Destiny 2 Best Class - What Should You Play?

The squad rolling up to wreck Savathûn, one which can be you!

Somewhere in the far-off future where Humanity is constantly on the brink of extinction, you find yourself resurrected from your grave and quickly drafted into the ensuing fight. You barely have time to understand what exactly is happening before you are flung into the fray and need to battle your way to safety. Thankfully, there are three different classes you can choose from to make your chances of survival much higher. But what do you choose? What is the ‘best’ class?

You’re in luck, Guardian, because here is a handy guide to figure out what role will fit you best as a defender of Humanity.

There are three classes, Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks, all of which have sub-classes centered around three elements (Solar, Arc, and Void). Each different subclass changes the way you play a class, but there are similarities between each one that unites them together. So let’s dive in and see what classes you might choose to school some aliens (or maybe fellow Guardians) with!


'Peek-a-boo' will be the last thing you hear.

Do you like not being noticed? Do you like being able to completely ignore a room full of enemies so you can punch a boss in the back of the head? Do you like putting together exotic combos that will let you one-shot most bosses during certain burn weeks? Do you enjoy just being a general menace? Then Hunter is the class for you!

Hunters are not the strongest of classes, but make up for it with the ability to completely change the tide of battle with a few well-placed shots. For one, it’s the only class with an ability to make themselves and others invisible using the Void subclass. It is immensely useful, not only for sneaking by things you don’t want to fight but also for allowing you to pick up downed members of your fireteam safely. 

Hunters have the flexibility to go the opposite route as well. Hunters can easily sow chaos in a crowd of enemies, using the dodge ability to reload weapons so they don’t have to waste time stopping to do so. Hunters excel at long-range and precision-based weapons, but if surrounded, Hunters will break out their knives and deal a lot of hurt. Cornering a Hunter is not the best idea, which is a hard lesson most new players learn when playing in Crucible.

So, why pick Hunter as your class?

What Hunters excel in:

  • Mobility: Hunters are the only class with an option to use and give the invisibility buff. They can also double (and sometimes triple-jump if using the Hunter exotic, the ‘St0mp-EE5’). You cannot keep a Hunter out of trouble as they will deliberately look for it.
  • Interesting subclasses: Do you want to be a gunslinger? Do you want to hold the power of a storm? Do you want to strike fear in the heart of the paranoid? There are lots of different ways to play a Hunter, and all of them feel awesome.
  • Surprise: Hunters tend to come out of nowhere and can be a nightmare to play against in PVP. You usually never see them coming. If you do, it is usually too late.
  • Grenades: Hunters have some of the best grenade abilities in the game. You get a wide range anywhere from regular explosives to actual tears in reality. The choice is yours, just be sure to throw them at your enemies and not your feet. Explosions will not let you jump higher, you will just die (unless it's for the meme, of course).

Pick Hunters if…

  • You prefer to be patient and take the shots that count rather than jump into the fray.
  • You like the challenge of a tactical and stealth-based style of gameplay. If you like exploiting the element of surprise, this is the class for you.
  • You want to make people paranoid and afraid to walk around corners in PVP.  Hunters can put down trip mine grenades to leave nasty traps in their wake. They are hard to see, and I have been killed more by trip mine grenades than actual bullets in Crucible.
  • You enjoy long range-weapons such as sniper rifles and bows. One-shot is all you need to get the job done.
  • You like to stab people rather than punch them, which is a simple joy that some just don’t appreciate.

For more about Hunters, check the official Destiny wiki HERE.



Who needs finesse when you can just shoot big guns?


Do you just want to hit things until they turn into loot? Do you like to laugh as enemies attack you, to no avail? Do you just want to cut loose and cause copious amounts of destruction? Do you like to look your enemies in the eye before you crush them into dust? Then you might just be a Titan!

Titans are defined in canon as being the living walls of the Last City. Before there was an actual physical wall, Titans would stay in the perimeter and constantly repel the enemies of Humanity. As a result, they have some of the best armor in the game. They are also the only class that can summon walls that lets you (and others) tuck behind them for a bit of breathing room. The Void subclass gives Titans the ability to summon a protective bubble that not only protects the people inside but also gives them a significant buff to their weapons.

Titans tend to be front and center in battle, getting right into the thick of things as they pummel enemies into submission. Even playing a defense role gives you the ability to cause damage. They have the best melee ability in the game, which is just a literal punch. Said punch nonetheless, is enough to one-hit kill most low-level mobs and is oh-so-satisfying to use. There is absolutely nothing subtle about playing a Titan. But why would you choose to play as a space jock and not any other class?

What Titans excel in:

  • Armor: Titans can take a lot of damage before they go down and have great armor stats as a result.
  • Ease of play: Titans hit things until they stop moving. That’s all you need to know. They are a very beginner-friendly class as a result.
  • Damage: One subclass super allows a Titan to punch mobs, and with each mob killed, it adds more time to the super. Titans can clear a room without much trouble, including punching low-level mobs to death than wasting a bullet.
  • Close Combat: Titans are great at running into danger and forcing a boss to switch attention to them, allowing other teammates to get in critical shots. If you like running distraction ops, this is a great glass to play.

Pick Titans if...  

  • You want to play a class that has rich lore that inspires feelings of pride and duty. Despite the memes, Titans are master strategists and are directly involved with the defense of the Last City.
  • You like to be in the middle of the action at any given time. No time to sit and be patient when there are enemies to beat into submission.
  • You prefer a more simplistic style of gameplay. Just shoot and punch things.
  • You enjoy close-range weapons such as shotguns and sidearms. Only a coward shoots from afar! A real warrior gets up close and personal.
  • You want to feel like Captain America. Shield bashing mobs into a paste has never been more fun!

For more about Titans, check the official Destiny wiki HERE.

#3. Warlocks

Calling them a nerd is the last thing you'll ever do.

Do you like to completely ignore jumping puzzles? Do you like to help and harm at the same time? Do you want to make people pay for calling you a nerd? Do you just want to be a Space Wizard? Why not jump into the Warlock class and give it a go!

Warlocks are the only class with the ability to self-heal and a subclass based around buffing/healing other players. These players are usually called ‘Well-locks’, as they can cast a well that heals all who stand inside it. Usually, a raid team will request a Well-lock player to join, as they can prevent a total party wipe during more difficult boss battles. Thus, Warlocks can often be slotted into a support role.

Warlocks have the flexibility to not only play a support role but also to cause some serious damage on their own. Some of the most powerful in-canon characters are Warlocks. Ikora, the Warlock Vanguard, is banned from Crucible for being too OP in canon. This makes them one of the easiest classes to solo with because they can look after themselves. They also can excel at using just about any weapon type, and it’s a scary thing indeed when magic and bullets are combined. They are not a limited class and are open for experimentation and some truly insane builds come about as a result. But why play a Space Librarian when you can play anything else? Here are some points to consider as a rebuttal.

What Warlocks excel In: 

  • Flexibility: Warlocks can switch easily between a support and a damage role, sometimes right in the middle of combat. When a Warlock puts away their Lumina and brings out Gjallarhorn, a lot of mobs are about to die.
  • Soloing: Warlocks can heal themselves and cause damage at the same time, making it easier to solo with. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew. Destiny likes to push for teams to include at least one of each class for a reason. However, don’t be intimidated into quitting before you begin. Just play smart and you’ll do just fine.
  • Support: You can choose to go into a full support role, which is a welcome addition to any fireteam. Most raid teams will request Warlocks because they can switch between support and DPS roles easily. Nobody will ever turn away a Well-lock from a fireteam.
  • Mobility: Warlocks don’t have the double jump of a Hunter or a jetpack of a Titan. Warlocks, however, can glide for long distances and this lets you skip most jumping-type puzzles. Some subclasses capitalize on the long air times of a warlock, letting you deal damage in mid-flight and when hovering. 

Pick Warlocks if...

  • You like to take a support role and let others do the risky stuff. Or, switch it up and be the harbinger of death. It’s up to you!
  • You want to experiment with different play styles in one class without restriction. You can switch mid-battle into any role you want and can be customized in many different ways.
  • You enjoy making people hide in PVP when they hear your super go off. Warlock supers are deadly, and nobody wants to be killed by flaming swords from the sky.
  • You prefer to use a wide range of weapon types and don’t like being restricted. If you have a favorite weapon type, you can make it work with a Warlock.

For more about Warlocks, check the official Destiny wiki HERE.


Despite their differences, all classes can get along together. Pictured is the author (with their tea on fire) with friends.

In conclusion, there is no ‘best’ class when playing Destiny 2, merely just different ways of playing the game. Bungie worked hard to make classes that complement each other, yet allow people to solo by themselves if they choose to. Not everyone is a social player and they did keep this in mind when designing the classes. Some classes are harder to master than others, but all-in-all Bungie made unique classes that would suit anyone if given the chance.

If you don’t believe me, you can try it out yourself! Each Destiny 2 player has three character slots for each account, so you are free to try out all three classes and see which one speaks to you the most. It’s okay to have a favorite as most players do. Whatever you choose to be in your fight to save humanity (or make people cry in Trials of Osiris) will be the best class for you. Have fun, and stay vigilant, Guardian! 

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