[Top 10] Genshin Impact Most Popular Female Characters That Wreck Hard!

Kamisato Ayaka, Shirasagi Himegimi
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Who are the best female DPS characters in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact being an anime action RPG game brings you a set of both male and female characters that have amazing looks as well as amazing abilities. 

We decided to rank the top waifus that wreck hard in the game. The criteria to rank them is simple. Those who can deal the most damage regardless of being on-field or off-field are ranked accordingly. 

We try to rank them according to DPS output.

10. Beidou

Beidou, Captain of the Alcor

The captain of the Alcor, Beidou who got her vision by fighting a sea monster, is at our 10th rank. Making the straight girls gay, Beidou’s charisma shines all throughout the Liyue harbor. 

Beidou can be your 4-star DPS/Sub-DPS/Support in your party and she will do insane damage when she is on the field with a Serpent Spine or a Wolf’s Gravestone. 

For Beidou to shine the brightest, you should get her C6. Her elemental skill (hold) deals damage on hits taken. That means, if you take a hit and do a counter attack, you will gain a massive damage bonus. At talent level 13, this bonus itself would be 340%, which is an insanely good amount of DMG. Moreover, this adds up with the base damage, which is 258.4% at talent level 13.

When you do the skill (hold), she would go to a defense formation and takes incoming damage before dealing with a slash that deals full base DMG which is 258.4% at talent level 13. 

When you use the elemental burst, Beidou deals a lightning strike and covers herself with an electro shield. This stays on when she is off field as well, applying electro in its AoE. At talent level 13, she can deal 258.4%+204% DMG with her burst.

9. Keqing

Keqing, Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing

The Yuheng of the Liyue Qixing is a fearless warrior. As a character, she is very efficient when it comes to work. She is also efficient when it comes to electro application and DMG. Meet the fastest electro applicator to this day on Genshin Impact.

Keqing is a standard banner DPS character that you can pull as a 5 star. Keqing deals most of her damage with her charged attacks although her elemental skill and burst are good enough to deal a decent amount of damage.

Keqing can only play a DPS role, as she does not do any off field damage. Her charged attacks deal 151.81%+170% DMG which is an average amount for a 5-star character. Her elemental skill lets you position and send a lightning stiletto towards the enemy and once you place that and do the elemental skill again, she will deal a slash that would deal 302.4% DMG to the opponents in the AoE. 

Keqing’s burst has enormous AoE dealing lightning-fast strikes to enemies. At the talent level 10, she would deal over 400% DMG as an aggregate, which is not the most impressive number but still it stuns the enemies.

8. Yoimiya


Yoimiya, Fireworks expert and Nagonohara Fireworks

Yoimiya deals her damage with her normal attacks. Her normal attack scalings are one of the highest in the game and as an aggregate, she can deal over 700% DMG in five consecutive normal shots. 

When she uses her skill, the normal attacks she deals get a buff of 161.74% at her talent level 10. That means every stat would add 161.74% to each of them. That can stack over 1000%. 

Yoimiya is very effective against a single enemy or a group of enemies that are grouped together. The reason why she is in 8th place here is her burst AoE. The scalings are not the most impressive but decent enough. At her talent level 10, her burst AoE would deal 219.6% DMG. Her skill when the burst is active would do 228.96% DMG per attack, which is decent enough for a burst.

7. Jean

Jean Gunnhildr, Acting Grandmaster of the Knights of Favonius

Jean is a standard banner Anemo character who has a well-balanced kit. You can get her wishing on the standard banner. And, when you lose 50/50 on your featured character banner you have a chance of getting her. 

Her burst can heal your characters very rapidly. At her talent level 10, she will heal your active characters by 452.16% ATK + 3389, which is almost full HP for most of your characters.

Her burst base DMG is 764.64% at talent level 10, which is insanely good for a 5-star character. In addition, Anemo being one of the most powerful, if not, the most powerful element in the game, Jean makes a very valuable character.

Recently, people discovered a new team comp called “Sunfire Jean” to take down Abyss lector shields fast, which includes Jean as the main. They use her burst and pyro or electro application to take down the shields of Abyss lectors as their shields break only on elemental reactions.

Even though she is not the most OP female character, she deserves a good rank compared to others because of these new revelations.

6. Xiangling

Xiangling, Chef at Wanmin Restaurant

Xiangling is a free four-star character you can get after completing her quest in the early game. Also, she is a standard banner character that you can get any time by wishing on the standard banner.

She becomes absolutely cracked when she gets all of her constellations. She can be your DPS in the early game and a very good off field support with her Guoba attack and the Pyronado.

Her Pyronado at the talent level 10 would deal damage revolving around her. It lasts for 14 seconds and also buffs the Pyro DMG output. At her level 13, she would deal, 238% as Pyronado DMG. However, as it lasts for 14 seconds, you can get a few hits on an enemy and it is most effective on a mob of enemies surrounding you.

5. Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun, God of Eternity and Electro Archon

Raiden shogun is the most versatile character in the game and she wrecks hard no matter what her role is. She can be your DPS or your support. Either way, she will wreck hard.

Raiden levels up with ER. When she uses her elemental skill, its passive would allow the current character’s burst to be buffed based on its energy cost. In addition, this would increase her resistance to interruption as well.

When she uses her burst, all of her attacks become elemental burst DMG until the duration ends. As she scales with ER, for every 1% of ER above 100% she gains 0.6% of energy restoration and 0.4% of electro DMG bonus.

4. Hu Tao

Hu Tao, Director of the Wansheng Funeral Parlor

Hu Tao is made to deal tons of DMG. She is one of the highest damage-dealing units in the game so far. As a Pyro character, she deals her damage mostly through her elemental application and reactions.

Hu Tao’s elemental skill scales with her max HP up to 400% of her base ATK. Her passive allows her to gain 33% Pyro DMG bonus when her HP is lower than 50%. In addition, when her elemental skill ends, all the other party members gain 12% CRIT rate for 8 seconds. 

Hu Tao’s constellations are specially helpful for her to deal more damage. Her C2 increases the skill DMG by 105% of her max HP stacking with the original DMG percentage. At her C6, when her HP is lower than 25%, she would gain 200% physical RES and 100% CRIT rate. So, she‘s guaranteed to do a critical hit at that level.

The only reason she is at this rank is the corrosion effects introduced to some enemies like Rifthounds. While dodging is already difficult against a group of Rifthounds, her HP would drain before you could even do a round.

3.Kamisato Ayaka

Kamisato Ayaka, Shiresagi Himegimi 

Kamisato Ayaka who won over the hearts of the community by the storm, is on the 3rd place of our list and that’s because of only one reason. Ayaka’s burst does not have a good AoE and mostly effective on single enemies. However, it deals a lot of DMG regardless.

Her elemental skill at the talent level 10 deals 430.56% DMG with a considerable AoE for a skill. It launches the enemies within the AoE from you. Her elemental burst, although that does not have much AoE, wrecks enemies hard. You can use this against the Abyss lectors effectively. With around 150k-200k DMG her burst is only second to Eula. 

With her passive talents, Ayaka gains 30% increased DMG for 6s after dealing the elemental skill. At the end of her alternate sprint, if that hits an enemy, Ayaka gains 18% Cryo DMG bonus for 10s.

2. Eula

Eula Lawrence, Spindrift Knight of the Knights of Favonius

This physical DMG queen wrecks the hardest, I should rank her at the top but, due to the complexity of her playstyle, and requirements to get the most out of her including the investment, did not allow me to put her on top considering the F2P players. In addition, the new enemies like Abyss lectors require elemental reactions rather than physical attacks to deal DMG.

Eula’s kit is an arsenal but it is complicated.  Her normal attacks carry up to 1093.54% of DMG if you deal all the normal attacks from 1 to 5. Once she stacks her “Grimhearts”, you can release them with elemental hold skill to deal even more DMG as physical DMG. At the talent level 10, this would be about 442.08% DMG. This also decreases physical and Cryo RES by 25%. 

When she unleashes her burst, she summons a “Lightfall Sword”that blasts in 7 seconds. This Lightfall Swordgains stacks of DMG adding 148.24% per stack and can add up to 30. Regardless,Lightfall Sword’s base DMG is 725.56% which is guaranteed. With a C6 and R5 Song of Broken Pine, if you manage to gain all the 30 stacks, theoretically you will deal 5172.76% DMG which is the highest DMG a character can do in Genshin(theoretically).

1. Ganyu

Ganyu, Adepti and Secretary of the Liyue Qixing

Being the most broken character in the game, Ganyu takes the highest spot in our list. Although Eula can deal massive amount of DMG, it is not guaranteed and requires a lot of investment. Ganyu on the other hand, requires relatively less investments and she deals DMG with her charged shots sometimes one shotting boss phases. 

Ganyu’s charged shot that has massive AoE deals 230.4% + 391.68% attalent level 10. Not only that but also, her burst provides 20% extra Cryo DMG. Therefore, her charged shots gain even more DMG. 

Her burst also has massive AoE. Although it deals around 125.49% DMG per icicle in the burst, it helps fighting mobs especially when you want to freeze them. Both of her freeze comps and melt comps are cracked as they have good support characters that can boost up her DMG.

With no doubt, we placed her at the first place because we do not believe that Genshin will ever release another character that is broken like this.

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