[Top 15] Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Armor That Are Powerful (And How To Get Them)

Are you wearing protection?

The lasting success of Divinity: Original Sin 2 can be credited to its deep combat design. Larian Studios made it a point to give you the thrill of holding on for dear life in most fights. Enemies deal tons of damage and are programmed to go for the kill whenever possible.

Players then have to deal with a blend of chaos and excitement in varying ways. It’s an immersive experience that gets you thinking how to approach builds, strategy, and team composition. 

In all of this, you’ll want to know how to protect yourself. So, I listed 15 of the most powerful armor pieces to help you build your ideal character.

15. Gloves of Teleportation (Best for Anyone)

How to get it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbmI9oULlqA

As the name implies, these gloves grant the use of Teleportation. This skill is regarded as must-have in D:OS2. It gives you the ability to move enemies, objects, and even party members around the field.

Getting access to Teleportation early in the game and at no cost is incredible. It can make or break any fight you get into. Outside combat, you gain access to loot and locations that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Speak with Gawin at the Fort Joy Ghetto and take his quest. Kill the crocodiles at the designated location then loot the gloves from one of them.

Gloves of Teleportation full details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Gloves+of+Teleportation

14. Ring of Intelligence (Best for Casters)

How to get it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouuaLQFfIxU&t=537s

It’s easy to count this out, especially if you’re new to D:OS2. Ring of Intelligence has +1 INT, 10% poison resistance, and a rune slot. Replaceable for another with more INT and/or combat abilities, right?

Thing is, the Ring of Intelligence is the only ring in the game with a rune slot. Runes are weak early, but stronger ones are found and crafted later on. At higher levels, you even have access to Frames that augment already powerful runes.

This translates to, for example, a rune that gives +3 INT and +6% critical chance. Slot that into your Ring of Intelligence and you get a considerable damage boost to your mage. It’s probably the best offense that casters get out of a ring.

It’s located northeast of Amadia’s Sanctuary. Kill the void salamanders, find the hidden stash along the beach, and dig the ring out. Since it’s in Act 1, remember to use Sorcerous Sundries to get more INT and magic armor as you level.

Ring of Intelligence full details: https://tidbi.ru/DOS2/eng/item.php?item=2249

13. Second Skin (Best for Archers and Rogues)

How to get it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouuaLQFfIxU&t=537s

Second Skin is great for the same reasons as the Ring of Intelligence. It’s the only pair of gloves that come with a rune slot. While the ring favors INT builds, Second Skin comes more useful to archers and rogues.

It’s fairly straightforward, but its impact on your build shouldn’t be downplayed. A proper rune plus Sorcerous Sundries upgrades gets you a 30% to 35% damage increase. Second Skin is found in the same pile of sand you dig the Ring of Intelligence out of. 

Second Skin full details: https://tidbi.ru/DOS2/eng/item.php?item=2258

12. Knight of Vrogir Boots (Best for Knights/Fighters)

How to get it: https://youtu.be/xUMYH7p7V7w

Orcs are depicted in Divinity lore as violent brutes who value honor above all else. They don’t make an appearance in the game but their God, Vrogir, does. You get to visit his temple in Act 3 along with other gods’ altars.

You’ll find the corpse of Vrogir’s Knight in his temple. His boots are a mighty addition to your warrior’s arsenal. It grants +3 STR, +1 Two-handed, and the use of Enrage. You’re unable to use magic and scrolls if cast on yourself, but all attacks are guaranteed to do critical damage. A skill befitting an orc!

Vrogir’s temple is due north of your docking point on the Nameless Isle. It’s flooded, so you’ll have to deal with the Conjurer at the Black Ring camp further north before you can access the temple.

Knight of Vrogir Boots full details: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1535226922

11. Rutoma Rivelleis (Best for Knights/Fighters)

How to get it: https://mapgenie.io/divinity-original-sin-2/maps/arx?locationIds=41541

At +5 STR, warrior-types look no further upon seeing this amulet. It even comes with +2 polymorph, which gives you the flexibility to keep or respec abilities. An available rune slot adds to just how good Rutoma Rivelleis is.

You can buy it from Cat the Appraiser at the ground floor of Kemm’s Mansion. Make sure to get it before finishing her quest, though. She’ll leave right after submitting it and you won’t get the chance to buy from her again.

Rutoma Rivelleis full details: https://divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Rutoma_Rivelleis

10. Falone Girt (Best for Pyromancers)

How to get it: https://mapgenie.io/divinity-original-sin-2/maps/arx?locationIds=39504

Anyone stumbling upon this amulet easily recognizes that it’s a keeper. A whopping +5 to INT and a rune slot is a remarkable buff to all your caster’s spells.  If you’re running a Pyromancer, it’s love at first sight with this amulet.

Falone Girt gives a +1 to Pyromancer and +1 to Geomancer–boosting your offense from these trees. It also makes triggering Elemental Affinity less painful by giving you 10% resistance to fire and earth. The synergy this amulet has with Pyromancers is a match made in heaven.

You can find this in a golden chest on the wreckage of the Lord Dread. It’s in the Arx Harbor north east of your spawn point in Act 4. There will be a difficult fight with Voidwolken and the Kraken so be prepared.

Falone Girt full details: https://divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Falone_Girt

9. Last One Standing (Best for Anyone)

How to get it: https://mapgenie.io/divinity-original-sin-2/maps/arx?locationIds=39798

This belt is amazing for how much flexibility it affords you. +5 MEM is extra 2 to 5 spells. If you’re good on that front, you can easily allocate the excess memory to other attributes.

That’s not all, though. Last One Standing grants the use of Skin Graft, a cooldown resetter. You’ll get the chance to chain some insane combos with this one!

You can buy this belt from Lord Omyt on the second floor of Kemm’s Mansion.

Last One Standing full details: https://divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Last_One_Standing

8. Lord Ruaney's Boots (Best for Archers and Rogues)

How to get it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emMrD-tRnfg

This pair of boots is… interesting, to say the least. It comes with the highest possible attribute bonus from gear: +7 (to FIN, specifically). That’s +35% damage, and we’ve just started talking about it.

Lord Ruaney’s Boots have a lower-than-normal armor rating. However, it sets permanent Erratic Wisp on its wearer. This causes you to teleport in any direction when you take physical damage. It also gives 40% air resistance, adding to the 10% that come with the boots.

You retreat from your attacker and have 50% resistance to one of the five elements. It’s a unique defense feature—one fitting glass cannon builds (which most FIN builds are, anyway). There’s also the -6 INT to remember, but that shouldn’t affect you much.

Lord Ruaney’s Boots are in a set of puzzle-locked chests in the Black House basement. Get to the beach east of the Black House, place a teleporter pyramid with some fish into the barrel, then cast a Voidwoken Fish Exchange scroll on it. It’ll go to the basement where you’ll follow after using a teleporter pyramid from your backpack.

Lord Ruaney’s Boots full details: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1522063633

7. Lord Ruaney’s Britches (Best for Archers and Rogues)

How to get it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emMrD-tRnfg

Unlike its boots counterpart, Lord Ruaney’s Britches are simple and straightforward. It’s the only unique legs in the game that increase Scoundrel. Why is that important, you might ask? 

Because there’s only two ways to increase critical damage multiplier: Scoundrel or Two-handed. If you’re playing a FIN build, you aren’t stacking Two-handed (save for the rare spear builds). Each precious point in Scoundrel increases crit damage multiplier by 5%.

Lord Ruaney’s Britches come with +3% crit chance to synergize with the Scoundrel bonus. It even has a rune slot so that you can toss some FIN in there. It’s definitely a must-have and can be found along with the boots.

Lord Ruaney’s Britches full details: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1522063731

6. Kallisteis (Best for Archers and Rogues)

How to get it: https://mapgenie.io/divinity-original-sin-2/maps/arx?locationIds=40091

I think we can all relate to the shock of seeing these boots for sale. They grant immunity to knocked down, slowed, and crippled statuses! That’s an insane mobility buff.

If that wasn’t enough, Kallisteis also comes with decent stat upgrades to FIN, WIT, Scoundrel, and Initiative. The only downside is that it doesn’t give magic armor. Pretty significant, but you’re using these boots with a glass cannon anyway.

The boots are bought from Trader Aravae. She’s by the river outside Arx Cathedral.

Kallisteis full details: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/786365513443697205/00DA9368530371BBDE7DF818E616C326F99697E2/

5. Vo Charlen (Best for Archers and Rogues)

How to get it: https://youtu.be/XrU3rLkY5mc

Vo Charlen can be considered “best in slot” for your archer. It’s the highest Finesse bonus helms can give without taking any debuffs.

On the contrary, it grants immunity to status effects that cause your characters to attack each other or run around and waste a turn. That’s a big deal considering the notoriety of these debuffs for wiping your team. The helm als comes with pluses to WIT, huntsman, CON, and HP.

You’ll find Vo Charlen in a chest at the Alchemy Shop’s basement.

Vo Charlen full details: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/792009307525002409/F0872679C4B27A74F8BD58388A9D01F162FCFC00/

4. Ave Layal (Best for Casters)

How to get it: https://mapgenie.io/divinity-original-sin-2/maps/arx?locationIds=39943

These well-rounded gloves are a dream for casters and may very well be what you have equipped through the end game. Its combination of offense, defense, and utility are hard to match.

Ave Layal offers a welcome +25% damage and +2% crit chance to your spells. A total +8 initiative brings your caster up in turn selection. With Silencing Stare, you can prevent enemies from casting. You’re immune to silence yourself, thanks to the gloves, and enjoy a healthy mix of physical and magic armor from it too.

It should be criminal how easy it is to get these gloves. Just waltz into the gardens of Lord Kemm’s Mansion, head to the owlery, then lockpick the chest. No boss fights or hefty pouches of gold needed.

Ave Layal ful details: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1421388675

3. Nazad Hunola (Best for Archers and Rogues)

How to get it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdFAF3QDxcI

Nazad Hunola is your FIN build’s end game chest armor. It’s special for its +10% crit damage multiplier from the scoundrel bonus. That’s huge for FIN builds who already crit so often.

Of course, it wouldn’t be considered the most powerful if that’s all it offered. Your attacks are made stronger by +5 to FIN and +1 to Huntsman, rune slot empty still. The chest piece also contributes decent armor, fire and water resistances, and a minor health buff.

Loot Nazada Hunola from a locked chest under the Old Lady’s (Sanguina Tell) House. You’ll have to take the hatch behind the house to access the basement. Get ready for a fight with Tell and her demon cronies.

Nazad Hunola full details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Nazad+Hunola

2. Dora Rav (Best for Knights/Fighters)

How to get it: https://mapgenie.io/divinity-original-sin-2/maps/arx?locationIds=41538

If there was an armor piece that screamed “JUGGERNAUT”, it’d be Dora Rav. It grants an immense 813 physical armor to its wearer, along with +2 CON and 282 HP. That’ll make you an intimidating presence on the battlefield.

As if you weren’t hard enough to take down, the chest plate comes with amazing offensive stats. Specifically, Dora Rav grants a 35% damage increase. That’s intense considering warrior-types with two-handers already do crazy amounts of damage.

Dora Rav is found in the Death Room of Lucian’s Crypt. You’ll have to get through a series of puzzles, starting with the Path of Blood quest.

Dora Rav full details: https://divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Dora_Rav

1. Ruvola (Best for Casters)

How to get it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GkbqocOJGeM

Regarded as the best chest piece for casters, Ruvola comes with incredible power-ups to your mage. Its defense alone speaks wonders. 643 magic armor, +448 HP, +2 CON, and 10% resistance to 4 out of 5 elements.

It comes with amazing offense too. +25% damage and +2% crit chance to your mage without factoring the rune slot. Ruvola even reflects 20% of all melee damage you take as earth damage.

Getting this armor piece is as difficult as it is powerful. Unlocking Linder Kemm’s Vault isn’t enough. You’ll have to negotiate with the Thieves’ Guild in the sewers to get a painting that acts as a key to a secret room in the vault. Once inside, climb down and open the golden chest containing Ruvola.

Ruvola full details: https://divinity.fandom.com/wiki/Ruvola

The Four Relics of Rivellon are definitely worth mentioning, but we’d run out of time talking about each one of them. They’re incredibly powerful, especially if you’re not a min-maxer. That’s it for this list!


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