[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Ranged Classes To Play

Lost Ark Best Ranged Classes To Play

[Top 10] Lost Ark Best Ranged Classes To Play

This is a Lost Ark “best ranged class” tier list for players who prefer the long-ranged fight in crucial battles. However, not everyone likes to deal with direct, face-to-face fights like melee tanks do. So this guide is for those looking to decide which ranged class will perform well during fights while unscathed.


10. Deadeye

Deadeye, the gunner who never loses his target

Deadeye is one of the few gunner classes that focuses on his marksmanship. Like the Gunslinger, they utilize three weapons for their class identity: Pistols, Shotguns, and Sniper rifles. While these two classes have access to similar weapons, Deadeyes specializes more on shotguns for dealing high damage up close.

Class Analysis:

Deadeyes are capable of utilizing a variety of different skills and abilities due to their weapon swap mechanic. With their shotgun build, they can potentially be a high-damage dealer if mastered effectively. At the same time, Deadeyes can be very hard to play due to their weapon swapping, which requires a lot of APM and keybind management to work around his combos.

Why Deadeye Excels In Ranged:

  • Strong shotgun build compared to Gunslinger
  • Utilizes 16 unique skills for different playstyles
  • Can push through low-tier content and lower levels very well
  • High mobility and push immunity in PvP
  • Can provide crit rate synergy to his party members

Pick Deadeye if:

  • Like playing a high-skill ceiling class that can be challenging to master.
  • You want a highly ranked PvP class that deals with .
  • You enjoy combo-ing and button-mashing your keyboard to be very active.

Power Score: 76/100


9. Gunslinger

Gunslinger, a fast, swift, and acrobatic gunner

The Gunslinger is a Ranged DPS class that moves around light on their feet with catlike reflexes. The Gunslinger can use 3 different weapons: pistols for mobility and engagement, shotgun for melee high damage, and sniper for ranged damage. Compared to the Deadeyes, Gunslingers specialize more in long-range precision attacks due to their Sniper skills.

Class Analysis:

Gunslingers are considered one of the best classes in PvP purely due to their ranged gameplay and mobility. While being able to weapon swap, Gunslingers usually finish off their enemies by switching to their sniper rifles for long-ranged immense damage. For the same reasons as the Deadeye, they have a high skill ceiling due to their weapon-swapping mechanic.

Why Gunslinger Excels In Ranged:

  • Highly mobile while dealing fast combos
  • Can deal enormous damage long range due to Sniper rifle
  • Top class in PvP due to versatile skill set
  • High critical debuff uptime for high damage output
  • Can skill cancel in case she makes a mistake or needs to dash out of danger

Pick Gunslinger if:

  • You want to pub stomp players in PvP.
  • You enjoy mastering a hard-to-play class.
  • You want the freedom to set up your own build with plenty of skills to choose from.

Power Score: 78/100


8. Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter, the gunner with hawk eyes 

The Sharpshooter is a Ranged DPS class that is one of the Gunner archetypes that utilizes mechanical bows and arrows with different effects. Sharpshooters are known best for their long-range playstyle compared to other gunner classes, which can be helpful in sustaining damage in certain combat situations.

Class Analysis:

With proper positioning, Sharpshooters can deal high burst damage. However, two of their skills, Sniper and Charged Shot, can often make them immobile, which renders them vulnerable during fights. Still, their high burst damage comes with plenty AoE, allowing them to clear mobs very quickly.

Why Sharpshooter Excels In Ranged:

  • Has a plethora of high critical rate tripods
  • Can use stealth during PvP fights
  • Very mobile and can get away from enemies efficiently
  • High burst potential long-range
  • Can deal consistent DPS from any position

Pick Sharpshooter if:

  • You enjoy sniping from any place.
  • You don’t enjoy fighting close-range against bosses.
  • You want to annoy other players with the Stealth mechanic in PvP

Power Score: 80/100


7. Soulfist

Soulfist, the fighter who masters the art of energy

Although Soulfist is considered a melee Martial Artist class, they still have access to ranged abilities making her versatile to play. She can switch between melee and ranged, making her deal devastating damage from both close and long range. She also possesses an identity skill that allows her to increase her damage and attack speed with short cooldowns.

Class Analysis:

Soulfist is one of the most powerful burst damage dealers due to her Robust Spirit build. She can deal ranged damage attacks while staying mobile, making her a great class to play long-range. While she has the strongest damage-dealing awakening skill, she can easily miss causing an unfortunate DPS loss.

Why Soulfist Excels In Ranged:

  • Strong burst damage uptime with Robust Spirit
  • Great single target and AoE skills that deal serious damage
  • Ability to combo enemies during fights
  • High mobility amongst other classes 
  • Has the strongest Awakening skill, World Decimation

Pick Soulfist if:

  • You want to be Goku and summon a Spirit Bomb on fights.
  • You want a class that has excellent mobility and ranged attacks as a melee fighter.
  • You want to be highly engaging through combo-ing your enemies.

Power Score: 83/100


6. Bard

Bard, the muse who heals and supports their party

The Bard is a Ranged class focusing on supporting her teammates through healing and buff skills. Although she doesn’t deal much damage, she specializes most in her utility in crucial fights.

Class Analysis:

Bards can use heals, attack buffs, and shields to aid their teammates in battle. She is solid within her support role, making her automatically selected in raid parties. Though she performs well as a support, players must know the correct timing and placement of her skills to properly support her teammates.

Why Bard Excels In Ranged:

  • Very straightforward support playstyle
  • High in PvP ranking due to her support role
  • Plenty of utility skills to help teammates’ survivability
  • Huge AoE clearing abilities for dense mob packs
  • High contributor in endgame content like Legion raids.

Pick Bard if:

  • You don’t want long raid invite times.
  • You don’t like dealing damage but want to purely support.
  • You want to be one of the most loved classes in party teams.

Power Score: 85/100


5. Arcanist

Arcanist, master of the luck of the draw

Arcanists are a Mage class that specializes in using cards to deal damage as a ranged DPS. She is one of the most unique classes to play due to the RNG effects of her identity skills which have different effects when used.

Class Analysis:

Arcanists are among the most highly advanced classes to play due to their high skill ceiling due to their Identity card management. However, she can bring out most of her kit if the player can master her mechanics well, making her have very high burst potential. Because Arcanists’ card mechanics can be challenging to utilize, she is often misplayed and useless if the player is still new to utilize her potential.

Why Arcanist Excels In Ranged:

  • Build variety for different playstyles
  • One of the highest damage dealers if appropriately managed
  • Provides critical rate synergy to teammates
  • Great mobility for vital positioning 
  • Also can support team with single and multi-target abilities

Pick Arcanist if:

  • You naturally have a high IQ, and want to play a high IQ class.
  • You enjoy the RNG ability and have good luck.
  • You want to master a high-skill ceiling class.

Power Score: 88/100


4. Sorceress

Sorceress, the elemental master of spells

The Sorceress class is a Ranged DPS class focusing on casting spells long-ranged utilizing three different elements. She can deal damage using fire, frost, and lightning spells from long range and damages multiple enemies from afar.

Class Analysis:

Sorceress has so many AoE skills, you don’t have to worry about leaving a pack of mobs alive during fights. On top of her skills, she deals serious damage with long casting times if you play Igniter build. She can also be highly mobile due to Phase Leap and Blink, yet deal constant DPS as a Reflux Sorceress.

Why Sorceress Excels In Ranged:

  • Straightforward skill rotation while staying long range
  • High burst damage with AoE effects such as Doomsday
  • Very mobile due to Phase Leap and Blink
  • Can deal constant damage with fast casting times with Reflux build
  • Has crowd control capabilities to zone out mobs

Pick Sorceress if:

  • You want the MVP trophy in raid battles.
  • You want to deal high damage in long-ranged, while teammates face tank damage.
  • You enjoy nuking your enemies and instantly clearing mobs.

Power Score: 91/100


3. Machinist

Machinist, fighter of intellect and advanced cutting-edge technlogy

The Machinist, AKA Iron Man, is a ranged DPS fighter who utilizes cutting-edge technology and robotics. Machinists have a diverse skill toolkit containing grenades, guns, automated attacking drones, and lasers to deal damage at long range.

Class Analysis:

Machinists are fast-paced fighters with high damage-dealing ranged abilities. One of their strong suits is their ability to transform and gain shields and massive speed boost, making them have high survivability. Although he can perform well in various ways, his shield breaking is the only thing that stops him from being useful in heavy fights.

Why Machinist Excels In Ranged:

  • Have plenty of long-range skills to attack enemies from afar
  • Gains speed and shields due to Fiery Escape and Hypersonic Mode Activation Shield
  • Can deal constant DPS because of his Command abilities
  • Has high uptime and low cooldown on his skills
  • Versatile skill set to play in many situations

Pick Machinist if:

  • You enjoy the Iron Man aesthetic.
  • You want the most astonishing attack animations in the game
  • You enjoy a particularly active and engaging class to play.

Power Score: 94/100


2. Artillerist

Artillerist, the nuke of weapons and explosive gunnery

Artillerists are the last of the Gunner classes who use big mechanical launchers to deal explosive damage upon their enemies. They can shoot flamethrowers, rockets, and bullets, which can be used in various situations.

Class Analysis:

Artillerists are high in the ranged DPS class tier list due to having some of the largest AoE skills in the game. On top of their AoE skills, they can deal destruction & stagger damage which can be helpful for staggering Bosses in the game. Although they perform well at a distance, they still require heavy player knowledge to play optimally.

Why Artillerist Excels In Ranged:

  • Can zone enemies out in PvP fights
  • High crit rate for dealing high DPS
  • High survivability due to engraving effect for shields
  • A large amount of AoE skills excellent for mob clearing
  • Has stagger damage synergy to provide for teammates

Pick Artillerist if:

  • You don’t want to leave a single mob alive in a fight with AoE skills.
  • You want to play a class with a high skill ceiling.
  • You want to play an explosive-dealing class with considerable burst potential.

Power Score: 97/100


1. Summoner

Summoner, the caller of ancient elementals and ancient spirits

The Summoner is a Ranged DPS Mage class that can utilize spells and summons to fight in battle. She has a diverse toolkit of spirits and spells, which can be helpful in playing the game in almost all situations.

Class Analysis:

Summoners are the best to play as a ranged fighter due to their summons, especially their Pets like Maririn and Pauru, to deal automated damage. This makes her deal consistent damage while still being able to cast other skills during the fight. The best way to utilize Summoners is to focus on her Specialization stats which can boost her damage and utility skills.

Why Summoner Excels In Ranged:

  • Have a diverse skill set with burst damage, self-buffs, stagger, and weak point abilities
  • Almost all spells have AoE damage potential
  • High stagger for stagger checks in boss fights
  • Great mobility while fighting long-range
  • Pets can zone enemies out in PvP

Pick Summoner if:

  • You want damage dealing pets while you can also deal damage yourself.
  • You want to be an annoying class to fight against in PvP.
  • You want a class that can do anything in any role.

Power Score: 99/100


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