[Top 10] Guild Wars 2 Best Scepter Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Channel all of your arcane might in these awesome scepters and crush your enemies' souls in Guild Wars 2.
Channel all of your arcane might in these awesome scepters and crush your enemies' souls in Guild Wars 2.

While the staff is usually the main focus of magic users in Guild Wars 2, the scepter should never be seen as inferior to it. Scepters have their place in the game and can make for excellent precise attacks compared to the massive area-of-attack spells usually cast by their big bro counterpart. Nevertheless, the scepters featured have found to not just be the very best skins, but are also known to be freaking awesome according to the community.


10. Emberglow

Emberglow is one of the first exotic weapons the players can be introduced to while playing the game normally and venture into the Ascalonian Catacombs. There they meet a well-known NPC named Hodgins who dual wields these unique scepters despite no profession being able to do so. Let the fire glow to light your way past your journey as you continue to search for more awe-inspiring weapons, Commander.

Why they are awesome

  • The Emberglow is one of the first scepter skins with a flaming particle effect and has been a long-standing favorite among the playerbase.
  • The fire particles being emitted don’t move while being swung which may bring this skin down a notch, but is still a beloved scepter nevertheless.
  • The Emberglow may trigger PTSD among the old-school players who have stuck around since the early days grinding the Ascalonian Catacombs path 1 and raging against the NPC Hodgins.

See Emberglow in action:

Hypernl’s YouTube Video

How to get Emberglow:

  • Randomly looted from various sources anywhere in the world, either from foes, containers that drop exotic gear, chests, guild missions, raids, strikes, etc.
  • Random chance while combining several rare exotic equipment in the Mystic Forge.
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 24-40 silver.


9. Latrodectus

Life always finds a way according to the movie, Jurassic Park. The Latrodectus scepter is inspired from not just this timeless movie but of all the times that scientists have found perfectly preserved animals, insects, and plant life that have been encased in amber. Whatever you do, please do not go around trying to resurrect these things for fun and profit.

Why they are awesome

  • Latrodectus is a part of the beautiful Ambrite weapon set; weaponry that features various insects encased inside amber and becomes the main focus of several weapons.
  • Latrodectus features intricate details on the weapon as the curved detailing surrounds the amber head.
  • Latrodectus and the Ambrite weapons are one of the first batches of weapons that begin to use the new stat prefixes starting with the Nomad stat (toughness + vitality + healing power).

See Latrodectus in action:

Mega Unit’s YouTube Video

How to get Latrodectus:

  • Obtain the Recipe: Latrodectus item then combine an Ambrite Fossilized Spider, Ancient Scepter Core, Ancient Scepter Rod, and a Nomad's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription in the Mystic Forge


8. Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter

Cats: You either love them for their adorable, mischievous antics and independence, or hate them for being the rascals they are or for triggering your allergies. For the majority of the player base who love them, the Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter is a fantastic addition to their arsenal. Not only does it function as any normal scepter, you can pretty much roleplay with the cats in-game and play with them.

Why they are awesome

  • The Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter, by all means and purposes, is a refurbished cat toy that has been turned into a fine scepter that cats, cat-lovers, and possibly Charr would love to have on their person at all times.
  • It is a fun, silly scepter that you can whip out whenever you see cats in game and pretend they are enjoying the time of their lives with you.
  • The Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter has feathers tied to a string that sways whenever the player moves and swings the weapon around.

See the Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter in action:

Senieth’s YouTube Video

How to get the Decalibrated Feline Holoscepter:

  • Purchasable from the Holomancer Netto NPC at the Lower Research Stacks in Rata Sum for 5 gold.


7. Antonina

Imagine coming home to your player character's home, hoping to see their favorite little sister and dog and playing together with them only to see an abomination standing before you, calling out to you. While Antonina's lore is not similar to this totally original scenery and not a reference to any famous anime or manga about a girl and her dog being fused by a mad alchemist, it is still something really off putting to say the least. To whoever shall craft this abominable weapon, please find a way to end its misery once and for all.

Why they are awesome

  • As creepy as the scepter is, Antonina has its fans especially those who love Full Metal Alchemist and the obvious reference to a certain unfortunate event.
  • This fleshy scepteris fully animated, moving around while being wielded and while sheathed.
  • Antonina gurgles and growls, as it is in fact, a living creature that you are wielding as a Scepter.

See Antonina in action:

Dulfy’s YouTube Video

How to get Antonina:

  • Combine a Mini Failed Attempt, Gift of Souls, Philosopher's Stone, and an ascended scepter with the stats you want in the Mystic Forge.


6. Dragonsblood Scepter

During the Living World story, All or Nothing, we are eventually given the task of forging various Dragonsblood weaponry and taking the fight to the Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik. The very same weapons can be crafted by our characters to use in our many adventures and make a fine collection to our wardrobes.

Why they are awesome

  • The weapon is composed of the actual rod of the scepter which the player holds onto, and the branded core that floats above the rod via magic.
  • The Dragonsblood Scepter has a rather simplistic design for the rod's handle, but has increased value thanks to the lore of the weapon and the circumstances surrounding the creation of the weapon and its weapon set.
  • There is a very subtle particle effect of energy shooting from the tip of the branded crystal on the core of the weapon which activated when the weapon is used.

See the Dragonsblood Scepter in action:

The Krytan Herald’s YouTube Video

How to get the Dragonsblood Scepter:

  • Obtain the Recipe: Dragonsblood Scepter item then combine10 Branded Mass, Ancient Scepter Core, Ancient Scepter Rod, and a Diviner's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription  in the Mystic Forge.


5. Zhaitan’s Reach

Just when you thought that there wouldn't be anymore disturbing weapons in the game, we are reminded with another weapon that started it all: Zhaitan's Reach. This creepy severed arm is stuck in a necrotic pose as if reaching towards whatever the user is aiming for. It does make for an interesting back scratcher at least if you don't want to use it for as a weapon.

Why they are awesome

  • Zhaitan's Reach is basically a severed, undead arm that is modeled after the very same Zhaitan undead minion that often grasps at players wherever Orrian monsters can be found.
  • This decaying arm is perfect for Necromancers which is also modeled from the Guild Wars 1 Necromancer's arm.
  • It is one of the larger scepter skins in game and can make for some interesting clipping with certain armor pieces. You now have an excuse to tell people that you are simply excited to see them.

See Zhaitan’s Reach in action:

SIXEN’s YouTube Video

How to get Zhaitan’s Reach:

  • Possible reward from beating the World Boss, Tequatl the Sunless.
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 40-60 silver


4. Eye of Rodgort

The Eye of Rodgort is one of the many scepters that has become a favorite among players with evil-looking characters or necromancers. The sinister scepter ominously corrupts its foes as they get destroyed by your overwhelming power. With the Eye of Rodgort, know that someone or something is always watching your back.

Why they are awesome

  • The Eye of Rodgort constantly moves around the core of the scepter, staring at various things as if it is observing the battlefield.
  • Upon wielding the weapon, the scepter bursts into an eerie, sinister violet flame from the middle of the scepter rod all the way to the core.
  • The actual head of the scepter resembles an evil claw grasping at the actual eye pf the weapon.
  • If you haven't noticed it yet or figured out the reference, Rodgort when spelled backwards is Trogdor, a.k.a. Trogdor the Burninator.

See the Eye of Rodgort in action:

GuildWars Leveling’s YouTube Video

How to get the Eye of Rodgort:

  • Combine and Eldritch Scroll, 100 Mystic Coins, 250 Vial of Powerful Blood, and a Lidless Eye in the Mystic Forge.


3. Princess Wand

The Princess Wand is one of the many technically free weapon skins you can get during Wintersday in December. As the precursor to the Magical Weapon set that arrived years after, this fun weapon has been a mainstay for those who love turning their characters into magical girls or characters that use wands. The Princess Wand will be one of your favorite cheap alternative skins that has its own particle effects.

Why they are awesome

  • The Princess Wand should be on the top of your list if you want something relatively cheap yet awesome looking.
  • It resembles the stereotypical magical girl wand weapon and somehow fits Mesmers thematically.
  • The Princess Wand features shining gemstones on the wand and unique particle and glow effects that emit from the scepter's core.
  • The tassel moves whenever the player swings the weapon around, tying this weapon back to reality/

See the Princess Wand in action:

Good Gaming’s YouTube Video

How to get the Princess Wand:

  • Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock - random chance
  • Guaranteed Weapon Unlock - random chance
  • Purchasable from the Charity Corps Seraph NPC at the Crown Pavillion in Divinity's Reach for 504 Karma during the Wintersday festival.
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 64 copper - 2 silver.


2. Immobulus

Immobulus is one of the very first exotic weapons that the player can potentially see if they play as the human race and decide to go with the circus storyline. Unlike the villainous Ringmaster, you can craft the same weapon and wield it to conquer the forces of evil.

Why they are awesome

  • Immobulus was featured in the human personal story quest and is the model for the Floating Grizwhirl weapon that the the villanous Ringmaster used.
  • It is a fantastically designed weapon that features a hypnodisk that spins at the core of the scepter.
  • Immobulous emits cartoony particle effects that resemble hearts, candy moons, and flowers.

See Immobulus in action:

Lupercaleb’s YouTube Video

How to get Immobulus:

  • Combine an Eldritch Scroll, 30 Mystic Coins, 250 Pile of Crystaline Dust,  and 250 Giant Eye in the Mystic Forge.
  • Purchasable from the trading post for roughly 70-180 gold.


1. Xiuquatl

It can be said that the top spot of the most awesome scepter skins belong to the first legendary weapon, Meteorlogicus, but it has since been toppled by Xiuquatl. Not only is it a capable legendary scepter that many players will go after and add to their cololection, it it exceedingly rare for a weapon to summon a pet when it is being wielded by the player. According to the lore, it resembles the revered life serpent the Hylek revere and gives their people hope. Just like the hope the frog people continue to cling on to, let this awesome legendary accompany you on your many adventures to come.

Why they are awesome

  • Aside from the fact that it is a legendary weapon with all the abilities they all share with one another, as a skin, Xiuquatl is designed with an Aztec-esque theme in mind with the stony details and ornate sculpture.
  • When Xiuquatl is unsheathed, an explosion of green energy bursts from the weapon and summons a tiny winged serpent flies alongside you. 
  • As you are carrying the weapon on your character, you leave behind misty green puddles as you move across the field.
  • Majority of the projectiles that come from this weapon are changed from the standard model to being that of green jade.

See Xiuquatl in action:

Roelski’s YouTube Video

How to get Xiuquatl:

Unlike the first and third generation legendary weapons, second generation legendary weapons need to be crafted from scratch and need the following materials in the Mystic Forge:

  • The precursor weapon, Tlehco
  • Mystic Tribute
  • Gift of Xiuquatl
  • Gift of Maguuma or Desert Mastery


Closing Thoughts

Scepters are viable, powerful, main hand magical weapons for those who are adamant in not using staves for whatever reason. Scepters have always received neat weapon skins that turn it from being an ordinary magical item to something as absurd as a magical girl's wand. Whichever awesome skin you choose to rock, keep your enemies at bay and they will never get close to you.


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