[Top 15] FF14 Best Hairstyles That Look Freakin' Awesome!

[Top 15] FF14 Best Hairstyles That Look Freakin' Awesome!
Getting Haircut day!

Did you know that there are hairstyles you can collect other than the basic ones provided when you first created your character?

The answer is yes! There are Hairstyles you can collect! Some are in-game, and some others are limited for purchase in MogStation. As someone very picky about hairstyles, I can say that the hairstyles collected in-game look compelling to those in MogStation. Here are the glimpses of 15 Hairstyles that you can get in-game and how to get them! Let's check them out!

15. Scanning for Style

Where did they come from?

Does this hairstyle look familiar to you? If yes, by any chance, do you play Nier? This hairstyle is replicating its look from the game Nier Reincarnation; no wonder it looks familiar! To obtain this specific hairstyle, you will need to unlock Shadowbringer's Alliance Raid, a collaborative raid nonetheless, The Tower at Paradigm's Breach! If you are lucky enough, you can get the loot; if not, you can also buy it from the Market Board!

14. Adventure

One of the very rare hairstyles where female and male gets a different haircut!

If the first hairstyle requires you to do your Shadowbringer MSQ, this one is relatively easy to obtain. This one is obtainable through Gold Saucer, from Modern Aesthetics Saleswoman, for a bargain price of 14 MGP. Gold Saucer is unlockable once you have done your level 15 MSQ (City-state Envoy)! This is one of those hairstyles where the female and male have a different look.

13. Styled For Hire

What are you going to be hired for?

Did you know the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV with the expanded Free Trial, which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn, and the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for FREE with no restrictions on playtime have PvP? Well, yes, they do! You can't access this feature if you are on a Free Trial, though! This hairstyle is obtainable by trading PvP currency at Wolves' Den Pier for 18.000 Wolf Marks.

12. Controlled Chaos

If you can control your hair, you can control the chaos.

Another short hairstyle because FFXIV has unsolved clipping hair issues with the longer ones. The hairstyle is available from Ishgard Restoration. You can have this hairstyle by trading 1.800 Skybuilders Scrip, a currency you get by submitting your crafted/gathered item there. If you happen to be a fighter with no Disciple of Hand or Disciple of Land available, you can also buy this on the Market Board!

11. Modern Legend

Looking cool!

Yes, you can get this from Ishgard Restoration in the same manner as Controlled Chaos for the same amount of currency. Like Controlled Chaos, you can also get this from the Market Board, no worries!

10. Battle-ready Bobs

Music intensifies, be glad I didn't put the cursed image...

Now, the iconic hairstyle from the Nier collaboration! You have to do The Tower at Paradigm's Breach Shadowbringer's raid to get this hairstyle. May the god of RNG be with you for your loot! But even if you fail, you can still go to the Market Board.

9.  Wind Caller

Wind-caller, but looks hot!

Like Battle-ready Bobs and Scanning for Style, you will need to do Shadowbringer MSQ to get this hairstyle. But unlike the 2, this one comes from a different content! Yup, Bozjan! You will need to trade 15 Bozjan Clusters to get this hairstyle!

8. Lexen-tails

Not pony-tails, lexen-tails!

Lexen-tails is not available in the Market Board and will only appear after you've met certain conditions. What is this condition? Why you have to complete Stromblood's Alliance Raid, of course! Only then will this be available from Gold Saucer Attendant for 50.000 MGP!

7. Great Lengths

A long hair looks short, on short Lalafell.

A long hairstyle has appeared! A rare sight! To catch this hairstyle, you have to use MGP, 30.000 of them! Bring it to the Gold Saucer Attendant, and you can get this hairstyle for an exchange!

6. Samsonian Locks

Long and nerdy look, but still beautiful!

Another rare sight of a long Hairstyle! You will have to cast your luck onto the Palace of the Death to get this item! Obtaining Bronze-trimmed Sack will give you a chance to get this hairstyle. But if you are out of luck, Market Board is your best friend.

5. Saintly Style

Those spikes kill!

Obtainable from Ishgard restoration, this hairstyle is for you who like spiky hairstyles! You can exchange 1.800 Skybuilder Scrip to Enie in The Firmament! Else; this hairstyle is available for trade, which means the Market Board is also an option!

4. Form And Function


From Pyros - Silver and Gold Happy Bunny Boxes, these items are acquired from The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pyros! It's pretty rare; no wonder the price is relatively high most of the time on the Market Board!

3. Gyr Abanian Plait

Aim for a strong look!

This hairstyle used to be very famous until the cuter version of it was made (Both Ways). The hairstyle used to require quite a fortune to buy from the Market Board, but not very much so now. You can get this hairstyle by doing Heaven-on-High; a drop of Silver-haloed Sack will give you a chance to get this item!

2. Early To Rise


Looking stylish and simple!

A personal favorite, collected from Bozjan Duty, Delirium Reginae! When it first made its appearance, this hairstyle was super expensive, topping all other hairstyles. This hairstyle is not as expensive; if you don't do Bozjan, you can collect this hairstyle through the Market Board.

1. Both Ways

Looking pretty and fancy!

Another personal favorite and I bet many others like this too! This hairstyle will make your character look very cute! Both Ways is obtainable from Zadnor Lockbox, which is acquired from the Bozja! If you don't have access to Bozja yet, you can buy it on the Market Board!

Now, these are the 15 in-game collectibles Hairstyles! What do you think? Which one is your favorite? Or is your personal favorite not listed there? There are still a few others, so check them out too!

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