[Top 15] FIFA 20 Best Young Strikers Who Are Amazing

FIFA 20 best young strikers.
These guys are sure fire goal scorers.

Goals are the most important thing on FIFA 20, so here are the players that will get you plenty of them.

The striker is perhaps the most important role in football, as no matter how good a team's defense or midfield is if a team can't score a goal they won’t win football matches. This rule also applies to FIFA 20 and this article will tell you which young strikers are so good they have to be in your team. Once again, I have done the boring research for you, dear reader, so sit back and let me help you build your dream team. 

15. Paulo Dybala

One of the best in the game who can only get better.

Paulo Dybala may be one of the older players on this list but at 26 the Juventus star still has the potential to shine even brighter. And his FIFA 20 potential rating of 91 shows this, whilst it also shows why he is a must for anyone looking for a young striker. 

  • Being already 88 rated makes Dybala a massive immediate addition to your team. 
  • Dybala can slot in practically anywhere along the forward line, including at CAM and RW. 
  • 87 short passing means you can rely on Dybala to help set up chances for your other star strikers. 

Paulo Dybala full details - https://sofifa.com/player/211110 

14. Erling Braut Haland 

18 year old superstar Haland is a must on FIFA 20.

What young star striker list would be complete without Erling Braut Haland? None would be the answer as he has smashed onto the football scene this season and earned himself a big money move to Borussia Dortmund in January. He has already scored 7 goals in just 3 games for Dortmund, now imagine that in your FIFA 20 team. 

  • 90 potential overall rating makes Haland one of the best strikers in the game. 
  • 85 strength at just 18 is insane, at that age I could barely open a jar of mayonnaise. Although if I’m honest, I still struggle. 
  • 89 sprint speed means that even at such a large frame, standing 6 foot 4, Haland will still be a threat on counter-attacks. 

Erling Braut Haland full details - https://sofifa.com/player/239085 

13. Tammy Abraham 

The former Villian will surely be your FIFA 20 hero.

Having spent last season on loan at Championship side Aston Villa, many fans didn’t expect Tammy Abraham to displace World Cup winning forward Oliver Giroud in Chelsea’s first team. However, those fans  were wrong and Abraham has been a sensation for Chelsea this season, as he could be for you on FIFA 20. 

  • A potential of 86 means Abraham has plenty of room to improve on key stats. 
  • Standing at 6 foot 5 inches tall makes him a massive threat in the air. 
  • 81 heading accuracy means he should score many headers for your team. 

Tammy Abraham full details - https://sofifa.com/player/231352

12. Timo Werner

The best German striker in FIFA 20.

RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner is already one of the best strikers on FIFA 20 and with a potential rating of 89, he is a must for your team. 

  • 85 shot power means goalkeepers rarely try to save Werner’s shots as they’d prefer to keep their arms.
  • 88 finishing means Werner is already a great finisher who will only get better.
  • An 86 volley rating means that if the ball is falling to Werner odds are it's going to fall into the back of the net next. 

Timo Werner full details - https://sofifa.com/player/212188 

11. Vinicius Junior

Junior is no Junior talent on FIFA 20.

Vinicius Junior is one of Real Madrid’s brightest prospects and given their mass of youth talent that is no easy task. Junior is slowly cementing himself into Real Madrid’s team, and given the chance, he could do the same for your FIFA 20 side.

  • A potential of 92 means Junior could become as good as Neymar, and better than other star players like Eden Hazard. 
  • 93 pace makes Junior one of FIFA 20’s fastest players. 
  • 5* skill moves mean you will be able to use all of the skill moves in FIFA 20 with him. 

Vinicius Junior full details - https://sofifa.com/player/238794 

10. Mason Greenwood

Could he help you lift the gold on FIFA 20?

Manchester United fans are placing a lot of their hopes and dreams for future seasons on one of this year's bright sparks, Mason Greenwood. Greenwood at just 71 overall may not seem like a great FIFA 20 striker but he certainly can grow into one. 

  • 88 potential showcases Greenwood’s room to grow and why he should be in your team.
  • 5* weak foot is insane for a 17-year-old, so even at his current rating, he will still be of use to you. 
  • 6 foot 1 and still growing means that Greenwood could be an aerial threat. 

Mason Greenwood full details - https://sofifa.com/player/246147

9. Wesley

He will powerhouse his way to the goal.

Unfortunately for his new club Aston Villa, Wesley recently suffered a season-ending injury. But luckily for us that doesn’t affect him on FIFA 20, where he is a dream young striker. A potential of 84 may not seem as high as others on this list, but Wesley has the key stats in the key areas. 

  • A high attacking work-rate means Wesley will always be on the front foot looking to score goals. 
  • 91 strength makes Wesley the biggest bully in the FIFA 20 locker room.
  • Being 6 foot 3 makes Wesley a huge threat in the opposition box, as well as a defensive asset in your own at corners. 

Wesley full details - https://sofifa.com/player/232381

8. Gabriel Jesus 

He is a miracle striker on FIFA 20.

Anytime Manchester City’s main striker Sergio Aguero is injured fans know they have little reason to worry, and that is because of the young starlet Gabriel Jesus waiting on the wings. At just 22, Jesus already has a trophy cabinet better than most footballers ever dream of, with Premier League medals galore. And Jesus should have no problem lifting the gold for your FIFA 20 club. 

  • 88 potential showcases why Manchester City fans believe they have already found a replacement for the aging Aguero. 
  • Being Brazilian means Jesus can link to other young attacking stars, like Wesley. 
  • 90 balance is a strong rating because it means Jesus will rarely fall over, although I’m yet to see him walk on water.

Gabriel Jesus full details - https://sofifa.com/player/230666 

7. Marcus Rashford 

Super speedy Marcus Rashford should get you plenty of goals.

Marcus Rashford has sensationally proved any doubters wrong this season as he has filled the void left by Romelu Lukaku for Manchester United seamlessly. Rashford is already Manchester United’s star player and he could be the same for your FIFA 20 team. 

  • A potential of 88 shows that Rashford can only get better.
  • 92 pace makes Rashford lethal off of counter-attacks. 
  • 87 stamina means that Rashford will be good for you for the full 90 minutes. 

Marcus Rashford full details - https://sofifa.com/player/231677 

6. Lautaro Martinez 

Martinez will never let you down infront of goal.

At 22 years old Lautaro Martinez is already one of the biggest stars for one of the world’s biggest clubs in Inter Milan. The striker has already scored 16 goals this season and that tally seems to rise every time he plays. This means he is a sure thing on FIFA 20 for your team. 

  • Martinez has an impressive potential rating of 90 on FIFA 20. 
  • 88 jumping makes him a massive threat from crosses. 
  • 86 aggression means he will never stop working hard for the team. 

Lautaro Martinez full details - https://sofifa.com/player/231478 

5. Luka Jovic 

Jovic knows where the goal is.

Another Real Madrid player, Luka Jovic joined the club from Frankfurt on a 6-year contract last summer. And although he hasn’t starred for the team, at 22 Jovic is still a massive young striking talent, and on FIFA 20 it is no different. 

  • Jovic can reach an 89 overall rating making him one of the best strikers in the game. 
  • 5* weak foot means Jovic is just as good with his left as he is his right.
  • 86 finishing is already a great rating that will only increase the better he does for your team. 

Luka Jovic full details - https://sofifa.com/player/232432 

4. Rodrygo

Real's latest Brazilian wonderkid will do wonders for you on FIFA 20.

Not much was known about Real Madrid’s newest Brazilian LW Rodrygo when he signed for the club from Santos last year. But now we know a lot as Rodrygo has lit up Real Madrid making some impressive appearances for a 19-year-old on such a massive stage. 

  • Rodrygo can become a 90+ rated player with even better stats than he has now. 
  • 82 dribbling means Rodrygo should be able to get past players relatively easily. 
  • Medium/Medium work-rates makes Rodrygo a useful defensive asset as well as an attacking one. 

Rodrygo full details - https://sofifa.com/player/243812/rodrygo-silva-de-goes/?hl=en-US 

3. Harry Kane

He will rock you like a hurricane.

Harry Kane is one of the older players on this list but at 26 he is still worthy of inclusion, as his potential to grow is still massive. The 2018 World Cup Golden Boot winner, Harry Kane is already an excellent card on FIFA 20 that can still improve.

  • A potential rating rise to 91 shows that Kane can become even better if you use him well. 
  • 94 finishing shows why Kane is an elite tier goalscorer in FIFA 20. 
  • 90 penalties make sure his spot-kicks blow past the goalkeeper like a hurricane.

Harry Kane full details - https://sofifa.com/player/202126/harry-kane/?hl=en-US 

2. Joao Felix 

Could he become better than Cristiano Ronaldo?

Joao Felix blasted on to the football scene last season at Benfica and earned himself a mega-money move to European giants Atletico Madrid. Felix is just 19 and already a great striker on FIFA 20, but he can get even better. 

  • Felix has a potential rating of 93, the same as Cristiano Ronaldo 
  • 5* skill moves mean Felix is already one of the best dribblers in the game. 
  • 84 positioning is very high for a young striker and will only improve as his rating does. He will have no problem being in the right place at the right time. 

Joao Felix full details - https://sofifa.com/player/242444/joao-felix-sequeira/ 

1. Kylian Mbappe

PSG's main man will bag you plenty of goals for years to come.

At a rating of 89, Kylian Mbappe is already one of the best strikers on FIFA 20. But what makes Mbappe the best on this list is how much more he can still improve. He has a potential rating of 95, which is the highest in the game so he is a must for any team. 

  • 96 pace makes Mbappe already one of the quickest players in FIFA 20.
  • 5* skill moves mean Mbappe faces no issues getting past opponents. 
  • Mbappe is also able to play in the RW or LW positions.

Kylian Mbappe full details - https://sofifa.com/player/231747/kylian-mbappe/200023/?hl=en-US 

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