FF14 How To Pentameld

FF14 How To Pentameld
Warning! Failing too many times may cause a distress!

Well, well, what do we have here! Ah! So, you want to know more about penta-melding?

Alright, you seem worthy of the knowledge! Without further delay, let me first explain what Penta-melding is!

Penta-melding, also known as advanced melding or overmelding, is a technique that allows you to attach up to 5 materia in a gear. Yep, while a gear usually has only 1 or 2 slots at max, Penta-melding allows you to forcefully add more materia to the gear.

As you probably have known, or haven’t known, there are several conditions to be met to do Pentamelds! First, Pentamelds only works in certain types of crafted gear—yes, it doesn’t work when the item description clearly says ‘advanced melding forbidden’ or when it has no slot at all. Second, the grade of materia that can be used. Unfortunately, you cannot use the highest grade materia to all 5 slots! For instance, you want to meld “Aesthete’s Cap of Crafting” with the iLevel of 490, you can use grade VIII materia on this gear, but once you have reached the 4th and final slot, you have to meld the grade VII materia. The third and final condition is...you must have a Disciple of Hand to do advanced melding! Yeah, the NPC won’t do it for you.

If you have fulfilled all conditions, we should talk about the “how”!

Melding Materia Muchly:

  • To be able to Advanced Materia Melding, you must first unlock the ability to do so.
  • The “Melding Materia Muchly” quest will be available from Mutamix Bubblypots in Central Thanalan if you have already finished the previous quest Waking the Spirit and should be at least a level 25 to do it. This quest chain is started with the quest “Forging the Spirit”.
  • You will be asked to meld several materia into several gears in front of Mutamix, and he shall judge if you are worthy of that secret technique.
  • Once you have executed his request, the Goblin heart will sway (not really) and Mutamix shall deem you worthy of his knowledge, he will spill it all to you. And congratulations, you have unlocked Advanced Melding!

A guide to complete the quest 'Melding Materia Muchly'

How to Penta-Meld:

  • Once you have known Advance Melding, doing it is just the same as normal melding. Only the chance the materia will get attached is lower and when you fail, the materia is lost, I mean, gone or disappear or puff puff. You get it right?
  • Open up your armoury chest or your character window if the equipment is worn,
  • Right-click on the selected piece of gear,
  • Choose “Meld”,
  • Choose the materia, and make sure it’s in your inventory and not in your retainer or Chocobo Saddle!
  • Press “Meld”.

A guide to penta-meld.

Since the chance is rather low, you can auto-meld an entire stack until one is attached. If you feel like it’s a waste of materia or you have no faith in RNG, you can buy a Penta-melded-gear from the Market Board. Mind you, they may not always be available, and when they do, it may kinda pricy…like insanely expensive actually. If you want to give it a try, I say good luck with those materias!

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