[Top 5] Lost Ark Best Ships (And How To Get Them)

Best ship in Lost Ark
Ship navigating through muddy waters

Following the main quest, you will get three ships around mid-level 30. Ships are used for
traveling to islands, continents and doing sea events.

There are a few things to know about the waters in Lost Ark. First, there are dangerous
waters, if you sail through these waters your ship will lose much more HP. Some ships
will better resist a specific type of Hazardous Water. You can also level up ships to
increase their resistance and speed.

5. Sturmbrecher

How to get it

You can unlock Sturmbrecher by completing North Vern's main storyline. His strength
shines in the frozen seas. His Base Speed is 18.0 knots.


  • Kelp Beds Resistance - 26
  • Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 12
  • Siren Seas Resistance - 12
  • Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 50
  • Tempest Seas Resistance - 12
  • Dead Waters Resistance - 15
  • Base Speed – 19

What makes Sturmbrecher awesome:

  • - Early game questing
  • - Cool looking


4. Eurus

How to get it

Eurus is obtained as a reward for reaching reputation level 3 with Una Daily Quest (Ride
like in the  Wind). He excels in the areas full of algae, where your ship gets slower
the more time you spend. His Base Speed is 21.0 knots.


Kelp Beds Resistance - 55
Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 16
Siren Seas Resistance - 15
Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 19
Tempest Seas Resistance - 25
Dead Waters Resistance - 12
Base Speed – 21

What makes Eurus awesome is:

- Speed
- Superb immunity to Kelp

3. Ghost Ship (Eibern's Wound)

How to get it

You can unlock Eibern's Wound as a reward for gaining a level three reputation in the Bleak
Night Fog Una daily quest. He flys through Dead Waters and doesn't lose speed or HP.
His Base Speed is 18.3.


Kelp Beds Resistance - 12
Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 12
Siren Seas Resistance - 17
Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 25
Tempest Seas Resistance - 22
Dead Waters Resistance - 50
Base Speed - 18.3

What makes Eibern's Wound awesome is:

- Buffs while doing Ghost Ship Event
- Cool looking

Ghost ship in the mist

2. Astray

How to get it

You can craft Astray in Blackfang's Den at the NPC called Belrod. Blueprint is received
after reaching level three reputation in the Una Daily Quest (She Drifts, Sea Gifts).
Astray is the fastest and most desirable ship in Lost Ark and has all resistance equal. His Base Speed is 22.0 knots.


Kelp Beds Resistance - 23
Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 22
Siren Seas Resistance - 21
Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 22
Tempest Seas Resistance - 18
Dead Waters Resistance - 18
Base Speed – 22

What makes Astray awesome is:

- Speed
- Speed
- and more Speed


How to get it

Estoque is considered the jack of all trades. If you are not planning to grind hard for
Astray, the Estoque, is a fantastic all-around ship that is good enough for most
everything. His Base Speed is 20.0


Kelp Beds Resistance - 30
Sandstorm Seas Resistance - 30
Siren Seas Resistance - 30
Cold Snap Seas Resistance - 30
Tempest Seas Resistance - 30
Dead Waters Resistance - 30
Base Speed – 20

What makes Estoque awesome is:

- Great at every content
- High HP
- High resistance


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