Friday the 13th All Jasons (Ranked from Weakest to Strongest, 2021)

Friday the 13th game  All Jasons
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For four decades, Friday the 13th fans have been enamored with the legend of Jason Vorhees. Little did they know that one day they would have the chance of actually controlling Jason! Of course, with control of Jason comes great responsibility. Knowledge of his key strengths and weaknesses will give you a better understanding of how to utilize him. Here’s a guide for every Jason to help you slaughter the counselors on YOUR camp. 

And don’t forget, Mother is watching!


  • BAD TIER: Avoid at all costs.
  • MID TIER: Chance to be successful.
  • GOD TIER: Play them with confidence.


Part 7


Strengths: Sense/Water Speed/Grip Strength

Weaknesses: Can’t Run/Traps/Shift

Undoubtedly the worst Jason in the game. His inability to run makes it harder to catch counselors, especially ones with fast feet such as Chad and Vanessa. He’s limited to only 3 Traps and has weak map control. In recent patches, his Shift ability has improved but still doesn’t warrant enough to select him. 

Water Speed is pointless most of the time, seeing as counselors don’t spend much of their time in the water unless they’re escaping in the boat, but that doesn’t happen as often as other ways of escape. Sometimes they do use it to cross over to the other side of the map quicker, but it’s essentially useless. His Sense ability is one of the best, but it doesn’t save him from the disaster that he is. Lastly, Grip Strength is useless if you can’t even run to catch up with the counselors. Avoid him unless you’re absolutely desperate.

Part 9


Strengths: Shift/Stun Resistance/Stalk

Weaknesses: Can’t Run/Less Hit Points/Traps

Sadly, one of the coolest-looking Jasons sits near the bottom of the list. Like Part 7, he’s very limited when it comes to Traps. The more hidden traps, the better. Combine that with Can’t Run, and you’re gifting other players the exit gates to escape. Less Hit Points is pretty much a guarantee that his mask will quickly be knocked off and he will easily be killed. Without his ability to run after counselors and set sneaky traps all over the map, he’s a horrible choice.

On the other hand, his Shift and Stalk combination is quite impressive and can be useful when it comes to catching speedy counselors. Still, his inability to set lots of Traps on the map will hinder him as experienced players will simply work around this. The Less Hit Points disadvantage will make him a target when it comes to players who love to kill Jason (and there are lots of them.) Avoid him for a better Jason.

Part 4


Strengths: Can Run/Weapon Strength/Destruction

Weaknesses: Water Speed/Shift/Traps

Most people enjoy this Jason solely for the Weapon Strength and Destruction, meaning that he will unleash holy hell on counselors when he catches up with them. And yes, he actually runs. However, his Shift and limited Traps combination is one of the worst duos to have. His Shift takes so long to cool down after it’s been used that running will seem pointless since counselors will have plenty of time to run away while he’s cooling.

However, as mentioned before, his Can Run ability makes it a lot easier to catch up to counselors that are dashing toward the exit while low on stamina. Still, with his weak Shift and sad display of Traps, especially with weak Water Speed if the boat is repaired, he’s best to be avoided for a Jason with much better strengths.


Part 2


Strengths: Can Run/Traps/Morph

Weaknesses: Shift/Defense/Water Speed

Kicking off the mid-tier list is perhaps the most controversial Jason in the game. Many gamers are split down the middle between Part 2 being a good or bad Jason. His Can Run ability makes him essential when it comes to chasing down counselors. Along with this, he has a significant number of Traps to scatter around the map, making it harder for counselors to complete necessary Objectives. His incredible Morph also allows him to navigate to where he needs to go on the map, giving him complete map control.

Shift is the weakest area when it comes to Part 2 Jason. However, his excellent Morph allows him to counteract the Shift by being able to control the map well. He does happen to be affected with Stun easier, as his Defense score isn’t great, but he makes up for it with his insane amount of Traps and incredible Morph chance. If played the right way, Part 2 Jason can be a deadly force to be reckoned with.

Part 3


Strengths: Can Run/Weapon Strength/Grip Strength

Weaknesses: Stun Resistance/Sense/Stalk

Thank goodness we ditched that potato sack for an actual mask. Sorry, THE mask! As the very first Jason to sport the hockey mask, he holds a special place in many players’ hearts. His best strength is his Can Run ability, which makes it that much easier for him to grab counselors by the throats and tear them to shreds. This particularly comes in handy thanks to his Grip Strength and Weapon Strength when he’s wielding that Axe. 

However, his weak Sense and Stalk does have the opportunity to make him a target that most of the counselors can keep track of at all times. Combine that with weak Stun Resistance and a group of counselors (along with Tommy Jarvis) could schedule batting practice with your head. Still, he’s an average, middle-tier Jason that does have the chance to boast some sweet success, just so long as you kill everyone.


Part 5


Strengths: Throwing Knives/Stalk/Can Run

Weaknesses: Defense/Grip Strength/Stun Resistance 

Funny how perhaps the most underrated Jason in the game isn’t actually Jason! With the right approach, Part 5 “Jason” has the potential of being the most powerful in the game. His Shift ability is fairly decent, along with his Can Run ability to stay on top of counselors trying to complete Objectives. Another perk for Part 5 is that he spawns in with several Throwing Knives already, which are used to slow down running counselors and apply tons of pressure. His increased Stalk also keeps him smooth and stealthy. 

In the weakened category, he wields Less Hit Points and a Stun Resistance. Both of these can accompany counselors attacking him with weapons over and over, and even seeking to accomplish killing him. Roy is probably one of the easiest versions to kill, but you’re going to have to die trying. Play as Part 5 with extreme confidence.

Part 6


Strengths: Throwing Knives/Sense/Shift

Weaknesses: Defense/Can’t Run/Morph

A personal favorite of mine, Part 6 Jason has been considerably underrated in the eyes of many. As a slower Jason without the ability to run, he does quite well for himself. He starts with several Throwing Knives, which is insanely helpful considering he doesn’t run. Hise increased Sense and Shift do him a world of favors when stopping counselors from completing important Objectives. His Shift also holds a strong durability length, along with the fact that it comes back quickly even after he’s just used it. 

However, his decreased Morph does make it hard for him to maintain map control and apply the needed pressure to counselors. He also Can’t Run which does indeed slow him down, but that’s where his incredible Shift can help you achieve real success. Because of his strong Sense and Shift, Part 6 has been deemed as one of the hardest Jasons to kill. Play him with a huge grin on your face, and let the blood of the counselors pour.

Part 8


Strengths: Water Speed/Destruction/Stalk

Weaknesses: Sense/Can’t Run/Grip Strength

Without question, he is one of the strongest Jasons in the entire game. His incredible Destruction warrants him the ability to wreak havoc all over Camp Crystal Lake on whoever he wants. Water Speed allows him to get to places on the map much faster by crossing through the water with efficiency. He also begins the match with 5 Traps ready to catch some clueless counselors. Combine all of that with his insane Stalk ability, and most counselors won’t even know what hit them. Literally. 

Can’t Run is probably his biggest weakness, which can trigger a relatively low chase ability. Not to worry, his Throwing Knives will gladly pick up the slack as he aims them at the back of teenage heads. His Sense ability will make it harder for him to track any counselor’s whereabouts, but his Stalk will have them wishing for death once he locks his vengeful sights on them. Start him with the utmost confidence, and reap the benefits.

Savini Jason


Strengths: Shift/Weapon Strength/Destruction

Weaknesses: Water Speed/Can’t Run/Grip Strength

The Motherload of all Jasons, and rightfully so. Savini Jason is considered a precious commodity among Friday-fans and gamers, seeing as he’s not available to unlock like the rest of the Jasons. He was originally gifted to backers donating to the Kickstarter, though has since been available for a limited time for purchase. However, if you missed the few chances he was up for grabs, then that ship has sadly sailed. His insane level of Shift, Weapon Strength, and means for Destruction almost guarantee that no counselor is making it out alive. 

Most counselors will likely stray away from actually trying to attack you, and hideaway in the shadows and cabins searching for anything to give them a chance at survival. Many will probably also stick to just completing necessary Objectives, so stay on top of them with Traps and that creepy music that accompanies Savini Jason when he’s approaching. Many players will likely be intimidated by you, so take that advantage to cause as much chaos as you possibly can. He’s the absolute best Jason in the game, and if you have him, consider yourself royalty.


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