[Top 15] FF14 Best Items to Sell! (2022 Edition)

FF14 Best Items to Sell! (2022 Edition)
Crazy rich Popoto!

What would be the best item to sell now? Post-Endwalker release?

With the release of Tearwalker, ehem, I mean Endwalker, we all know we need a new set of lists for which item to sell. I have come to bring you the latest items that would make you rich, perhaps even more prosperous than the Leveilleur’s family. Well, who knows! Like Tataru said, “If you thought our coffers were full to bursting before, just wait till I can devote myself wholly to the crafts.” Or, in our case, to the farming! But before we begin, I have to remind; I’m from a JP Data Center, which prices may differ from that of NA or EU! With that being said, let us begin!

15. Materia

Crafters' materia X.

The first one would be materia! Materia is around you, the easiest way to get some sort of income! When the first crafting materia X was sold, it cost about 200k Gil each. Right now, the crafting materia X cost about 8k-10k Gil each. However, the newer materia available doesn’t make lower-level materia worthless! With just simple extraction, you can get your Gil fair and easy!

14. Treasure Maps

Treasure maps icons, the maps are unique items.

Next, we have the treasure maps. Treasure maps are something you can gather once every 18 hours. Treasure maps are varied depending on where you gather them. Some maps have a chance to open a portal to a secret treasure hunting dungeon, and you would want to collect those kinds of maps! The current highest in my server is Dragonskin and Gazelleskin Timeworn Map. With each range from 30k-70k Gil per map.

13. Dyes

General-purpose Jet Black dye.

The rare dyes’ price never ceased to amaze me. You can get your General-purpose Jet Black Dye and General-purpose Pure White Dye from the Bozjan Southern Front, Fête Present, or if you are lucky, your retainers can steal it for you! With the price range from 250k to 400k for each dye, with a bit of undercut, I’m sure the dyes will sell in no time!

12. Classical Signifier’s Set (iLevel 580)

Classical Signifer's Chiton.

With the new raid in hand, people will need to gear up! And Crafters and Gatherers, this is your time to shine! Craft the item with the iLevel of 580. You will need to gather the items necessary to craft the equipment and learn the recipe from the book. Each piece of equipment could range from 40k to 80k Gil followed by guaranteed purchase every day! It may sound like a lot, but it will be worth it.

11. Prince Lunatender

Prince Lunatender reminds me of Squidward's painting 'Bold and Brash'.

The meme’s minion is here. You can get them from a level 90 dungeon called Smileton., this is for you if you prefer to farm things from dungeons! You can unlock this dungeon once you have completed Endwalker Main Scenario Quest (MSQ). The price range from 200k-400k Gil for each of these cactuar-like-minion.

10. Thavnairian Onions

The expensive onion, Thavnairian Onions. Onions cutting gil.

Well, who might have guessed that the Thavnairian Onions would raise price and demands. Yes, these onions typically cost about 80k each, but after Endwalker, the price rose to 200%. Now one onion could cost 200k-260k Gil; what a robbery. If you like playing Harvestmoon in Final Fantasy XIV, this selection is for you. The only way to produce Thavnairian Onion is by cultivating plants. If you have the seed, it will take ten days to grow them! 2 quests that give out this onion; you might want to do it if you are only in it for the Gil. The quests are called: “Landing a Stable Job (Lv 50)” and “A Hunter’s True Nature (Lv 57)”. The onions are used to level the rank of your Chocobo companion from 10 up to level 20.

9. Greener Gleaner

Greener Gleaner, green mush.

This one is for you if you want to have a passive income chance. This minion is only available through Woodland Exploration XXVI - XXVII. So if you happen to have a Botanist retainer, you might want to send them there. Green Gleaner sells for at least 100k Gil, and the purchase rate is relatively high considering this is a new minion.

8. A Long Fall Orchestrion Roll

Let's hear some meme song.

Who doesn’t like the Twinning meme’s song? Some people may already be bored with the music, but our community is ever-growing, and new people are coming. Thus, the price for this Orchestrion Roll is ever the same. You can get the song from The Twinning dungeon, and one roll is priced at about 500k Gil.

7. Wivre Horn

The Wivre mount.

If you like to do FATEs, then perhaps this is for you. Getting this mount by participating in Shadowbringers or Endwalker FATEs will get you rich in no time, but the time you spend grinding the FATEs. One horn costs about 75 million Gil to 150 million Gil. How do you like that? Well, if you like it so much, collect those Bicolor Gemstones!

6. Pixie Wings

Fashion accessories, Pixie Wings.

Pixie Wings may be a bonus for treasure hunters; who doesn’t want to collect Gil and somehow get some extra? Pixie Wings drop from the Endwalker treasure maps. Considering the price of “Timeworn Kumbhiraskin Map” is very cheap, only 6k to 15k Gil each. Even if you didn’t get the wings, you would still profit. The wings price is from 650k Gil to 900k Gil. Now we can look fabulous like those Fae.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Orchestrion Roll

Bring back the old memory from Final Fantasy VIII.

Who doesn’t love FFVIII OST? This Orchestrion roll can be obtained from “Eden’s Promise: Litany.” With a spectacular selling price of 800k Gil each. Since we passed Shadowbringers, I believed you could farm this with an undersized party. It makes everything more simple.

4. Crabe de la Crabe

Who doesn't want this cute minion that I can't pronounce the name?

Another passive income if you have a Fisher retainer. The Waterside Exploration XXVI awaits you! Send your retainer to get this minion, and it will sell for 750k Gil each!

3. Hades’s Auracite

Hades's Auracite remains expensive.

To farm or not to farm tis’ the question. But you would want to farm this one! Just one of Hades’s Auracite, and you can get 1.5 million Gil. Plus, you can do it with an undersized party! Now, head to “The Minstrel’s Ballad: Hades’s Elegy” to farm this item!

2. Copycat Bulb

A fancier version of morbol seedling minion.

This one came from “The Forbidden Land, Eureka Pagos.” This minion is not cute (in my humble opinion), but somehow very expensive. Like 8-9 million Gil each expensive. If you are lucky, you can also get this minion from “Materiel Container 4.0,” which you can trade for 20k Grand Company Seals. Finger-crossed, good luck!

1. Golden Beaver

A beaver, either they are made of gold or bask in gold.

Zonurskin Treasure Map only costs you about 20k-30k Gil, and this Beaver sells for 3-4 million Gil. Although it is a rare drop, you will still get a return from just doing the treasure dungeon. Who wouldn’t want that? This minion is cute and dang expensive!

That concludes the updated list for items to sell after the Endwalker patch. Which one piqued or intrigued you the most? I, for one, wanna go straight for that 100 million, but I certainly don’t have the patience to farm it.

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