[Top 10] Dota 2 Best Slark Players In The World Right Now (2022)

Slark the slippery menace!

This vicious creature of the deep sea knows no bounds! Slark is one of the stealthiest and deadly carry heroes in the game. His lethal skills make him quite popular in the current meta.  

Though not many can understand the true potential of Slark! We bring you the best 10 Slark players in the world right now with this list! The players below are considered to be insanely talented and skilled when it comes to this beast! 


10. Chris Luck

Chris Luck is quite different from other players on this list. He is primarily a mid-player, but when he gets the chance, he loves playing good ol’ Slark in his pub games! Chris Luck is known for his jaw-dropping gameplay on various heroes.

Chris Luck is known to be one of the best players to emerge from the South American region. Slark ranks as one of his most played heroes. This is due to the insane mobility and escapes that this hero is known to provide, which suits players with an aggressive playstyle. 

On rare occasions, you may get to see Chris Luck play Slark in the mid-lane! He loves building traditional meta items like Diffusal Blade, Echo Sabre, SIlver Edge, Eye of Skadi. These tried and tested items work against pretty much every hero! His immense farming speed makes playing Slark look like a cakewalk!

Witness the great Slark plays by Chris Luck!

Chris Luck Twitter!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 13-16th The International 10 - $600,300.


9. Gabbi


Gabbi made his splash in the competitive scene with TnC. His impressive plays gained the acclaim of both the fans and other players all around the world. His consistent performance on Slark earns him a spot on this list! 

Gabbi is a very versatile player, he loves to play all varieties of heroes in all lanes, but none is as threatening as his Slark! His immense kill potential on this hero makes him a beast! Gabbi is an extremely aggressive laner, often diving towers to get kills, which he can do quite easily with Slark!

Gabbi loves the conventional Slark build of Silver Edge and Diffusal Blade, often throwing in sustain items like Abyssal Blade and Sange and Yasha. There is no way you can contain this beast if let loose! Gabbi can easily 1v5 and dominate various matchups with his feared Slark!

Impressive Slark plays by Gabbi!

Gabbi Twitter!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st Place Asia Pacific Predator League 2021 - $50,000


8. Timado

This brilliant prodigy from Peru has become a household name. Timado’s immense mechanical skill is unmatched in the South American region. HIs impressive gameplays on a wide range of heroes are always a topic of discussion among his peers.

Timado has been one of the highest-ranked and consistent players to emerge from the SA region. His Slark is known to be a menace in pub games. From pouncing tier 2s to even the fountain, this man has done it all! Even in the games that he loses. Timado puts up a show and has an amazing impressive performance. 

Timado loves to cripple his enemies by building items like Nullifier, not giving them any chance to escape! Along with that, he is known to build items like Shadow Blade, Mage Slayer that allow him to become more elusive and sustain himself from his foes. The build is highly situational but works amazingly versus high magic damage heroes. 

Impressive Slark plays by Timado!

Timado Twitter

Recent Tournament achievement - 13-16th Place The International 10 - $600,300


7. Nikobaby


Nikobaby is one of the most dedicated players in this game! From getting a Medusa tattoo to flying to Malaysia from Bulgaria to join Mineski! His gameplay is quite flashy and impressive, no matter which hero he chooses to play. 

Nikobaby has been picking Slark even when it got nerfed, his gameplay and mechanical skills triumph the patch changes! Nikobaby is known to pick heroes that contribute to the overall synergy of the team, a hero with a stun is a great combination that he likes with Slark. 

Nikobaby loves items that provide stats and provide him sustain in team fights. This build allows him to stand his ground and utilize Slark in his true potential. The items in this build include Black King Bar, Echo Sabre, Eye of Skadi, Diffusal Blade, and much more! His high skilled plays explain his high rank on the EU leaderboard!

Impressive Slark plays by Nikobaby!

Nikobaby Twitter

Recent Tournament Achievement - 9-12th Place The International 10 - $800,400


6. Matumbaman


Matumbaman’s immense talent was noticed by KuroKy and the rest is history! You may have seen his occasional banter mixed with high skilled gameplay on Twitch! His streams are rare, but they are a blessing! He is one of the few Ti winners on this list!

Matumbaman has shuffled roles, playing both the safe lane and the mid lane, he is known to dominate them both! He loves to stretch out the games late so he can utilize Slark’s abilities to their full potential. He is aware that the hero is an absolute slippery killing machine in the late game.

  Matumbaman believes in the situational item builds! Often building unconventional items like Manta Style, Bloodthorn are guaranteed to disable your enemies and help them well in team fights. Other items built by Matu include Eye of Skadi, Abyssal Blade, Aghanim’s Scepter, and Shard. 

Matumbaman Twitter

Impressive Slark plays by Matumbaman

Recent Tournament Achievement - 3rd Place The International 10 - $3,601,000


5. Sumail


Many may come and go, but none shall replace the almighty king! SumaiL is a huge threat as an enemy mid laner. His impressive game knowledge has won him thousands of games. He is one of the few Ti winners on this list!

Sumail is widely regarded as the King of the mid-lane, Sumail is also known to be a great carry! This is due to his hyper-aggressive playstyle and immense mechanical skill. He has been known to win his lane most of the time and dominate the enemy laner, he does this exceptionally with his Slark!

Sumail loves to be offensive with Slark, often playing to his strengths and destroying his enemies. Items like Hand of Midas, Shadow Blade, Diffusal Blade are the core items of his list. Sumail often loves building non-meta and absurd items which are guaranteed to counter the enemy heroes.

Sumail Twitter

Impressive Slark plays by Sumail!!

Recent Tournament Achievements - 7-8th 10th International - $1,000,000


4. Yatoro


Yatoro is known for his versatile hero pool and immense map awareness. Also, did we mention that he is the second youngest Ti winner? He has also set the record for the most rampages at the Ti mainstage. 

Team Spirit and Yatoro made history and shocked millions of spectators around the world with their Ti win earlier this year. Slark was a specialty of Yatoro’s when he was climbing up the MMR ladder. He is known to be an aggressive laner, often opting to chase and ward off enemies from the lane.

Yatoro loves the Shadow Blade into Diffusal Blade build, primarily due to its elusive nature. He loves to pounce on support heroes and exterminate them first! Yatoro prefers fast-paced games and is seen ending pub games in just under 30 mins! 

Impressive Slark plays by Yatoro!!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 1st Place The International 10 - $18,208,300    



ILTW’s gameplay is quite electrifying, so much that it makes it to YouTube every other day! ILTW has quickly gained popularity as one of the promising and rising stars emerging from the CIS region. ILTW is the perfect combination of skill and rage

ILTW is known for various heroes, including his Slark, as he dominates the game! His hyper-aggressive playstyle has found no match in the CIS region. His impressive gameplay was first noticed by OG and later by Nigma, whom he plays for now. 

ILTW’s playstyle is looked up to by his fans all across the world. His Slark is unstoppable if let loose! He loves to build items like Diffusal Blade, Butterfly, Aghanim’s Scepter, Sange, and Yasha, Eye of Skadi, and much more! These items provide him insane sustain and stats! This build is guaranteed to land you kills and win you games!

ILTW Twitter!!

Impressive Slark plays by ILTW!!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 2nd Place OGA Dotapit 2021 - $32,490


2. 23Savage

This rising superstar from the east is known for his insane gameplay, he can win with pretty much any hero he plays! 23Savage can play a variety of heroes, but Slark remains his favorite! 

23Savage gained notoriety for being a consistently high-ranked pub star. His Slark is said to be extremely dangerous. He is known to be quite the aggressive laner, often picking Slark, to synergize with other heroes on his team. 

Diffusal Blade into Silver Edge build is preferred by 23Savage. This build provides great sustain and stats, it also guarantees immense damage in team fights, most of which can’t be negated. 23Savage alters his build according to the heroes he is facing, which is an impressive skill to learn! 

23Savage Twitter

Impressive Slark plays by 23Savage!!

Recent Tournament Achievement - 7-8th place The International 10 - $1,000,500.    


1. Ana

Ana is the only two-time Ti champion on this list! His pro career is a story to be remembered, as it has seen multiple highs and lows. From his early days in iG to joining OG and winning multiple majors and Tis, Ana has achieved every feat this game has to offer.

Ana’s Slark is quite different from everyone else’s on this list, this is because it’s one of his most played heroes. He quite well knows everything the hero can do, this helps him induce fear in the mind of his enemies. 

  Ana has been praised widely for his intense and nail-biting performance on this hero. Everything from pouncing on enemies with Aghs ult to diving the fountain, he knows it all! Ana loves Aghanim’s Scepter combined with the Eye of Skadi on this hero, this essentially makes him a tanky initiator!

Ana Twitter

Impressive Slark plays by Ana!!

 Recent Tournament Achievements - 1st Place The International 9 - $15,620,181

This concludes the list of the best Slark players in the game. We hope you are inspired by their gameplay and are willing to try out this menacing hero in your pub games! GLHF! 


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