[Top 10] KH3 Best Accessories for Sora

Becoming a fashionista just got a lot more... technical?

Accessories in Kingdom Hearts 3 aren’t for their fashion sense and looking cool. They can give Sora, Donald, and Goofy insane stat boosts to help you along your journey in the vast worlds of the game. This Top 10 list will inform you all about the best accessories in the game for our main protagonist.

10. Ribbon

This accessory has great stat boosts, considering how easy it is to get. It gives you a little boost in all the needed areas—including resistance to all elements in the game—making it an all-around good accessory to have on you.

What’s so great about the Ribbon?

  • Damage Syphon is an equipped ability, which regenerates some of your MP when you take damage.
  • +1 AP boost
  • +30% resistance to all elements

How to Obtain the Ribbon: You’ll need to photograph 30 Lucky Emblems. Check out this guide on how to do so.

For the full details on the Ribbon, click this link.

9. Master's Necklace

This gold-plated accessory doesn’t disappoint with its buffs. It’ll give you a staggering amount of AP, as well as MP Haste, which is always a wonderful ability to have in order to keep casting spells!

What’s so great about Master’s Necklace?

  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Magic
  • +16 AP allows you to equip more abilities on the go
  • MP Haste allows you to regenerate MP, allowing you to cast spells more frequently

How to Obtain Master’s Necklace: So, you have two options. Either you photograph 45 Lucky Emblems, or you can destroy Phantom Ships, which have a 30% chance of dropping this accessory.

  • For a guide on photographing Lucky Emblems, click here.
  • For a guide on Phantom Ships, click here instead.

8. Cosmic Arts

This keychain-doohickey lookin’ thing is more powerful than it lets on. For one, it has Damage Syphon, which will allow you to recoup some MP when you take damage. It also gives you a solid AP boost, so that you can equip more abilities. Who could say no to this accessory?

What’s great about Cosmic Arts:

  • +12 AP allows you to equip more abilities
  • +4 Strength
  • +4 Magic
  • Damage Syphon regenerates some of your MP upon taking damage

How to Obtain Cosmic Arts: Again, there’s two options. One way you can get this accessory is from a chest located at Ship’s End. The second option is to destroy Black Ships, which have a 20% chance to drop it.

  • Click here for the location of the chest at Ship's End
  • Or, click here for a guide on destroying those Black Ships!

Looking for the full deets on Cosmic Arts? Click here.

7. Hero's Belt

This belt might seem vaguely familiar, if you’ve ever been a WWE fan. It admittedly has a very similar design! With its boost in defense and some resistance to most elements in the game, this one successfully earns its spot in our Top 10 list.

What’s so great about Hero’s Belt?

  • +3 Defense boost
  • +20% Thunder Resistance
  • +20% Water Resistance
  • +20% Darkness Resistance
  • +20% Aero Resistance

For more details on Hero's Belt, click here.

6. Cosmic Belt+

This accessory accels in building up your Defense, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you can stop right here! With a +6 Defense boost, this is also one of the handful of belts in the game. There’s so many reasons to go for it!

Why the Cosmic Belt+ is Great:

  • +6 Defense
  • +10% Thunder Resistance
  • +10% Water Resistance
  • +10% Darkness Resistance
  • +10% Fire Resistance
  • +10% Aero Resistance

How to Obtain the Cosmic Belt+: You’ll  need to photograph 65 Lucky Emblems. That might seem like a big number, but no worries—here’s a guide on where to find all of them.

For more details on the Cosmic Belt+, click here.

5. Snowman Rosette

This is definitely one of the cuter badges in the game! Giving you a boost of resistance against Blizzard and Darkness, as well as a small Defense buff, the Snowman Rosette has earned its spot as number 5 in our list.

What’s great about the Snowman Rosette:

  • +10% Darkness Resistance
  • +20% Blizzard Resistance
  • +2 Defense

How to Obtain the Snowman Rosette: Once again, you have two options! You can complete Photo Mission #13 to gain this accessory, or synthesize it at a Moogle Station.

For complete details on the Snowman Rosette, click here.

4. Royal Ribbon

The Royal Ribbon is basically a more powerful version of the regular Ribbon. With a +40% resistance to a whole four elements, it’s definitely a difficult one to not have equipped once you’ve gotten your hands on it!

Why the Royal Ribbon is great:

  • +40% Fire Resistance
  • +40% Blizzard Resistance
  • +40% Thunder Resistance
  • +40% Darkness Resistance
  • ...and a +3 defense boost!

How to Obtain the Royal Ribbon: You’ll have to photograph 70 Lucky Emblems to earn this accessory. Here’s a guide on how to find those!

For the full details on the Royal Ribbon, click here.

3. Flanniversary Badge

This delectable-looking accessory is as mouth-watering as it is cute—and powerful. It gives you  a boost in Strength and Magic, and it has two equipped abilities: MP Hastera and MP Thrift. For those who are going for a Magic-oriented build and really need all the MP they can get, this is the perfect accessory for you!

Why the Flanniversary Badge is great:

  • +4 Magic
  • +4 Strength
  • MP Hastera
  • MP Thrift

How to Obtain the Flanniversary Badge: You’ll need to complete each of the Flantastic Seven mingames. For a guide on how to do that, click here.

For all the details on the Flanniversary Badge, click here.

2. Crystal Regalia

Here’s another accessory for players who prioritize casting spells over all else. Crystal Regalia is a beautiful accessory that has insane stat buffs—MP Hastega being one of them. With a balanced boost in Strength, Magic, and AP, there’s no questioning why Crystal Regalia is the second best accessory in the game.

Why Crystal Regalia is Among the Best:

  • MP Hastega allows for superior MP rejuvination
  • +5 Strength
  • +5 Magic
  • +10AP to equip more abilities

How to Obtain the Crystal Regalia: You’ll need to successfully clear the Battle Portal, located in the Keyblade Graveyard. For a guide on that, click here.

For all the details on Crystal Regalia, click here.

1. Mickey Clasp

While this accessory looks minimalistic, its stats are everything but—it is number one for a reason! Sure, its base stat boosts might look mildly underwhelming, but the Mickey Clasp has MP Hastega and Endless Magic—an ability scarce found anywhere else. These two abilities synergize amazingly well. You can basically kiss all your MP worries good-bye!

Why the Mickey Clasp is the best:

  • +3 Strength
  • +5 Magic
  • MP Hastega comes equipped
  • Endless Magic allows for seamless, uninterrupted spellcasting, synergizing perfectly with MP Hastega for some serious damage-dealing

How to Obtain the Mickey Clasp: You’ll need to photograph all 90 Lucky Emblems. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a video showing the location of them all!

For all the details on the Mickey Clasp, click here.

That concludes our Top 10 best accessory list for Sora! You should now have a good idea of what your setup looks like depending on how far you are in the game. The Heartless and Nobodies can seem quite daunting at times—but these accessories will take you above and beyond!


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