at superhuman speeds, and generate tremendous energy blasts, while also increasing his strength and endurance. It is not, however, without restrictions. As a result, the armor depletes Batman's metabolism, which might be fatal if utilized excessively. This is the worst-case-scenario, end-of-the-world Batsuit, as shown by its awesome design.



We have seen a lot of Batsuits over the years. One too many if you ask me, but I’m not complaining because Batsuits are extremely cool. I hope you found this list of the strongest Batsuits enjoyable. Make sure to check out more posts and don’t forget to leave a comment!

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