Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Classes Revealed- What Should You Play?

Divinity: Original Sin 2 continues to attract new players long after its release. Much of its success is credited to the blend of experimentation and adventure that await you in every turn. From character creation to storylines, there’s always something new to discover.

Players aren’t limited to a skill tree or two when building characters. As a Pyromancer, for example, you can add points to Warfare to unlock melee weapon skills. You can then have points in Polymorph for invisibility if you want.

This means the default classes can be built however you want. I get it, though: the endless possibilities can be overwhelming. I ranked the default classes so you don’t get stuck in character creation.

Note that ranking is based purely on the classes’ default stats and skills. It doesn’t take into account the different avenues you can take the class toward. Take with a grain of salt.

14. Cleric

The Cleric is as close as any default class comes to a pure healer. It’s because of this that it ranks the lowest on this list. Pure healers are an inefficient use of party slots in D:OS2.

Its only damaging spell at the start is Decaying Touch, a melee skill targeting physical armor. Restoration, a single target healing spell, does come in handy early in the game. Blood sucker is trickier as the target must be standing on blood for the heal to work.

What the Cleric excels in:

  • Restoring Vitality. Clerics may not be worth much in terms of damage and control, but they at least make sure allies survive til the next turn.
  • Critical heals. Take the Savage Sortilege talent to combo with the Cleric’s default, Hothead. It gives a 10% crit chance when you’re at full vitality.
  • Making money. You start with the Bartering civil ability. It gives your party increased prices when selling and discounts when buying.

Pick the Cleric if:

  • You’re new to this type of game. It might not be an optimal party composition, but at least you’ll stay alive long enough to learn. It’s easy to respec anyway.

Cleric details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Cleric

13. Metamorph

This class starts off vague. Normally, you’d want to focus on one among STR, FIN, or INT for main damage. Metamorphs, though, start with +2 to both FIN and STR.

It makes switching between spears and other two-handers viable. However, that’s really it’s only up-side. Should you choose this class, make sure to decide whether you’re going STR or FIN.

What the Metamorph excels in:

  • Bringing the conversation to your favor. Metamorphs start with a point in persuasion. It’s a necessary civil ability to avoid confrontations and other tricky situations.
  • Utility. The Polymorph tree provides flexibility to your playstyle. These include invisibility, climbing walls, flying, and so much more. In fact, two of the most powerful utility spells are in this skill tree. It’s best as a complement to another skill tree, as opposed to being the main.
  • Sneaking attacks in. Metamorphs start with the Opportunist talent, allowing you to attack enemies that walk by even if it isn’t your turn.

Pick the Metamorph if:

  • You want to get creative aesthetically and in your playstyle.

Metamorph details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Metamorph+(Class)

12. Fighter

The Fighter is a shield-and-sword archetype meant to be a tank. It’s got crowd control in its kit, as well as physical armor restoration.

This default class ranks low because traditional tanks don’t work in the game. Enemies are programmed to go for the most vulnerable target and taunting is sparse. You don’t do a lot of damage either, so you have to wait for allies to drain physical armor before your CC can be used.

What the Fighter excels in:

  • Absorbing damage. You might not be the enemy’s priority target, but you’ll still take damage like a champ when you are.
  • Sneaking attacks in. Fighters start with the Opportunist talent, allowing you to attack enemies that walk by even if it isn’t your turn. You might not deal a lot of damage, but a little bit can go a long way.
  • Revival. Being the last man standing, you can use Resurrection Scrolls on your allies to get them back in the fight.

Pick the Fighter if:

  • Your party is full of squishies. Fighters can cast Fortify on their allies, increasing their physical armor.

Fighter details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Fighter

11. Witch

Witches are ranged necromancers, as opposed to Inquisitors. With a point in Scoundrel, the class gets a boost to critical damage multiplier from the onset.

Mosquito Swarm is available for ranged damage and lifesteal. Once enemies are dead, you can use Raise Bloated Corpse to summon a pet. This corpse blob can self-destruct beside enemies to deal massive AOE damage.

What the Witch excels in:

  • Physical damage spells. While most casters do magic damage, the Witch (and other necromancer-based casters) focuses on physical damage. This may be tricky for new players.
  • Self-sustain. Witches don’t need the Blood Sucker skill to heal off of blood surfaces. Having the Leech talent allows them to do this passively.
  • Bringing the conversation to your favor. Metamorphs start with a point in persuasion. It’s a necessary civil ability to avoid confrontations and other tricky situations.

Pick the Witch if:

  • You’re looking for a unique playstyle. The Witch gets stronger when there are more dead bodies on the battlefield. Down the line, you can deal huge damage using skills like Corpse Explosion.

Witch details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Witch

10. Battlemage

This is the way to go if you like unleashing disaster around you. It’s a blend of casting spells and using melee weapons to deal damage. Instead of the usual two-handers, you’ll use staves that match your element of choice.

The default setting goes with Aerotheurge as the skill tree has less friendly fire spells. However, it isn’t hard to shift to be Pyromancer-focused. Just be careful when choosing the spells you use for the build.

What the Battlemage excels in:

  • Preventing enemies from attacking. Suffocating, Blinded, and Knocked Down are status effects available for the Battlemage to make use of.
  • Staying in combat. The Comeback Kid talent resurrects you at 20% vitality if an enemy lands a fatal blow.
  • Elemental versatility. Although it’s recommended to align staff element with your chosen skill elements, you can equip other elemental staves depending on your enemies’ resistances.

Pick the Battlemage if:

  • You want to blend magic with close-quarters combat.

Battlemage details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Battlemage

9. Conjurer

Summoning allies to the fight is the Conjurer’s way of battle. From corpse blobs to giant bone spiders and demon incarnates, a selection of horrors await your foes.

You don’t start with anything grand, mind you. Conjure totems that match the element of the surface you summon them on. They’re flexible and you can have 2 to 3 depending on how long the fight goes.

What the Conjurer excels in:

  • The Backline role. Conjurers support their summoned ally with buffs and infusions. Once their creature is online, it’s time to cast damaging spells.
  • Flexibility. You have access to different Elemental Infusions for your Incarnate. Best to focus on one or two to optimize your points in combat abilities. Your totems and incarnate also adapt the element of the surface they’re summoned on.
  • Redirecting damage. Having summons on the field is another target for enemies to focus. Proper positioning can take attention off your other allies.

Pick the Conjurer if:

  • You enjoy incorporating pets into your game. You’ll have lots to choose from, but keep in mind you can only have one summon at a time.
  • You want to get some content out of the creatures in Rivellon. The Pet Pal talent allows you to speak to animals you encounter in you journey.

Conjurer details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Conjurer

8. Wayfarer

The Wayfarer is an archer who specializes in keeping enemies away. With all the crits they do, it’s easy to strip physical armor off enemies. Once that’s done, you can use Geomancer spells to impair enemy movements.

The first debilitating skill you get is Fossil Strike. Casting this at enemies creates an oil surface that slows them. The other would be Pin Down, a single target skill that reduces movement speed by 100% and dodge by 30%. It’s a good arsenal that leaves enemies vulnerable.

What the Wayfarer excels in:

  • Ranged crowd control. The above won’t be the only ones available to you down the line. You’ll gain access to others that prevent enemies from going invisible, and others still that root them in place.
  • Flexibility. You can fit this into parties that deal pure magic, pure physical, or a mix of both damage types.
  • Reliability. Archers in D:OS2 generally contribute high offense. Being away from the fray, they’ll stay alive to sustain their output.

Pick the Wayfarer if:

  • You want a character that deals both physical and magic damage. However, this isn’t recommended as specializing in one damage type is best. Still, the wayfarer ranks high for the raw physical damage it can deal early on.
  • You want to get some content out of the creatures in Rivellon. The Pet Pal talent allows you to speak to animals you encounter in you journey.

Wayfarer details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Wayfarer

7. Inquisitor

The Inquisitor is a melee necromancer. You’ll combine spells and weapons to deal physical damage to your opponents while staying tanky thanks to shields.

Mosquito Swarm is a ranged lifesteal spell with decent damage. If you need to close the gap or knock opponents down, Battering Ram is available. When needed, you can stand on pools of blood and heal using Blood Sucker. 

What the Inquisitor excels in:

  • Self-sustain. Equipping a shield makes you tanky. Points in Necromancer give you lifesteal when dealing damage to vitality. Mosquito Swarm is both lifesteal and damage too.
  • Extended turns. The Executioner talent gives you +2 Action Points on when you get rid of your targets. This encourages you to grab a kill every turn to optimize each round.
  • Tanking. The Inquisitor is great at absorbing damage when targeted by the enemy.

Pick the Inquisitor if:

  • You want to play a blood mage. The inquisitor is a good jumping point to it because of its points in Warfare and Necromancer. Though, it is recommended to swap Battering Ram and Blood Sucker for other skills at higher difficulties.
  • You can bear a slow start. It takes a while to scale damage for this class. However, once you’re online you’ll be unstoppable. Take Bouncing Shield and Raise Bloated Corpse to help you in the early game.

Inquisitor details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Inquisitor

6. Rogue

Excellent duelists due to their prowess in dodging and dual-wielding. Rogues navigate the battlefield with ease, backstabbing and dealing critical damage to their foes.

The starting skills focus on taking opponents down fast. Use Backlash to teleport behind enemies and land instant crits. Activate Adrenaline for more Action Points to secure the kill in one turn.

What the Rogue excels in:

  • Critical damage. Backstabbing is a guaranteed critical hit. It’s a great use of the high critical damage multiplier you get from points in Scoundrel. Plan and position well.
  • Movement. High Scoundrel also translates to efficient turns. Basically, the Rogue can travel further for 1 Action Point compared to others. This is made better by The Pawn, a talent that grants a free Action Point’s worth of movement every turn.
  • Dodge. No other default class starts with dodge percentage. It’s quite low in the early game, but it’s an edge compared to others.

Pick the Rogue if:

  • You want to emulate an agile playstyle. Dual-wielding, navigating the battlefield, and dodging make for great replacements for the usual high attack speed archetype.

Rogue details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Rogue

5. Enchanter

This one’s for you if you like supporting the team while dealing damage. Your allies receive healing whereas your enemies meet their doom.

The Enchanter specializes in the Hydrosophist and Aerotheurge skill trees. While you do lots of damage, your role is to debuff opponents. Freeze, shock, stun, or even get them slipping on frozen ground.

What Enchanter excels in:

  • Control. You’ll have an arsenal of crowd control spells to inflict upon the opposing team. Craft scrolls from other elements to be effective against those that have high resistance to your schools of magic.
  • Staying away from the fight. The Far Out Man talent grants the Enchanter an extra 2m of range to cast spells safely.
  • Identifying gear. Some items won’t be equippable upon looting because they’re unidentified. Enchanters start with a point in Loremaster, fixing this problem for your party so long as you carry a magnifying glass.

Pick the Enchanter if:

  • You want a versatile character that offers sustain for allies or chaos for enemies.
  • Your preferred elements are lightning and frost/water.

Enchanter details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Enchanter

4. Wizard

Unlike Enchanters, Wizards focus on eliminating the opposition. They synergize Geomancer and Pyromancer spells to rain catastrophe on the arena. 

Your starter skills lend a glimpse on how to maximize offensive output. Use Fossil Strike to damage enemies and create oil surfaces. Afterward, send Searing Knives to burn them and ignite oil to cause more damage via explosions.

What the Wizard excels in:

  • Magic damage. Whether it be explosive or damage over time, the Wizard promises to dish it out in waves.
  • Staying away from the fight. The Far Out Man talent grants the Wizard an extra 2m of range to cast spells safely.
  • Surface damage. Fire spells normally ignite the very ground enemies walk through. This damages them every step they take chasing after the Wizard or his allies.

Pick the Wizard if:

  • You have an appetite for risk. Your spells will inevitably harm yourself and your allies in your campaign for victory. 
  • Your preferred elements are fire and earth.

Wizard details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Wizard

3. Shadowblade

An assassin that incorporates stealth and guile early on. The Shadowblade maximizes backstab crits while minimizing risk to himself. Damage, initiative, and critical chance are high off the bat.

Chameleon Cloak is available from the get-go, which is great for its 2-turn Invisibility. Backlash is also available to secure proper positioning. If the kill isn’t guaranteed, transform enemies into harmless chickens using Chicken Claw.

What the Shadowblade excels in:

  • Stealth. Shadowblade is the only default class that starts with Chameleon Cloak. Apart from potions, this is the only way to go invisible. This is great for minimizing damage to you and managing skill cooldowns.
  • Critical damage. Backstabbing is a guaranteed critical hit. It’s a great use of the high critical damage multiplier you get from points in Scoundrel. Plan and position well.
  • Free money or gear. You start with a point in thievery, allowing you to pickpocket NPCs for equipment or gold.

Pick the Shadowblade if:

  • You’re fond of playing the killer in the shadows. Shadowblades crit for a lot then disappear from the battlefield, only to claim a new victim in their next turn.
  • You don’t have a lot of magic AOE in the party. Friendly fire brings your character out of invisibility, making him vulnerable to the enemy.

Shadowblade details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Shadowblade

2. Ranger

The Ranger is the stronger of the two default archer classes. Its starting stats and skills synergize for decent damage output early in the game.

Peace of Mind is a huge buff to attributes. Casting Elemental Arrows on blood surfaces adds to your physical damage dealt. With this set-up, ricochet and normal attacks are powered up for the kill.

What the Ranger excels in:

  • Normal attacks. The amount of ranged skills are limited, but it doesn’t really matter. Your normal attacks inflict intense pain, especially when they crit.
  • Buffing. You can cast Peace of Mind on yourself or a different party member. It works for any class.
  • Arrow Recovery. You get a 33% chance to recover special arrows, which comes in handy especially for Knockdown Arrows.

Pick the Ranger if:

  • Your playstyle revolves around proper positioning and picking targets off from afar.
  • You’re having a tough time in the early game. The ranger’s starting kit is simple and effective in combat.

Ranger details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Ranger

1. Knight

This class starts with one of the strongest end-game set-ups: Warfare + Two-handed. It’s a fairly straightforward melee class but it has powerful damage output. Only two combat abilities increase critical damage multiplier, and Two-handed is one of them.

You begin with 3 skills that debilitate the target. What’s more, they’re all AOE. If you’re new to the game, take note that the debuffs only work if the targets don’t have physical armor.

What the Knight excels in:

  • Front line offense. Knights go headfirst into combat with high physical armor and damage.
  • Crowd control. Your 3 starting skills either knock down or cripple opponents.
  • Sneaking attacks in. Metamorphs start with the Opportunist talent, allowing you to attack enemies that walk by even if it isn’t your turn.
  • Lugging loot around. Having high strength means the ability to carry more items compared to non-strength builds.

Pick the Knight if:

  • You like playing high-damage strength-types. Using skills like Whirlwind and Battering Ram will come easy and familiar to you.
  • You’re having a tough time in the early game. The knight’s starting kit is simple and effective in combat.

Knight full details: https://divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com/Knight

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