[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Aghanim Upgrades That Are OP

The Best Dota 2 Aghanim's upgrades.
Power of the Aghanim blesses you.

Aghanim’s Sceptre is a game changing item it can boost certain heroes making them the centre of the game and providing the team with a centre stone around which they can make plays and pave the road to victory. Gamersdecide presents to you Top 10 Aghanim’s Sceptre upgrades that are OP.


10) Lion

Lion the Demon-Witch blasts you from hell itself.

Lion is an intelligence hero that is mostly played as a soft support or a hard support, he can provide ganks and can even be used as an initiator, the major advantage that lion has is his ultimate Finger of death (single target) which can provide insane amount of damage in early game and its damage increases as lion get more kills. His Aghanim’s upgrade provides :-

  • An increase in damage from 850 without sceptre to 1025 with scepter at max level.
  • Decrease in mana cost from 650 to 625.
  • Decrease in cooldown from 40 to 20.
  • This is a major one; it provides lion with a radius of 325. When lion hits the target, the ultimate is used in a radius around the main target.

Aghanim’s sceptre provides lion a great advantage in mid to late game with executing multiple heroes at once.


9) Disruptor

Disruptor calls forth the storm.

Disruptor is an intelligence hero which is mostly played as a hard support in safelane with the carry to provide it with much needed assistance during the early game, However disruptor is no slouch, he can dish out massive damage with his ultimate and even help in wiping the whole team out. Disruptor’s ultimate provides an aoe field in which heroes take massive amounts of damage paired with kinetic field that doesn't let any enemy out of his ultimate’s range, this traps enemies unable to do anything. His sceptre provides:-

  • Increases the duration of ultimate .
  • This is the main thing the sceptre provides is that  it applies mute which hinder the heroes from using abilities as well as items.

Disruptor with sceptre can even solo kill other heroes.


8) Juggernaut

The last practitioner of his arts, Yurnero the Juggernaut.
Juggernaut is an agility/carry hero that is mostly played in safelane with a hard carry for assistance. Juggernaut thrives in a lane where he can participate in kills, Most of the kills Juggernaut gets are from his ultimate Omnislash. Juggernaut goes into fury of slashes like a samurai slashes through enemy  heroes and becomes spell immune during the duration of his ultimate with bonus attack damage. His third spell also applies during this providing critical strikes as well, His agahnim sceptre provides:

  • Swift Slash this ability you can say is a mini omni slash with 20 seconds cooldown in comparison to 140 seconds and its duration is only 0.8 seconds. Swift slash can easily kill support heroes in 2-3 hits provided juggernaut is fully built at this point.


7) Queen Of Pain

Akasha the Queen of Pain satisfies her thirst of pain.

Queen of pain(Qop) is a core/intelligence hero that is mostly played at mid lane with fast levels. This hero can provide map control with her blink ability; she can move insanely fast and ganks in everylane. In team fights her ultimate Sonic Wave provides an aoe blast that goes in the direction she faces that damages and knockbacks the enemy heroes. Qop can also scale well in the late game with her ultimate used as farming as well killing large amounts of creeps in one go.Her aghanim’s sceptre provide:-

  • Aghanim’s sceptre provides qop massive advantage of using her ultimate in every single battle and can be used as a farming tool in between.Damage increased from 560 to 680 at max level.
  • The major advantage of sceptre is decrease in cooldown which goes from 125 seconds to merely 40 seconds


6) Beastmaster

The Beastmaster hunts the mighty Roshan

Beastmaster is a core/strength hero that is mostly played at offlane and serves as a tank and initiator for the team, His ultimate roar is often used as an initiating tool to get a quick kill on a hero and beastmaster can use his hawk to scout what lies ahead. In teamfights beastmaster provides Aura with his offlane build and tanks the enemy heroes. His axes provides a way of damaging heroes and creeps from afar, Aghanim’s sceptre makes this his main role, it provides :- 

  • Decreases the cooldown of axes from 8 seconds to nothing literally 0 seconds 
  • With no cooldown his axe damage stacks per hit and can be insanely high, there are youtube clips of people killing roshan single handedly with axes and sceptre.


Admiral Bulldog taking down the Roshan.


5) Huskar

Huskar and his holy sacrifice.

Huskar is a hero that is hated if it is against you and loved if it is in your team. Huskar is a core/strength hero that is mostly played at mid lane for fast level 6 , Huskar plays the game of sacrifices with damaging himself as well as enemy hero. What makes him special is his abilities with fire arrows and to get faster as his health drops which has insane synergy with his ultimate Life Break. Life break allows huskar to jump on an enemy hero with damaging himself and the enemy hero, As huskar damages himself he gets faster and faster applying more fire arrows, he is hard to deal with. His aghanim’s sceptre makes this more of an annoyance for the enemy:- 

  • Sceptre changes his ultimate as when he jumps on an enemy hero the enemy cannot run away or hit someone else it can only attack huskar and do a duel with him this provides husker to get his hp low where he becomes a beast with incredible speed and damage.


4) Zeus

Zeus the Lord of Heaven strikes thee down.

Zeus is an intelligence/core hero that dishes out massive damage from afar and has an ultimate that is global. He is played mostly at mid lane providing him fast levels with increasingly damage abilities at his arsenal, Zeus can solo kill people easily but he is also a weak hero. Zeus can use his 2nd spell to see invisible heroes or wards such as sentries. Zeus has only spell damage which is further increased from his sceptre upgrade:-


  • Aghanim’s sceptre provides zeus with a new ability called nimbus. You can create a storm cloud anywhere on the map which uses his 2nd spell lightning bolt and mini stuns the heroes that enter the area of storm cloud.
  • Pair this with his ultimate that is global you can basically kill people standing in your base with this.


3) Sniper

The Exiled gunman.

Sniper is an agility/core hero that damages from, you guessed it from long range like a sniper. Sniper is played mostly on mid lane and on safe lane it serves as a carry and damage dealer, Often in teamfights people cant even see him as he is standing so far back and his ability provides him with knockback on hit which stops anyone from running towards him. His ultimate has an insane range and damage as he fires a single snipe that can deal upto 650 damage at max level. Aghanim’s sceptre makes his ultimate more broken as it provides:-

  • Sniper fires the snipe without any delay , As soon as you click on the target he fires it.
  • Provides the snipe hit with a disable which stuns the enemy hero for 1.5 seconds that's a long time in team fights to be standing still

Even Though sniper is a weak hero with great position and know-how of the map you can do insane damage without getting caught.


2) Phantom lancer

The many faces of death.

Phantom lancer is an agility/core hero that relies on his clones/illusions to deal damage and make escapes. Phantom lancer is mostly played as a carry in safelane with little kill potential. He needs his farming to become what people fear in late game. He is uncatchable with an insane amount of illusions no one knows which one is the real phantom lancer. His ultimate Juxtapose gives him 50% chance and total 10 illusions at max level on hitting a hero, His illusions deal only 22% of his main damage but in bulk they are hard to handle. Aghanim’s sceptre gives his ultimate a boost :-

  • Making his passive ultimate an active that instantly makes max illusions(10) that his ultimate provides, With this when his illusions run out or he wants to escape he simply can press the ultimate and make people mad.
  • Phantom lancer is a hard hero to play as without proper build and farm he becomes useless.


1) Templar assassin

The Queen of damage.

Templar assassin is a fast paced damage dealing hero that can solo carry a game by killing most heroes in 1-2 hits with the correct build. Templar is mostly played at mid but she does not provide map control at early stage of the game she only farms, After she gets desolator or dagger she jumps into the fray killing people left and right. Her abilities provide her range, increased damage and slowing people with her ultimate. Aghanim’s sceptre adds:-

  • A new ability called psionic projection through which templar can teleport to her traps placed on the map with insane range and when using her 2nd spell meld you can also teleport without breaking it.
  • Templar slows her enemies with her ultimate then jumps on them with psionic projection instantly dealing massive damage to their face and killing them.

Templar is a hard hero to play and can quickly fall off if not played fast enough. In the late game she is not as useful as she is in the early game.

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