KH3 Best Starting Choices - Which to Choose?

Kingdom Hearts comes up with its own personality test!

Before beginning your adventure in Kingdom Hearts 3, you’re given a personality-type test to determine what your desires and powers are. These choices ultimately affect not only your base stats, but which order you unlock abilities in. So, what are the best choices to make to maximize your gameplay?


“What do you desire?”

This is the opening line to your gameplay of KH3. Similar to Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, you’ll be given three choices: wisdom, vitality, and balance. These are known as Desires, and depending on which one you pick, you’ll have different starting stats for HP and MP.

1. Wisdom

Choosing wisdom as your base desire will give you the following in-game prompt: “Wisdom… a sharp mind that will grant you mastery of wondrous power.” As you might guess, Wisdom provides you with a boost in your magical capabilities. You’ll start out with 90 HP and 120 MP, giving you more wiggle room to cast spells at your command.

Choose Wisdom if you:

  • Rely more on spellcasting than strength-based abilities
  • Prefer more ranged attacks than melee
  • Enjoy support-type roles in games
  • Love lighting up the stage with flashyt magic spells!

2. Vitality

“A rugged body that will endure even the toughest of challenges.”

With Vitality, you’ll start off with 120 HP and 100 MP. With these base stats, you’ll be taking punches much more effectively, which, if you like getting up close and personal to those Heartless, can definitely prove useful in keeping Sora alive.

Choose Vitality if you:

  • Enjoy strength-based abilities more than magic
  • Are more of a melee player than ranged
  • Prefer tank-like roles in games
  • Want to bust up some enemies and show 'em who's boss!

3. Balance

“A body and mind of equal merit and equal potential.”

As this phrase and term suggests, Balance is for those who want a little taste of both worlds. You’ll be given 105 HP and 110 MP upon choosing this stat, making you equal parts beefy and mana-infused. If you’re on your very first playthrough and are a little unsure what play style would be best for you, Balance would be your best bet.

Choose Balance if you:

  • Are just getting started and are not sure what you think you'd like
  • Want to take advantage of both melee and ranged combat

Have you dfecided what desire would best suit you? Once the decision is made, you'll move on to a different category:

"What power do you seek?"

The following choices are made available to you: Guardian, Warrior, and Mystic. If you like RPGs, these will look very familiar to you as classes! Powers determine the order that you learn certain skills---some of which can be very powerful in the early game. Respectively, they prioritize defense, physical offense, and magical offense. Pick which one you think would benefit you most!

1. Guardian

"The power of the guardian... kindness to aid friends."

If you pick Guardian, you’ll be given a secondary damage control skill. If you enjoy being tanky and having lots of defense to get you through battles, Guardian might be for you! You’re a support by means of protecting your allies through harsh conditions, allowing you to take all the punches and persevere through the mightiest swarms of Heartless and Nobodies.

Choose Guardian if you:

  • Enjoy playing a "tank" role in games
  • Like being at the frontlines
  • Prefer being on the defense

2. Warrior

"The power of the warrior... invincible courage."

By choosing Warrior, you’ll be given your first Combo Plus skill nearly right away at level 2, giving you a huge advantage in melee combat. For strength builds that focus on physical offensive abilities first and foremost, Warrior is the perfect power choice.

Choose Warrior if you:

  • Enjoy being on the offense
  • Prefer getting up close and personal, rather than attacking from a range
  • Want to learn heavy-hitting skills first

3. Mystic

"The power of the mystic... inner strength."

Magic enjoyers, this one’s for you! Similar to Warrior, Mystic will provide you with Magic Combo Thrift at level two, reducing the amount of MP it costs to cast spells. You’ll be able to attack enemies from afar, while providing heals through Cure to your team.

Choose Mystic if:

  • You prefer playing mage/healer-type roles in games
  • You enjoy attacking from afar
  • Magic abilities are more important to you than Strength abilities

That sums up Desires and Powers. Your choices may vary depending on what playthrough you’re on, or simply which options feel right to you. Regardless, you can’t really go wrong with any combination of the choices—in the end, it all comes down to having fun! Now, begin your adventure and rid the world of those Nobodies and Heartless! Good luck!

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