FF14 How To Emote

FF14 How To Emote
Lalafell secret greetings... Lali-hoooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Did people just wave at you? Or did they smile at you? Did you panic because you don’t know how to reply?

There is so many emote in Final Fantasy XIV, these people even make a short movie out of it! It is crazy what people can do with it, from role-playing, to...well you know! If you haven’t known how to emote, you must be missing something in Final Fantasy XIV interactions! But no worries now, it is never too late to learn, and I will show you how to emote!

A short movie about emote in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to emote:

  • Go to your ‘Social’ menu,
  • Choose ‘emotes’,
  • There is a selection of emotes you can use based on the situation!
  • You can also type the emote if you happen to memorize them by “/[emote]”.
  • You may also direct the emote to a certain player by clicking on that person character.

Now you can emote like how Lalafell befriended another Lalafell! Other than the default emotes, there are emotes you can learn from doing Main Scenario Quests as well as side quests, there are also events that give out special emotes! Don’t miss it!

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