[Top 5] KH3 Best Counter Abilities (Ranked Good To Best)

Fend those Heartless and Nobodies off!

Kingdom Hearts 3 has undoubtedly some of the flashiest, most stunning combat–particularly while you’re on the offense. And while knocking enemies into the air with nonstop, relentless combos is fun and all, defending  yourself and striking back is vital in the game. That being said, here are the top 5 counter abilities in the game!

5. Payback Strike

At fifth place, we have Payback Strike. This ability is wonky for a couple reasons, but it could prove useful in a couple situations. Payback Strike applies solely to Aerial Recovery, meaning it cannot be done from the ground. As cool as it looks, you have to be locked on to the enemy you’re aiming for—otherwise, Sora will go after the enemy that originally attacked him. This could potentially be dangerous if you’re in swarms of enemies.

Why Payback Strike is OK:

  • Potential for Aerial Recovery
  • Attacks whoever dealt the original damage to Sora

More Details on Payback Strike:

  • Costs 5 AP to equip
  • Learned after defeating Davy Jones

4. Risk Dodge

When Sora’s guard is broken, you can press O to evade behind your enemy. Then, you can execute a counterattack by pressing X. This is great for getting out of the way of any frontal attacks that your enemy uses, and it deals extra damage to boot.

Why Risk Dodge is Good:

  • Allows Sora to dodge behind the enemy
  • Acts as both a dodge and a damage dealer
  • Has a wide variety of forms, depending on the type of dodge (more on that below)

More Details on Risk Dodge:

  • If you dodged above the enemy’s head, you can counter with Risk Raid
  • If you’re sliding around/behind the enemy, Sora will use Backlash as a counterattack
  • When dodging underneath your enemy’s feet, Sora performs Rising Hook
  • If teleporting behind the boss, Sora counters with Teleport Slash
  • Unlocked after defeating the Nobodies at the Middle Tier

3. Counter Impact

This counter ability may be at third place, but don’t underestimate it! This reprisal ability is lightning fast. Sora will swing his Keyblade in a wide arc, sending surrounding enemies flying backwards. Though the top 2 abilities seem to be more efficient, you might find that Counter Impact has viability in varying situations!

Why Counter Impact is Good:

  • Deals damage in a wide arc
  • Pushes enemies back
  • Extremely fast animation

More Details on Counter Impact:

  • Learned after defeating the Unversed at Lobby & Offices in Monstropolis
  • Activated by pressing X after blocking an attack
  • Costs 4 AP to equop
  • Cannot be equipped alongisde other reprisals

2. Counter Kick

Counter Kick comes extremely close to Counter Slash. At second place, it has one of the longest i-frames out of any other skill that gives you invulnerability. It also has outstanding range, which is great for pushing multiple enemies away from you. The only downside to this counterattack is its accuracy—it can be awkward to aim it and properly land the blow at times.

Why Counter Kick is Great:

  • Longest i-frame
  • Farthest range
  • Can give Sora space by pushing multiple enemies away
  • Accuracy is its only downfall!

1. Counter Slash

Earning its place in the top spot, Counter Slash is arguably the most viable for any situation. With its quick animation and i-frame, you’ll have negated your enemies’ damage and swung yourself right back into combat.

Why Counter Slash is the Best:

  • Quick animation gets you back into combat
  • DEcent damage in a short time frame
  • Easily allows for followups
  • Tends to be useful in more fights compared to other reprisal skills

More Details on Counter Slash:

  • Learned afgter defeating all the Nobodies at the Hills in the Kingdom of Corona
  • Press X after a successful block to activate
  • Cannot be equipped alongside other reprisal skills

That sums up the top 5 list of counterattack abilities! It’s worth noting that different situations can call for different counter/reprisal abilities. Your playstyle may also determine which abilities you want to prioritize. Good luck out there defending against the Heartless and Nobodies!

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